Body Energising Bootcamp

Is this for you?

  • Feeling tired or sluggish?
  • Existing exercise programme not getting you the results you hoped for?
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Feeling wobbly or clothes not fitting properly?
  • Carrying a bit of a belly?
  • Wish you could get a firmer, more toned, stronger body?
  • Don’t have any medical conditions or injuries? *

Then this is the programme for you! This programme forms part 2 of the Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body Programme. * If you have a medical condition or an injury please book a consultation to speak to me in person.

What’s in the Programme?

  1. A free consultation to identify the right exercise plan for you. Best done in person. We will identify if you need the Base, Sacral or Solar Plexus Exercise Programme.
  2. 8 weeks worth of exercise videos delivered to your inbox.
  3. Email access to ask questions for the 8 weeks

What’s not included

  1. Equipment
  2. Healthy eating Plan
  3. Cleanse Programme and Supplementation

If you want to include 2 and 3 please also purchase Part 1 of the Getting Grounded into a Healthy Body Programme – Cleanse and Rebalance Hormones Programme.

Investment into your health £100.

To go ahead and purchase this programme click the button below, which will take you to Pay Pal/Debit or Credit Card Payment

If you are interested in discussing this further or you have a medical condition/injury please book a consultation below using the calendar system, or leave a message below the calendar.