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Golden Sun DNA Strand Activations

Here are a series of videos I shot after receiving my golden sun DNA activations. This activation activates the 12 base codes within each strand of DNA, there are at least 12 , or more if you are a Starseed. To find out more and receive your activation contact me. I...

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Why Are Your Relationships Not Working Out?

Just in time for Valentine's Day! This interview was conducted on December 2020 but I decided to release for Valentine's Day. If you are wondering why your relationships are not working out and what you can do about that...

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Happy Winter Solstice, and Entering the Age of Aquarius!

WINTER SOLSTICE/NEW WINTER INTENTIONS AND MANIFESTATION RITUALS I am sending you so many blessing and love on this wonderful day! With the winter solstice we have officially gone past the longest night and the shortest day, so the days will be getting brighter from...

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Starseeds of the World, Don’t Fight, Unite!

An energetic infection is spreading among energy workers around the world, which is making many starseeds and lightworkers fight amongst themselves. This is simply a strategy for darker energies to separate us from each...

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