Working With Me One on One

Most of my services involve working with me one on one, privately, using a blend of sessions from my 8 Step Soul Mission Alignment System which includes spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing modalities and coaching to improve your energy. So I work holistically (multi-dimensionally) but spiritual healing does not resolve everything at all levels of energy. Multi-dimensional healing provides the best results.

I find people have a lot of issues that have become ingrained over such a long period of time (decades) there is much to unravel and resolve. So therefore it will also require some time to work through. One-off sessions don’t work so therefore I don’t offer them anymore and I offer medium to long term programmes that get you results! This is anything from 1 month to 4/5 months long, often working on a weekly basis.

How to Decide If I Am the Right Person For You

Initially I would encourage you to either:

  • book a free 15 minute conversation with me from the contact page, to have a conversation and see if our energy feels good together, and answer some basic questions of yours about your situation, or
  • go ahead and book the Soul Mission Energy Assessment consultation (click on button at the bottom for more information).

Soul Mission Energy Assessment Consultation

This consultation is a requirement for anyone wishing to work with me. I do not offer programmes from the 15 minutes free conversation appointment, as it doesn’t give me enough time to check your energy indepth.

In the Soul Mission Energy Assessment with me we (with help from your Higher Self) identify the main blocks for you, we then lay out your solutions (recommended by your Higher Self), which is your plan for your programme of sessions with me. If I cannot help you I will let you know, and if necessary, refer you to other healers.

But if I feel I can help you we will discuss what is your number 1 priority at the moment, and plan accordingly. With your permission, I will offer you two options:

  • to work intensively with me for a month on a weekly basis
  • to work intensively with me for 3-5 months on a weekly basis

Depending on your financial situation you will choose one of the options I offer you, and we decide on the first date/time of your appointment. These will usually be on a Tuesday/Thursday 11 am – 8pm GMT London time, but we can negotiate other days/times that may be suitable for you e.g. Saturdays.

What Treatments Do I Choose From To Create Your Healing Programme?

Your Higher Self recommends treatments from a combination of these 8 Soul Mission Alignment Method programmes which work on healing your energy field from a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level listed below. You can click on each programme heading for more information. Or get a quick overview under the About/Soul Mission Alignment Method page on my website, towards the bottom of the page, todentif which programme is right for you.

Prices/Your Investment Into Your Growth

I create bespoke programmes so the price will be different from person to person, therefore I do not list my prices on my website. Additionally, I am constantly upgrading and improving my programmes as I learn new modalities, new skills, so I am always updating my prices.

If working with me one on one is not possible for you at this moment in time then you may either:

  • ask friends and family for assistance, or
  • be advised by me to do a self study online programme of mine at a different price point, your journey may take longer
  • we agree on a follow up conversation in 1-3 months time to see how you are progressing on your decision to work with me

Once You Decide You Want to Work With Me

I will send you an email: 

  • summarising your main issues and solutions to resolving these,
  • a copy of your Soul Mission Energy Assessment Report,
  • the two options of investing in yourself
  • Payment links (Stripe/Paypal – all credit and debit cards accepted)
  • a link to complete a Working Agreement Form, where we agree how we will work together

We Start Working Together

Once I receive payment and your completed Working Agreement form I start booking in an onboarding session to welcome you to your programme, followed by your first session. I book the sessions for you, you will receive an email confirmation with your Zoom link to join me online, of if you wish to meet me in person at the Soul Mission clinic in north London.

How I Support You Through Your Healing Journey

If you book a long term programme with me then you will also get access to my personal mobile number/Whatsapp (for international customers), so you can always ask me a quick question in between sessions. Also, I will respond to your email messages in between sessions. This is so that, if you need, I can provide reassurance or additional energy checks in between sessions.

Reviewing Your Progress

Throughout your programme I will be asking for feedback on how you are feeling. This ensures that you are receiving the right treatment at that time, and if necessary, we adapt based on how you are feeling.

At the end of your programme we have a review. I create a new Soul Mission Energy Assessment report with your Higher Self to see how things have changed for you, and we discuss hwo you are doing. Your Higher Self may recommend more sessions on a different issue you are dealing with, or you may not need any additional treatments at that time.

Creating Real Results – Your Input Into Your Healing Journey

My number one aim together with your Higher Self is that you experience the results that you want. This includes you doing recommended homeplay (recommended activities, meditations, exercises) that I give you to do in-between sessions. It is your responsibility to yourself to do these. If you have resistance to doing these you would be expected to share that with me, so we can work through that.

Whenever we start doing new activities that improve ourselves it can feel a bit new, and out of our comfort zone. It’s meant to feel like that, that’s normal. We are entraining your whole energy being into a new more centred grounded energy within yourself. That takes consistency and commitment, as well as maintenance after your programme.

This is not simply about passively receiving healing from me, but also about learning to embody more of your own sovereign energy within yourself – becoming more of your Real Authentic Self.

Celebrating Your Success, Your Results!

All of my customers who participate in my programmes, do their homeplay and complete their programmes with me receive results. Check out the Testimonials Page to see examples! I love to share your success with the world, and will most likely invite you to provide a testimonial, if you are happy to do so, to whatever degree of privacy and confidentiality you wish.

Ready to Begin Your Journey of Manifesting Your Soul Mission?

First step – book the Soul Mission Energy Assessment by clicking on the link below. That will take you to a separate page with more information about the assessment. I am so looking forward to meeting you! 

x Natasha x