Clear Your Soul Records and Energy

Is This You? Are You Still Part of the Matrix?

  • Are you plagued by negative thoughts or feelings persistently?
  • Have you experienced a psychic attack or a physical attack or serious accident?
  • Do you still keep thinking of someone and you want to release your attachment to this person, or their attachment to you?
  • Self sabotaging in life, relationships, career, money or in other areas?
  • Feeling stuck in life, or cannot seem to move forward on certain goals?
  • Feeling exhausted or having health problems the doctors cannot find a root cause for?
  • Do you want to exit The Matrix?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then connecting with me for solutions will be worth your time! If you want to connect with me go straight to the bottom of this page. Or, if you want to learn more, keep reading below…

Clearing soul records means clearing your akashic/soul records, and clearing up your aura and energetic field, allowing you to be free from these unhealthy energies, which are usually other people’s energies projected on to you, or issues carried over from other lives including other galactic lives. This includes clearing your energy field free from entities (demons, satanic forces), astral parasites, discarnates (dead souls that have not transitioned into the light), psychic wounds, psychic attacks, black magic, curses, chips and implants, alien technologies, artificial overlays and much more…..All of these issues make up part of THE MATRIX of this world which is designed to siphon off your energy. Well now is your chance to exit!

Why It’s Important to Start Any Therapy With Clearing Your Energy Field and Soul Records/Karma/Akashic Records

I have tried and experimented with countless therapies over 15 years from psychotherapy, to traditional 3rd/4th dimensional Reiki (before 2014-2020 Holy Fire Reiki massive upgrades), Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Body Code, Emotion Code, Light Code and Light Language Transmissions, acupuncture, exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis.

All worked at varying degrees of success or depth, but none went to the root causes like the methods I use, like the auric and Chakra Clearing (entity clearing),  Matrix Unplugging, Chakra Unification and Reptilian Ties to Kundalini Removal, clearing Psychic attack and installing a shield, Spiritual Response Therapy (Karmic Clearing) , Energetic Neurolinguistic Programming, Quantum Psionics and other methods like DNA repair.

This is because the earlier methods I mentioned above work more on the lower energetic levels – mental, emotional, and physical, and NOT on the root causes – which occur on the soul frequency or energetic spiritual lightbody level, either within this time matrix or beyond it. Also, the previous methods might only work on discrete events or situations in life. On this page we clear the main blocks that are running on this planet and this time matrix from you so you can feel fully energised for life and your soul purpose.

Clear Your Soul/Akashic Records – Personal, Ancestral and Galactic Karma

Additionally, in my experience people accumulate problems over many lifetimes, and the key is to clear the issue when it was first created. When we clear the feelings and negative programming from the first time it was installed into the soul record, then all subsequent reinforcing events are removed simultaneously – like pushing the first domino it knocks all the rest down. I have never experienced such fast and deep results using these methods with either myself or my customers. 

There are three levels of karma to clear – personal (what your soul accumulates), ancestral (what your family accumulates), and galactic (what you accumulate as a starseed in other time matrixes, galaxies, dimensions). Often I am clearing karma for starseeds beyond our 15 dimensional time matrix. For more information about my experiences with this clearing system please check out the personal and testimonial videos below.

The other (mental/emotional) therapies are fantastic but really appropriate for later stages of transformation or working concurrently with an akashic/soul record and energy field clearing.

The initial foundational session is 2-3 hours long and is conducted from a distance. You receive an audio recording report of the session via email. Subsequent sessions usually take around 1 hour, and can focus on themes of your choice e.g. releasing ex love relationships, money and abundance issues, breaking bad habits.

Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval

When we experience traumatic events, whether abuse, loss, accidents or through lack of integrity, parts of the soul can split off from the body in order to protect itself and the human from experiencing the full extent of the pain in that moment. It is therefore important that after the event we retrieve those split off parts through a soul retrieval process. This can leave us feeling dissociated and disconnected from ourselves and the world. If we don’t do this work we leave our energy field more open and susceptible for infiltration by negative energies and entities. As part of a process I use I release all projections (negativity) made on you from birth to the present date that may block your Inner Child from fully being itself. 

Soul Retrieval sessions take 1 hour live over Zoom/in person. Usually 1 session is sufficient but if you have experienced a lot of trauma you may need more, as well as sessions from the Step 3, Build Emotional and Mental Strength, Resilience and Flexibility.


Clearing Your Energy Field – Working On Your Lightbody

The other thing we will be doing is working on your energy body, your lightbody. Over thousands of years our lightbody has been changed, parts of it close doff, or overlays placed on it. This was partly as a response to the earth grids being changed and partly to prevent us from fully awakening. What it means is that we have become more susceptible to our energy being siphoned off or diverted to suit other beings who wish to piggyback off our amazing Divine Creator Being Energy. Yes! You are a Divine Creator Being! But due to all these changes and interference to the lightbody you have forgotten that. I am here to help you remember and to re-establish your Divine Blueprint.

Here are some examples of the issues that people are experiencing in their energy field:

Entities – energy beings who wish to siphon off your energy. Examples: Discarnates (dead souls not passed to the light), succubus (sexual vampires), Thought Forms (thought that has created its’ own energy field, and believes it is a being), Satanic and Demonic forces (from black magic), Astral parasites (energy parasite that attaches to your chakras to suck on your energy, and can cause physical health problems). Can influence your mental and emotional states. Very common amongst people with health issues so its’ most important to stay physically healthy and grounded. These are the beings that exorcists release from you into the light of source.

Negative Cords with Others – Have you ever been in a relationship, where you couldn’t stop arguing, obsessing or thinking about the other person? Then most likely you have an unhealthy energy cord connecting the two of you together (apart from a karmic connection). What that means is one or both of your are siphoning energy off each other, to fulfill an unmet need. This is codependency in action on the energetic level. It is very draining to have these connections. Now you may have heard of people offering cord cutting services. Well, I’m not a fan of those. Why? Because firstly it doesn’t work, and I personally can attest to that, as well as other colleagues who received these types of services. The cords simply reattached as soon as we thought of the person. And secondly, because it doesn’t deal with the root cause why the cord was created between you – i.e. the codependency issues within yourself that ‘need’ to ! So therefore I do a healing on your codependency issue with that person and then release the cords. It is also worth checking whether there is a karmic connection that may need to be worked on as well.

Global Artificial Mind Programming Designed to Stop You From Raising Your Consciousness:


Jehovian-Annunaki Seals and Other Unnatural Seals – seals that are placed in your auric field, or in your body parts for the purposes of distorting your energy, block your DNA activating fully, preventing you from accessing a connection to your Soul, your Higher Self and Source. Some seals open during a Stellar Activation Cycle (2012-2022) are people start to experience physical health problems along the left side of the body. The purpose is to prevent your ascension and keep you in a lower vibration or frequency. These seals were placed by various extra terrestrial groups.

Chips and Implants – some you have taken in consciously (e.g. through mandatory vaccinations during childhood or due to the global ‘disease’ situation 2020-2022), others have been placed by malevolent extra terrestrial groups who wish to study and track the human energy field for research purposes. Similar to seals that are placed in your auric field, or in your body parts for the purposes of distorting your energy, these also collect information about you, track you, disrupt the function of organ parts, block your DNA activating fully, preventing you from accessing a connection your soul, your Higher Self and Source.

The Chakra system and False Reptilian Ties Attached to Kundalini – the chakra system and reptilian ties to earth is actually not part of your original organic divine blueprint, and is an overlay, partly in response to changes to the earth grid. Our original divine blueprint is made up of three core energy centres, one in the heart/solar plexus area, one near the navel, and one in the head. The chakra system split your energy system into seven sections. When your energy is so compartmentalised it makes you more vulnerable to your energy system being inflitrated and siphoned by entities and other energies that wish to siphon off your energy. I understand if this comes as surprise to people who have devoted many years to believing in and nourishing their chakras, or who think they may die if their chakras are removed. This is not the case. It is part of the many veils of illusion in this world placed on us.

Reptilian Overlay – is an energetic body suit, like a second skin, covering most of the body except for the hands, feet and face. Even if you are human or a starseed this suit makes you behave or think like a reptilian. It can distort your thoughts, emotions, and it can feel like there are either two of you in your body, or your responses feel fake and not you. You may behave in a selfish way, be very materialistic, or be very self centred. Even if you don’t express this behaviour you may be siphoning off other people’s energy unconsciously through the suit. It is very debilitating, and I highly recommend you get it removed.  I work with an advanced healer with whom I am in contact with to remove this specifically. This is a specialist service. Only two people on this planet are able to remove this, and he is one of them. Should you decide to go for a Energy Check Consultation with me, and you have the Reptilian Overlay, I recommend you go for package Option 2 below. I will introduce you to him and his work. The information I have written here is summarised based on information he advertises. Click on the heading for more information.

Psychic attack – Very common amongst people with health issues so it’s most important to stay physically  healthy and grounded. A psychic attack is a deliberate or unconscious sending of negative energy to another person, wishing them ill, or expressing deep negative feelings towards that person. Also, it can be an attack with the purpose of siphoning off energy from you or stopping you from moving forward in life. Most people do this unconsciously, others ask Black Magicians to do this deliberately. The rest is done by other negative beings or entities or malevolent extra terrestrial groups. This happens most often when you have had an intense disagreement or argument with someone that has not been resolved, or if your auric field is too open for infiltration by negative energies, your boundaries are not strong enough with other people, you have unresolved trauma or simply by stepping more into you as a starseed, lightworker, and on your soul mission you may become the target of darker forces who do not wish you to progress. A shield around you may be appropriate for a period of time until you build more spiritual armour to repel negative energies automatically.

Nephilim Soul – Indigo 3 starseeds usually have  a soul contract to rehabilitate another soul, called a Nephilim soul which inhabits the body as well. It usually doesn’t have all 12 strands of DNA and/or has some /all of their existing DNA strands in reverse. Your purpose is to activate your own DNA, heal yourself, so that the other soul can receive its healing at the same time. You can watch a video about it below:



Akashic Record/Soul Record and Womb Blessing Testimonial

“I had my first ever Akashic Records Clearing session with Natasha not long ago. (May 2018) I was amazed by the amount of details that came out from the session. Natasha was incredible at keeping up with the way the clearing unfolded. She is very thorough and highly professional; I felt in good hands throughout the session as she left no stone unfolded, revisiting where needed to be. Moreover, Natasha checked up on me afterwards to see how I was doing and was ready to answer few questions I had after the session and even revisit some of the charts in order to solve some symptoms I had.  I felt beyond well looked after, I was able to make the most out of the session and, still now, enjoying the benefits. I highly recommended Natasha as she is an highly passionate light-worker and a wonderful Soul.

I feel much lighter in my heart, happier just to be who I am. Grateful for the challenges that my soul has chosen to face in this lifetime. I now have a clearer connection to spirit and more awareness of nature around me!! I’m also more wary of creating boundaries with others when it’s needed to; without the 3D programming of fear behind it. I feel emotionally stronger on a way. Of course I still have my ups and downs, but now I feel I can look at them from a more detached and therefore peaceful prospective”

~ Pina

My Experience of Clearing My Karma

A series of Youtube videos of my experiences:


Results You Can Expect

  • Feeling calmer and more peaceful within
  • Clear effects of psychic attack or stop psychic attack
  • Going more with flow, less resistance to changes in life
  • Attracting more quality people into your life
  • Thinking more clearly, feeling less triggered or emotional about previous issues or situations
  • Being clearer about your purpose, your soul mission in life
  • Feeling calmer around people with whom you had challenging relationships with, or being able to let people go
  • Fears or anxieties, or low mood improving or being released altogether.
  • Self sabotaging behaviours or family ancestral issues cleared.
  • Clearer connection with and embodiment of your Higher Self, Soul and Source!
  • In short, the ascension process is made easier by removing blocks in your way!

What This Programme Will Not Help You With

You will still need to develop your emotional wellbeing and mental abilities, so therapy or personal development work is recommended after or during doing this programme. Any gaps in your development as a child or teenager must be completed as well. What makes what you do next easier is the fact that you no longer have a lot of these external blocks or built up internal blocks from the past holding you back – we will have cleared the decks – and it then becomes a lot easier to identify issues and problems in life to tackle head on without confusion or exhaustion.

If You Have A Diagnosed or Undiagnosed Mental Health Problem

Therefore, if you do have an existing diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health it is most important you let me know so we can create the most suitable programme for you, based on where you are – or – work alongside your therapist to support you with integrating any painful emotions or memories that may surface to be released as a result of all the clearings and healings.

Onwards and Upwards!

How Are Sessions Delivered?

Most sessions are delivered live over Zoom and in a peaceful setting, where you are invited to lie down or sit with your eyes closed. Some sessions are not live/person and take place from a distance and you do not need to be present online. I will let you know which ones these are. I work better and quicker when I have that quiet space to really focus. Afterwards, I will send you a report on what work was done via email. You will be given the opportunity to discuss the results with me over the phone/Zoom, if you have questions. Where sessions are done live/in person we will agree the best time to work.

If There Is  A Service Listed Under Option 2 That You Do Not Need

If there is a type of service you do not need based on your energy check report, you will be offered an alternative. Often Higher Self may recommend a repeat session of a type of service as there is a limit to how much you can process and integrate in one go.

The Reptilian Overlay Removal Service is delivered by my mentor, as it is a very specialised service. Should you need that and go for Option1, you will be provided with a link to his service after payment.

Frequency of Sessions

This depends of on what option and payment plan you go for. If you choose Option 1 or pay for Option 2 upfront we will typically do one treatment per week to allow for initial integration to happen. There are repayment plans available, and the number of sessions will depend on which plan you go for (e.g. monthly/fortnightly sessions). All is discussed in your Energy Check Assessment. If you go for the full package Option 2 this will be around 10 sessions. Option 1 will be 4 sessions.

Integration and Follow Up Support

I do follow up contact with you to assist you with integration of the energy changes which is included free of charge afterwards. Most integration requires around 1 week after each treatment, but a lot of the clearings listed take 6-8 months to fully integrate. Your Higher Self releases a bit each day according to your energy levels. Best results are when you go for the full package, as doing piecemeal work really doesn’t give you the best result. This is why I no longer do single sessions.

Exceptions to delivery of sessions

  • if my Higher Self after communicating with your Higher Self feels like an in person session (or over Zoom) is required I will be in touch to arrange that
  • All sessions will be delivered by me, except for one which will be delivered by another advanced healer, who I will introduce you to should you book an Energy Check Consultation with me. His session is included into the full package programme.

Step 2 of 8 Step System to Be in Alignment of Your Soul Mission

This step is one of the key steps behind the 8 step system I created to fufill your soul mission. All clients working with Soul Mission on a package programme will be recommended to have the basic foundational clearing session whilst working on any other programmes.

To Book This Package and Payment Options

To book the package you will need to first have had a full consultation to assess your needs and your situation with the guidance of your Higher Self who knows what is in your best interests. At the full consultation, if you are interested, you will be offered an package options 1 or 2, upfront payment option or an instalment plan. Payment is taken either through paypal or with debit/credit cards.

How I Work/Getting You the Result

I work until you get the result that you need, if necessary at no additional cost to you. I do not do single sessions. This does not work. If you have decades worth of energy problems it will require the time to release all the issues, and at the pace that is right for you, otherwise you might blow an ‘energetic fuse’. That’s why I ask to speak with people first before working with me. This is to determine if we would work well together as a team, as I need regular feedback from you regarding how you are doing so we can make adjustments as we go through your programme.

Deep Transformation Requires Deep Commitment

Step 2 programmes are designed to deeply transform you energetically. You will not feel the same or be the same person by the end of it. This will require time for rest, and a commitment to stay on the path. If you have a busy life with little time for yourself then adapting to the intensity of this programme could be too much for you, especially if you go for the weekly options of the longer programme. And I only want to work with committed people who are serious about their personal development. You will effectively be going through 1-12 months of transformation which has taken me 10 years to get to. You, however, will not need to spend 10 years as you have the benefit of my experience and expertise.


List of Treatment Services

What you receive with each optionOption 1.
You choose 4 options from the following list of services, apart from those marked No.
Option 2.
Package Programme
The Whole list of 10 treatments are included, including multiple session options.
15 Dimensional Auric Chakra ClearingChoice includedIncluded
Unplugging From the Matrix – Removing Seals, Implants, Mind ProgrammingChoice includedIncluded
Chakra Unification and Removal of Reptilian Ties Attached to KundaliniChoice includedIncluded
Clearing Psychic Attack and Creating a Mirror ShieldChoice includedIncluded
Reptilian Overlay Removal
(Worth 2.5 sessions)*
Yes - valued at 2.5 sessionsOnly available with option 2
Soul Retrieval for energy reintegration and strong aura fieldChoice includedIncluded
Releasing Negative Cords with othersChoice includedIncluded
Releasing Trapped EmotionsChoice includedIncluded
Advice on how to keep your energy field clearIncluded as part of packageIncluded as part of package
House Clearing SessionChoice includedIncluded
Bioregenesis Sessions for Nephilim Soul No – Separate Programme Step 6.Not included, separate Programme Step 6.
Vaccine Reversal ProgrammeNo – Separate Programme Step 6.Not included, separate Programme Step 6.
Soul Record and Karmic Clearing
(Worth three sessions)
Yes - value worth 3 sessionsOnly available with option 2
25D Merkaba Command Codes - Stopping and Preventing Psychic Attack coming from above 25th Dimension.Yes, 5 sessions can be claimed against Option 1 or purchased separately here: Merkaba Command Codes – Permanent Shield Against High Level Psychic AttacksClaim 5 sessions as a substitution from the 11 sessions, or purchase separately here: Merkaba Command Codes – Permanent Shield Against High Level Psychic Attacks
Quantum Psionic Healing (may require more than 1 session)NoOnly available with option 2
Advice from SPIRIT on how to change your life, your next steps to take.NoOnly available with option 2

* I work with another advanced healer, my mentor,  who will provide this service. If you need it, during your Energy Check Consultation I will introduce you to him.

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