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“Hi, I’m Natasha Bailey, and I work with Lightworkers, Starseeds and Helpers who struggle to ground their soul mission into physical reality. I help you by reconnecting you to your source energy, releasing multidimensional blocks, so that you can finally do the work you were called to do on Planet Earth!”

How I Help & Is This You?

Starseed, are you feeling stressed?

Natasha Bailey energy healing
  • Feeling stressed, sleepless?
  • Past toxic relationships?
  • Personal challenges in different areas of life overwhelming you?
  • Unexplained physical health issues, female health issues?
  • Something getting in the way of your purpose, soul mission?
If this is you then book a consultation to see what’s in your energy field holding you back and what you can do about it!

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Your next step
  • Unclear about your soul mission?
  • Clear but not abel to manifest your soul mission?
  • It’ s taking a long time?
  • Experiencing challenges?
  • Want the 8 steps to being on your soul mission?
  • Want to release a challenge with live healing?

If you answered yes to any of the above, book below!

Free Healing Activation!

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  • Activation to Reconnect to Your God Source spark within
  • A daily practice to centre you within your core, great to stabilise against the chaos outside
  • Videos about the activation and why it’s crucial you get this activation now, for your resilience
  • Free subscription to updates and new healing activations and meditations!

This recommended daily practice is for anyone who wishes to start getting in touch with their purpose and their inner guidance

Here is What My Clients Are Saying

Natasha, I can’t thank you enough for that incredibly powerful healing. The pace and power and everything just worked so well and I felt complete trust driving the whole process which is rare for me. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!. x


Natasha,Thank you for gifting me the opportunity to work with you. You have amazing energy. I feel I have lots to learn from you.

With love,

Emily xx

I decided to work with Natasha again recently to help clear a lot of unwanted energies around me that were holding me back. We did the Matrix Unplugging Session and the Mirror Shield session together and I felt immediate benefit during and after the session ended. The past few weeks have also seen gradual improvements to my mood, headspace and energy levels and this will only get better as well.
Natasha is a gifted healer and is very attentive to your needs and making sure the treatments are effective. Her energy reports are very thorough and she is very generous with her time to ensure everything is clear and understood. Highly worth recommending for anyone who feels they are being held back in life.
Michael Richards

I have just attended the Worldwide Womb Blessing with Natasha! She guided us through powerful and beautiful meditations. I came out feeling light and happy and I am still processing my experiences. No doubt there will be some positive and powerful shifts. Right now I am feeling more light and more joyful than I have done in a long time!

Annette Shaw

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