“I have been working with Natasha on and off for about 18 months now on my energy and vitality, so I have already had quite a few sessions under my belt. I felt great 6 months after my initial 4-5 sessions (in 2021) at which point I realised those sessions had been fully integrated. The sessions were:

15 Dimensional Chakra and Aura Clearing of Entity, Discarnate and Astral Parasite Clearing
Chakra Unification & Removal of Reptilian Ties to Kundalini
Matrix Unplugging, Removing Jseals and Other Seals
Soul Retrieval
Higher Self Reading & Card Reading on Next Steps

Then a few months later, in August (2022) I started experiencing dreadful sleep. I was awake every night from sometime between 1-3am usually until 7am when if possible, I would be able to fall back asleep. However, often I had to pull myself up for work just as I started to again fall asleep. I did my best but if I’m honest I was miserable.

I’m not a stranger to sleep issues, but this felt different. Through kinesiology I would test and there were energy portals, for lack of a better description, taking over my room. I couldn’t quite work it out, but none of the clearing techniques I tried did much good. In fact it seemed to be worsening. These energy spots were also attached to me during the night presumably draining my life force as I felt awful most days. It would attach to each of my unified chakra points as well as the top of the crown and root of my spine. If I moved rooms, it would help for a few days but then ultimately would seem to catch up with me again. My husband could also feel the presence in the room and was disturbed but to a lesser degree. I had so many healings on the bedroom, the house, myself. Nothing seemed to work for more than a day or two. I was starting to think I was crazy or keeping the problem perpetuating, but it really had hijacked my quality of life so it was impossible to ignore the impact it was having.

I decided to trust Natasha’s connection to my higher self and go with her recommendations for sessions. I received the 15th Dimensional Mirror Shield and Home Clearing sessions. Initially it helped for that night and the problem returned the next day so I thought like everything else I had tried, it probably didn’t work. I was at this stage already feeling pretty hopeless that it could actually change. However…… I proved my doubts wrong!!

Natasha told me the effects of the sessions would be felt within the week and the sessions would take up to 3 months for me to fully integrate, and actually within a week, the problem was completely resolved!! Sometimes now I wake in the night and still double check, but sure enough there is never anything attached to me or showing in the room!! It’s amazing and I almost couldn’t believe it because the problem had been ongoing for so long!!

It’s now over a month since that session and sometimes I still can’t believe how quickly it has become a distant memory. Now I know I wasn’t crazy, making it up, or keeping it perpetuating. I am so grateful to Natasha for helping me again sleep safely at night. She recommended exactly what I needed to heal the situation and proved more effective than anything else I had tried. 🙏

– Heidi, May 2023

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