What Does it Mean to Unplug from the Matrix?

To fully unplug yourself from the matrix means that you are no longer being interfered with on an energetic level of mind, body and spirit level. It is important to fully understand that the way you look at Earth is in a three dimensional reality, or 3D. As humans we have been hooked up to a universal mainframe, a matrix through the various energetic seals, implants, mind control software programming, belief system modifications, DNA modifications and other energetic distortions.

These energetic distortions are inherited through birth and are of the most detrimental types of devices that we have within our energy bodies and auric fields, placed within the Earth’s crystalline grid system on various axiatonal lines (meridian ley lines). These energetic distortions have been put in place in a way that is somewhat natural to us, allowing us to basically live within the matrix and never really know or recognize that we are within it and are always being affected by it.

This is simply due to the fact that we have always had these distortions, the frequency level of our mind and personal vibration is at a point where our consciousness shuts down and we remain in a controlled program. This essentially keeps us asleep and the various frequency distortions effect us in a way that creates our energy and consciousness to be siphoned by creating discordance and it creates blockages that stop us from connecting with our higher self and higher dimensions. Connecting to higher dimensional levels essentially is like moving your awareness into a higher perspective that is comparable to that of a pea, to the size of a planet.

Who Affected Our Consciousness?

The Negative Alien Agenda are the ones that hacked our consciousness and changed our original divine blueprint from our 12 strand diamond sun DNA template (Angelic Human) to a 2 strand DNA template, leaving the other 10 strands dormant and deactivated. This stops us from realizing our true multidimensional self. Realize that we all have 12 strand DNA templates, however there are others known as Indigo’s (I myself am a Type 2 Indigo Adult) with higher DNA templates such as 24 and 48 strands, allowing the embodiment of 24 to 48 dimensions of consciousness. As it stands we are operating at a fraction of our limitless potential and are no longer able to access dimensions 4 – 12, or 13 through 48 if you are an Indigo.

By removing all of these energetic distortions, seals, implants and various other energetic devices you will be able to access more of your higher self which will allow you to hold these frequencies here in the physical. The removal of these distortions releases the cap on your potential. You will begin to feel old patterns, negative addictions, thought processes and drama dissolving from your life as a result. Ultimately, you will receive a dramatic increase in clarity, awareness, psychic abilities due to the various seals and implants being removed from your bodies and auric fields and increased states of consciousness and much more.

A List of Seals, Implants and Mind Programming


J-Seals & Unnatural Seals & Implants (Major ones)
J-Seals are known on all levels of one’s multidimensional anatomy as the 7 Unnatural Jehovian Seals and other unnatural seals and implants that are within our mind-body-spirit system. The Jehovian Seals are sometimes called the “death seals”, because if they are not cleared, they result in bodily deterioration and eventually physical death. They are located on the left side of the body, on what is called axiatonal line 7.

Many people report physical problems in the exact areas where the seals are located and once they are removed, their health and experience of life improves significantly. These seals are talked about in many ancient texts. The seals activate in response to Stellar Activation Cycles (happening now 2000-2022) and when the seals activate in the body, they can manifest in physical illness if they are not cleared. These seals are responsible for many of the pains and problem areas that people have on the left side of their body, many with Jehovian Seals, Unnatural Death Seals, Crown of Thorns, Tower of Babel Seal, Metatronic Seal, Cell Death Programs, Zeta Seal. All human beings are born with energetic distortions in the human body known as unnatural seals as they were NOT created by Source/God.

According to Voyagers II by Ashayana Deane, fallen intruder races known as the Jehovian Annunaki created ancient implants in the earth’s grids. Since humans share an energetic connection with the earth, we inherit these distortions at birth. These distortions affect your genetic structure and your ability to ascend. If holes are poked in the earth, those holes are poked in you. These seals literally manifest death and have created a cycle of death and reincarnation for millions of years. Even animals also have J-Seals. Everything that is a living organism is affected. Children do not want to grow up this way and they also need to be cleared as soon as possible. It is no wonder people are walking around asleep. They cannot receive clear guidance from their higher self. People cannot connect easily to their higher self to be aware of why they are here, what they are here to do, and how to pull in this information, etc.

Additional Major Unnatural Seals and Implants:

Zeta Seal:

It is located in the 4th chakra – the Heart chakra. Just imagine how this has affected humanity. Most people are stuck in the first 3 chakras – The physical, emotional and mental bodies. If you cannot open up your heart chakra by activating the 4th DNA strand you cannot open your heart to unconditional self love and unconditional love of others. This is why the planet experiences so much drama with wars and so forth.

So the unnatural Zeta Seal blocks 4th DNA strand activation which was created by the Zeta race. Blocks 5th DNA strand from plugging into lower DNA strands and thus blocks ascension and higher evolution of consciousness. It is a frequency ‘fence’.

All human souls incarnating since 1748 A.D. have this Zeta Seal block in their 4th DNA strand. This block created an unnatural blockage between the higher self aspect of identity and the dimension for astral awareness. This blockage manifests as greater fragmentation which causes issues in remembering out of body or astral travel and causes heart chakra blockages and represses natural and intuitive senses. So this made it easy to influence human behavior as it connected the human DNA directly into the Zeta collective mind complex that controls population.

So since 1748 human behaviour has been directly influenced on subconscious levels through a program broadcast through the Zeta collective mind complex. This influence has played a role with development of human cultures especially in government and science. Removing the Zeta Seal is extremely important as it is the most important one to remove.

Metatronic Implants:

They are located throughout all of the auric field. Imagine how long you have been waiting for this release! This will be the first time your energetic circulatory system has worked correctly in eons! You may even feel a nice whoosh of energy.

Metatronic implants are mostly within the energy bodies and are connected in to a larger grid of implants that have been around earth for a long time, they were placed even before the J-Seals and have a different influence than what many do expect.

The name metatronic is in reality not the name for these implants, as they are at a crystal frequency and prevent many energy bodies from fully reconnecting as well as fully integrating and merging within the human physical body.

Humans have many what I would call veils within them that hook them into holographic realities instead of the real spiritual reality and this is what metatronic implants are meant to do, this is why they are connected into a larger grid what many would call the matrix.

Templar Seals:

Templar Seals were applied in applied 8000 BC and removed the 6th base code of the 2nd DNA strand, 6th overtone of the 4th DNA strand and 12th overtone of the 5th DNA strand. Most people have fragments or traces remaining of this seal. We will release the seal and re-enter morphogenetic field for ascension.

It is the reason why humanity has been asleep, buried in religion’s persuasive story of a wrathful, judgment oriented God, unable to integrate higher frequencies for ascension. The base tones are re-established so that the fire letters activate naturally.

Templar-Axion Seal:

The seventh dimensional Templar-Axion Seal (of 1500 BC) involved the removal of the 6th base tone of the 1st DNA strand, the 6th base tone of the 5th strand and the 6th base tone of the 6th DNA strand.

This is the original meaning of the symbolic 666 – “number of the beast” in that genetic codes carrying this distortion cannot assemble their DNA adequately to “qualify” for the next harmonic universe. This is one of the reasons why so many people are “not waking up” during this ascension cycle.

Crown of Thorns:

The Crown of Thorns is an energy configuration above the head of humans that distorts the natural energetic circulatory system and blocks the receiving of the primal life force currents from your Higher Self and Source/God.

The crucifixion was an energetic crucifixion to humanity as the crown of thorns scrambles the Universal currents to our chakras keeping humanity stuck in a 3rd dimensional frequency fence. While this is being cleared, highly sensitive individuals see a metal plate being removed from above their head or taste metal in their mouth. You experience a deeper connection to Source consciousness and your Higher Self.

Tower of Babel Seal:

In 3470 BC, Invader Races caused a temporary collapse of Earth’s magnetic grids with the intent to set Earth’s Planetary Shields into reverse sequence. This caused a mutation in the human DNA Template.

The mutations in the DNA template blocked natural kundalini flow in the body causing malfunctions in the pineal, thalamus, hypothalamus, and thyroid glands leading to a shortened human life span, blocked higher sensory perception, and caused a loss of race memory and a “scrambling” of our original language patterns, which are built upon DNA Template Fire Letter Sequencing. Our race has been amnesiac and dying young ever since.

This historical event was recorded as the Biblical “Tower of Babel” story. Clearing the Tower of Babel Seal activates your kundalini and your higher sensory perception.


It is more than an implant, it’s a containment device. Your perception is influenced to believe that you have karma, and you begin to collect it, the type of karma you collect is not really yours, since you are bound onto the wheel via these kcu’s to experience the karma, and to truly experience being human, so as everything in the universe, it is a matter of perception.

On the one hand it left you unable to see beyond the veil, on the other hand, that is the ultimate idea, to have you not be able to see beyond the veil to completely immerse yourself into this earthly life and then at a specific moment in time to be awakened, and removed from this perception.

So that you do not actually acquire this karma, you are tagged with KCU’s. Basically it’s the same as putting on some gear, however, both sides must benefit from this. If you have the KCU you are able to be here and experience karma, while at it, you are feeding the “dark side”, you are feeding the matrix with your belief and energies, which allows the “dark” side to benefit.

On the other hand you are not actually stuck on the wheel from which it is a bit more complex to get off. Therefore as you can see it is both good and bad. Once removed though, what happens is you are removed from the matrix. Does it mean you fall off the face of the earth? Absolutely not.

What this means is you simply are able to SEE beyond the veil, you are no longer feeding the “dark” side, nor feeding the matrix as the “dark” side wanted you to feed. You are able to then freely move between worlds, see beyond, think beyond, and through your thinking, through your newly acquired truth energy of love and light you are then able to weave a new reality into being, hence assisting to build a new matrix of love, or lack thereof. It then becomes up to you. As you become incredibly powerful as you truly are. You are able to co-create a reality of your choosing.

15D Auric Clearing:

Auric attachments can cause severe limitations in the evolution of both spiritual and physical aspects. People often spend many years reading self-help books and seeking out the assistance outside of themselves.

However, they are not able to break free from the repetitive cycles of feeling stuck or experiencing the same circle of events that keeps happening again and again.

These energetic blockages commonly manifest as pain and disease within their physical body. Many types of auric attachments will also continuously attract us to the people, places and events with the same type of low frequency.

This causes us to continuously experience difficulty in manifesting a much more desirable reality. To break away from these repeated cycles, we must transmute the negative attachments from all 15 levels of your awareness. This includes the neural brain networks associated with them so the repeated patterns can stop becoming solidified as more emotion is put into them.

15D Karmic Clearing:

Karma is inherited through our parents and ancestors through the process of birth and greatly holds us back from experiencing our true multidimensional self. Many people struggle day to day with things such as lack and limitations concerning prosperity, abundance and love. Most people walk around daily completely disconnected from their higher self.

It is through the various scripts and programs that we have actively running when we came into this world programmed to experience, learn from and evolve from, which prepares our bodies for the ascension process.

This is how we begin to align with our Soul’s Divine mission (our reason for being here at this time) but we begin coming out of alignment with our Divine plan due to the various contracts, imprints, programs, scripts and experiences that are not in alignment with our Divine plan.

It is for the reasons above why our negative reactions and emotions are not natural. They are being triggered due to the various underlying energetic properties that are within our energetic system.

When all of these various karmic imprints, energies, personas of the shadow self and more are removed from us, we can begin moving forward into our full multidimensional self. This allows us to find the joy in life because we no longer react to other people’s nonsense. We simply are receiving clear guidance from our higher self.

This allows us to live in a place of harmony and peace. You will not have to worry about unexpected emotions and outbursts or reactions to the world around you, because a light we be restored within your DNA template divine seed blueprint to aid you in the process of clearing.

The personas of the shadow self cause great difficulties in the realization and expression of your full Avatar and Christos Identity. These personas are created by the anchoring of various energetic distortions and or reverse frequencies running through your Personal Grid and DNA Template. Clearing these karmic imprints and personas that no longer serve you in this session will result in experiencing much more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual freedom.

The 15D Karmic Clearing Session involves clearing the karmic imprints and energies from your energy field and ALL 15 LEVELS OF AWARENESS and replaces them with positive reinforcement, healing energies and illuminated consciousness that is tailored to the unique energy and vibration of your soul at this time.

When these karmic issues are cleared and transmuted, a person’s life can start to change quite drastically as you will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships and the feeling of having a new reality to live in and create from as the powerful master creator that you are, free from the karmic baggage that once weighed you down.

 Persona’s of the Shadow Self:

So what exactly is the “Persona” and “Shadow Self”?  The Persona, according to Jung, defines what we would like to be and how we wish to be seen by the world.  The word “persona” is derived from a Latin word that literally means “mask”, however in this instance the word can be applied metaphorically, representing all of the different social masks that we wear among different groups of people and situations.

The Shadow Self is an archetype that forms part of the unconscious mind and is composed of repressed ideas, instincts, impulses, weaknesses, desires, perversions and embarrassing fears.  This archetype is often described as the darker side of the psyche, representing wildness, chaos and the unknown. Jung believed that these latent dispositions are present in all of us, in many instances forming a strong source of creative energy.

  • Ultimate Innocent (deep seated repressed hurt or wounding)
  • Professional Victim or Victimizer (poor me)
  • Terrorist (feel continuously embattled or threatened)
  • Martyr (co-dependence, need to heal or fix self and others)
  • Perfectionist (self improvement junkies, forever dissatisfied)
  • Emotional Cannibal (incessant craving for love, acceptance, approval)
  • Compulsive Destroyer (addiction, compulsiveness, lack self esteem)
  • Obsessive Projectionist (feel empty, obsessive, unmotivated)
  • Sorcerer (belittling of self and others, self sabotage)
  • Tyrant (feel stagnant, fear, loneliness, self misery)
  • Satyr (big time pleasure seeker, lustful, addictions)
  • Liberator (lack motivation, judgmental, self righteousness)
  • Predator – Prey
  • Master – Slave
  • Hunter – Hunted
  • Savior – Saved
  • Rich Tyrant – Poor Self
  • Royalty – Peasant
  • Famous (Important) – Insignificant
  • Greater Than – Lesser Than
  • Beautiful – Ugly

General Alien Implants:

The human nervous system is instructed by key areas of the planet due to the implants that are being used to release life-force (chi) energies. The siphoning and control over the population is then given to this network through the body parts and are used to override or run programming in your physical body.

Implants impact your health, your mental state, your emotional state, your ability to access consciousness and your sense of “self”. The level of psychic and energetic harassment one receives is due to their genetic history. Where you were born will give you clues to your genetic history.

General Alien Implants as follows:

Alien “Bots” Tagger, Alien Aura Harnesses, Alien Brands, Symbols & Sigils, Alien Chi Siphons, Alien Consciousness Sweeper, Alien Coordinate Locator, Alien Death Ray Technology, Alien Etheric Weaponry, Alien Gollum’s/Creatures, Alien Harmful Artifacts, Alien Harmful Portals, Alien Implants, Alien Invasion – Body Snatcher, Alien Metal Cages, Alien Mind & Body Slavery, Alien Mind Control, Alien Parasites and Eggs (infection), Alien Reversal Frequencies, Alien Scalar Devices, Alien Sexual Siphons, Alien Tracker Devices, Alien Vampire Cords, Alien Booby Traps
, Alien Archons

Patriarchal Domination Hive Mind:

Patriarchal Domination Hive Mind is a group mind in which the linked individuals have no identity or free will and are possessed / mind controlled as extensions of the hive mind. It is frequently associated with the concept of an entity that spreads among individuals and suppresses or subsumes their consciousness in the process of integrating them into it’s own collective consciousness. The concept of the group or hive mind is an intelligent version of real-life super-organisms such as an ant colony or beehive. With these belief systems and fear-based, mind control tactics being used it is that much easier to keep one living in the hive mind.

They are as follows:

Accept Abuse and Sociopathy
Accept Paltry Condition/Deprivation
Apathy/Lack of Interest
Being Seen and Not Heard
Carry Out Orders
Do Not Question Authority
Enforce the Law
Fear of Punishment/Pain
Females are Breeders/Objects
Kill the Infidel
Submit to External Power
Unworthiness/Low Rank
Women subservient to Male Pleasure

Fear or Hate Thought Forms:

Thought Forms that are created in a negative manner can create a lot of chaos, drama, violence and many other things in your life. Being cleared of all of the various thought forms directly is very important. Thought forms as follows:

(Anti) Emotions, (Anti) Love, Being Found or Seen, Chaos (Distracted), Child Archetype, Fear of Afterlife, Fear of Change, Fear of Extraterrestrials, Fear of God, Fear of Light, Fear of Vulnerability, Genetic Discrimination, Genocide, Holocaust, Inadequacy, Lack of intelligence (fear), Life Uncertainty/Death, Losing Soul, Male Archetype, Massacre, Mother Archetype, Purgatory, Race Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, Seeing the Darkness (Denial), Spiritual Betrayal, Torture & Pain, Trapped in Darkness, Unknown Future, War and Killing

Fear or Phobia Trauma Memories / Genetic or Galactic Race Memory:

Any type of fear or phobia-based memories that have been present at birth that exists in the absence of sensory experience either genetic or through your galactic race lineage. They are as follows:

(Partial) Ascended Master Lineages, Andromedan, Arachnid, Arcturian, Avalon/Aveyon, Brotherhood of Snake/Atlantian, Dinoid, Dragon Brotherhood (red/green/black/white), Black Suns Regressive, Dragon Moth, Electric Wars, Elohim, Gargoyle, Humanoid, Insectoid, Kumara Lineages, Lizard, Lyran Royal Houses, Annunaki, Mars, phobos, Medusozoa, Melchizedek Priesthood, Moon Lineages, Mu Priesthood/Lemuria, Necromiton, Nephilim Ur Priesthood, Orion Wars, Pleadian, Reptoid, Seraphim, Sirian, Sons of Baal, Sons of One, Zeta, Greys, Jehovah/Armageddon, Eye of Yahweh, Tiamat/Apsu, Marduk, Enki/Enlil, Thothian/Thelema/Ulema, Alpha Draconis/Orion Group, Underworld/Anubian Trauma, Phantom Matrix, Reptilian Invasion, Metatronic Bodies, Luciferian Conquest, Massacre or Holocaust Trauma, Alpha Omega (911) Agenda, Black Magician Grids, NET Static Fields

Replication Hybridization Trauma and Stolen Genetics:

One’s mind is controlled by whoever has control over one’s thoughts and controls the direction and actions of the entire functions of the physical body. What influences the physical body are the actions that lead to the control over thought forms and belief systems.

The belief systems control the soul and spirit. One can be freed from their thoughts instead of living in bondage, instead of having their mind controlled by another. Whoever controls the mind, controls the soul. By freeing these traumas and stolen genetics it ultimately frees the soul. These are as follows:

Human/Animal Hybrid Trauma, Zeta Hybrid Trauma/Pain, Anunnaki Hybrid Trauma/Pain, Dracon Hybrid Trauma/Pain, Nephilim Reversals (NRG), Blood Lust (Vampirism) Damage, Solar Lord Implants, Kumara Master Implants, Zeta 4D Astral Seal, Axiom Seal, 666 Seals, Curse Implant Trauma, Anu 6th &7th Seal (Wings Cut Off Trauma), Orion Solar Cross, 777 Seals, Crucifixion Implants, AA Michael Sword Splitter, Mother Mary Splitter, Ninja Spinners, Vesica Pisces Harness, Threshold Harnesses, Negative Forms/Voodoo Dolls, Black Magician/sorcery, Hybrid or Alien Viral Strains, Cellular Disease (DNA reversal), Fallen Angelic Schism Trauma, Gender Splitter, Mind Splitter, Polarity Reversals, Indigo 3 Contract Trauma, Apparthi Receiver Damage, Hybrid Neurological Damage, Alien Hybrid Children, Cannibalism Trauma, Elemental Body DNA Disease, Pathogenic Organism Systems, Parasite and Egg Harvesting, Fetal Twin and Fetus Harvesting, Dead or Reversal Geometries, Dead Light Dodecahedron, Hybrid Miasms, Other Planetary Race Miasma, Lab Genetic Culturing, Body Part Replication, Cetacean/Whale/Dolphin Trauma, Breeder Tags, Reversal Fleur-De-Lis, NRG Artifacts, Reversal Arc Codes, Replication of Clone Bodies, Organ Replication, Glands – Pineal Implant or Stealing, Glands – Pituitary Implant or Stealing, Glands – Hypothalamus, Metabolism, Glands – Other

Seed Fear Implants with DNA Distortion:

A Seed Fear is a genetically rooted fear resulting from a traumatic experience that established that particular fear pattern in the cellular memory of the planetary energy matrix body and, consequently, in the human being’s energy matrix body. Seed fears as follows:

Polarian DNA Strand 1, Hypoborean DNA Strand 1, Lemurian/Mu DNA Strand 2, Atlantian/Alanian DNA Strand 3, Aryan DNA Strand 4, Muvarian DNA Strand 5, Paradisian DNA Strand 6, Future Race DNA Strands

Sexual Implants/Alien Memories:

These are various implants/memories that have been planted within a person to create all sorts of related sexual abuse that most likely never occurred but has been implanted to cause inner turmoil, grief, guilt, disgust, anger, anxiety and so many other emotional and traumatic issues that one may be going through in their current life. These are as follows:

Alien Etheric Semen, Astral /Etheric Abduction/Surgery, Astral/Etheric Rape, Cervix Implant/Portal Blocker, Fetus Cut Out of Womb, Genetic Code Crasher, Genetic Code Stealer, Genetic Gender Reversal (experiments), Genetic Reader/Translator, Genital Clamps and Modifications, Genital Experiments, Genital Mutilation, Genital Plugs (Etheric Lingham, etc.), Implanted Sadistic or Masochistic Sex, Implanted Sexual Fantasies/Distortions, Metal Robots or Clones Virtual Sex, NRG Implants & Cords, NRG Sexual Fantasy Inserts, NRG Golums & Creatures, NRG 2d/4d Splitter, NRG Genetic Architecture, NRG Sexual Addiction, NRG Rape/Sodomy, NRG Birthplace Artifact, NRG Child Slavery/Sacrifice, NRG Stolen Sexual Organs/Ritual, NRG Other, Prostate Implant/Portal Blocker, Reversal Fluids (Alien Sperm or Ovum), Reversal of Pain/Pleasure Response, Root or Perineum Siphons, RRO Sexual Ecstasy and Bliss, RRO Sexual Organs, Sexual Abuse, Torture or Misery, Sexual Addiction, Sexual Betrayals and Sexual Fears, Sexual Fetishes, Sexual Organs Ripped Out, Sexual Rejection from Fears, Sexual trauma: Aliens, Sexual trauma: animals, Sexual trauma: children, Sexual Trauma: objects, Sexual Trauma: artifacts/symbols, Sexual Trauma: war

At the end of the session you will also receive:

  • A complete activation of your 4 major Brain Centers (Pineal, Pituitary, Medulla Oblongata, and the Hypothalamus Glands)
  • Activation of your DNA Template divine seed blueprints to the highest possible frequency that you can hold at this time!
  • An Energetic Download for you from your Higher Self that will allow you to EMBODY more of your Higher Self and hold those frequencies here in the physical!

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