The Soul Mission Alignment Method

I want you to know it’s NOT your fault that you are not as far along to aligning to your soul mission as you would like to be. You’re not alone. I’ve been there and so have many other people…

It’s so frustrating when you have been trying to get your life, mind, body and soul sorted so that you can get organised for your soul mission, but you struggle to know what your soul mission is, what to do get started or how to be prepared for it. Sometimes personal issues, challenges, or unhelpful behaviours seems to sabotage your progress, and you don’t know why. You end up making some progress, then something happens to upset the applecart, and you feel you are back to square one, exhausted and feeling frustrated or disheartened. I remember I kept trying to create a previous soul mission (a spiritual weight loss business) and it just wasn’t working! I kept believing that if I just worked hard enough it would all work out. But I was battling doubts about whether this was my true purpose, financial concerns, relationship problems, recurring health issues and the tough schedule I put on myself meant I had no time for a social life! So of course my soul mission was not working! I wasn’t fully aligned to my purpose OR prepared for it!

Also, no-one talks about the mixed feelings and fears about getting aligned to your soul mission can trigger for you, like:

  • am i really good enough for this mission, who am I to do this, a fear of exposure
  • a feeling of lack of safety to pursue your soul mission, perhaps a fear of being punished in some way
  • a fear of potentially abusing your powers and hurting others
  • wondering how you can help others when you have many problems of my own
  • unseen forces getting in the way, making you lose motivation, and you’re not sure where this is coming from
  • feeling torn about wanting to stay connected with family or friends but they are trying to talk you into ‘staying normal’
  • wanting to have the energy to pursue your soul mission but frustrating health problems are getting in the way
  • needing a safe and functional home environment to feel settled in, but you can’t seem to get organised to either move out/on or improve your existing home, so it supports you in your soul mission
  • the desire to pursue your soul mission is there but unhelpful emotional or thought patterns keep sabotaging your progress
  • wondering how you could juggle a relationship and your soul mission at the same time
  • wanting to be or stay in a relationship, but you either attract toxic people, your existing relationship drains you, or you don’t know how to let it go
  • wanting to be financially rewarded or settled to pursue your soul mission, but you are in debt or you believe money is the root of all evil so you repel it
  • you work very hard on your soul mission, believe hard work pays off, but you end up burning yourself out and having no time to socialise
  • if you only knew how to get aligned to your soul mission, but you cannot possibly afford to invest in yourself to find out how!

It also doesn’t help when you have life/soul coaches or gurus out there offering “plans” for us to follow without explaining how getting to your soul mission really works or helping you to work holistically on the root causes of your lack of alignment to your soul mission – karmic issues, trauma, unbalanced sexuality energies, external negative energies draining your energy field, leading to unhelpful emotional and mental  patterns, health, relationship and money issues. No-one explains that only working on one aspect of yourself (let’s say nutrition for a healthy body) is only tackling the issues from one angle, and that a holistic mind/body/soul approach needs to be taken? Or that practicing visualisation techniques on your soul mission without clearing out your negative past life/matrix programming or taking the right action at the right time for you is just you wasting your time wishing on a dream. Nor do many coaches assist you with the day to day practical realities of circumnavigating third dimensional earthly living such as getting your home environment organised ready to support your soul mission. For the ladies, a lack of living cyclically according to your feminine menstrual or lunar cycle means many of us push to try to fit into a linear patriarchal way of living which just makes us sick, or unattractive to the opposite sex, or burned out from working on the wrong things at the wrong time.

So, getting prepared for your soul mission is a lot more than just dealing with past life karma, it’s also unlearning all the brainwashing that the coaching industry has programmed us to believe in so they can line their pockets! I don’t want you fall into that same trap.

BUT I want you to know there IS a solution… Having gone through a challenging childhood, a number of different careers, sexual trauma, overweight for 15 years, involving myself in unhealthy relationships and acting overly masculine I looked hard to find a solution that worked. I found a solution and I made it my sole purpose to share it you, so that you too can feel prepared for your soul mission. The solution is The Soul Mission Alignment Method

What is The Soul Mission Alignment Method?

The Soul Mission Alignment Method is a type of holistic mind, body soul programme.designed to get you prepared for your soul mission.

What is a Holistic Programme?

My definition for a holistic programme is “a programme that works on the whole person, on the mind, the body and the soul energy using mind, body and soul energy techniques”. This means clearing your soul records, clearing negative energies from your energetic field, working on your positive emotions and thoughts about yourself and your soul mission, working on creating a healthy body, living a day to day routine suitable for your gender. In addition, we provide a structure by using time, home and lifestyle management techniques to bring all the tools together to fit into your day to day life.

Why is a holistic approach better than other mainstream soul mission programmes?

The reason other programmes do not work as effectively is that they do not work on all these three areas (mind, body and soul) together, or rather they do not work on the root cause of your issues, they only treat the symptoms. The result is slow or patchy results, an unawareness of your soul mission, or emotional and health problems lingering and sabotaging your progress. Or they do clearings but then don’t offer how to setup a new life or structure to pursue your life purpose. I work on the root causes AND help you build the life that works for you to get your prepared for your soul mission.

The 8 Steps of the Soul Mission Alignment Method

It’s About Creating Balance in Your Life, Creating Alignment to Your Soul Mission

The goal with all these steps is to create balance in all areas of your life so you are aligned to your soul mission within the areas of: personal and spiritual development, significant other relationship, finances, home environment, relationship with friends and family, health, your career/soul mission, fun and leisure. As well as a balanced masculine and feminine energy with you to propel your soul mission. Why? I’ll give you some examples:

  • It’s hard to have the focus on your soul mission if you are in a toxic relationship draining your energy.
  • It’s hard to have the energy for your soul mission if you have health problems
  • It’s hard to go for your mission if your home environment is in a mess or if you don’t have a secure place to stay.

To Learn More About How These Steps Can Help You

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The 8 Steps Behind the Soul Mission Alignment Method – Who Are They For?

STEP 1 PROGRAMME: Reconnect to Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart

Good For People Who Are...

  • Feeling disconnected from their own energy, divinity, Soul or Higher Self
  • Feel directionless, without guidance
  • Don’t know their soul mission

STEP 2 PROGRAMME: Clear Your Soul Records and Energetic Field

Good For People Who Are...

  • Experiencing energetic psychic attack or
  • Feel spiritually blocked or
  • Have done a lot of emotional/mental therapy but still not moving forward on their soul mission

STEP 3 PROGRAMME: Build Emotional And Mental Strength, Resilience and Flexibility

Good For People Who Are...

  • Feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted, anxious or low
  • Find themselves sabotaging their lives, repeating unhealthy patterns
  • Still feel pressured to be or behave in a certain way, according to society/the Matrix system
  • Ending up in co-dependent or unhealthy relationships with friends, family or romantic partners

STEP 4 PROGRAMME: Rebalancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

Good For People Who Are....

  • Struggling to take action in life, in flow /chaos too much, spacey, daydreaming ideas to manifest but not actually doing the work
  • Struggling to be in flow in life, taking too much action, getting burned out, and not getting manifesting results
  • Having gynaecological, or sensuality/sexuality problems, disconnected from own feelings (numb)
  • Having problems with manifesting, being in loving relationships with self /others, feeling connected to Divine Inner God/Goddess

STEP 5 PROGRAMME: Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body

Good For People Who Are...

  • Feeling tired, don’t have enough energy to take action in life towards their soul mission – over/underweight
  • Have a chronic health condition that they have tried to resolve for years with multiple doctors/practitioners but no real change
  • Feel ungrounded, live a chaotic, disorganised lifestyle impacting their health

STEP 6 PROGRAMME: Activate Your Divine DNA Blueprint

Good For People Who Are...

  • Not yet experiencing their spiritual or psychic gifts, or increased consciousness
  • Have done all the clearing work in steps 1-5 above
  • May have a Nephilim Soul contract (Indigo 3 Contract)

STEP 7 PROGRAMME: Living Practically in 3D

Good For People Who Are....

  • Living a chaotic life, late for appointments, keep losing things, hoarding
  • Experiencing difficult living conditions, energy disturbances in the home e.g. portals, ghosts, toxic energy streams
  • Struggling with money, budgetting, debts
  • Cannot find important paperwork

STEP 8 PROGRAMME: Magical Mission Manifestation!

Good for People Who Are...

  • Struggling to manifest their soul mission or results in life
  • Don’t have a manifestation practice
  • Using outdated or harmful manifestation practices ( that they are unaware of)
  • Wanting to Create their Mission!

To Learn More About How These Steps Can Help You

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