Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body

The Body Programme – Healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise for an Energised Body!

Is this You?


*Feeling tired or sleepless?

* Aches and pains over the body?

* Gained a lot of weight and cannot get it off or keep it off?

* Menstrual or gynaecological issues?

* Digestive issues or constipation?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this programme would be suitable for you!

Why Is This Body Programme Different?

Too many of us have tried to get healthy or lose weight using outdated techniques and science and wondering why we cannot STAY healthy. That’s because one size programme does nor fit all! So in this programme we create one bespoke for you and your situation! It’s a combination of the right healthy eating plan for you, the right exercise plan for you, and what healthy lifestyle changes need to be made to not only move forward, but feel amazing by the end of it, including learning skills for life, to maintain a healthy way of life! 

What Does This Programme Include:



Part 1 – Cleanse Body and Rebalance Hormones Programme


  • Take your body through a safe cleansing and detoxification programme that will allow your organs to release chemicals, fat and function optimally
  • Choose the right healthy eating plan for you and where you are now, including rebalancing your hormones which are out of alignment when you are unhealthy.
  • Learn how to take care of your body for life and how to get back on track if you fall off the wagon!
  • Cleanse runs for 4 weeks. Information delivered via email, cleansing plant based organic herbs via post. Thereafter, we discuss tweaking the plan to suit where you are hormonally (months 2-3).
  • Click here for more in depth information.


Part 2 – Body Energising Bootcamp


  • Exercise for where you are on your stage of your health journey, based on your body assessment, and whether you are on the cleanse part of your programme or after that step, and based on your body assessment.
  • Exercises for health, wellbeing, more energy and releasing of excess fat
  • 8 weeks of video exercises, which you can rewatch whenever you need to, for life!
  • Click here for more in depth information.


Part 3 – Healthy Lifestyle

  • Sorting out sleep problems
  • Getting your home setup for health success
  • Creating routines and time for health activities to charge your goals
  • Nervous system regulation

Who is this suitable for?

  • Someone who wants to feel energised and healthy again!
  • Someone who is fed up with feeling sick and tired, yo-yo dieting, faddy diets, or inappropriate fasting
  • Someone who is getting sick more frequently
  • Someone who has overcome any mental or emotional self sabotage to taking action ( if not, then the coaching programming will be needed in addition to the Body programme)
  • Someone who is ready to make BIG changes
  • Someone who wants steady reliable but long term results
  • Someone who wants a plan bespoke for them
  • Someone to ask questions and advice from during the programme

Wondering if this is for you?


Then book a Consultation below to find out:

1. What are the health issues with your body

2. What you can do about them

3. Come away with a report on your body and a plan.

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