Today’s video is all about sexual and psychic attack, what what are the symptoms and Solutions. So recently I went to a psychic protection workshop which was really good and as always with these kind of introductory sessions there is only so far you can go deeply into the subject. And so I thought I would follow up with my very own interest in this area since I have a personal experience. Years ago (actually 12 years ago) I experienced a sexual and a psychic attack. At the time I didn’t really understand about what this was or how to deal with it so I went through a lot of different symptoms. One of the first things I experienced after the attack was I became very hyper aroused, very hyper sexualized. I just felt like I needed to have sex all the time or just kind of calm myself down, personally take matters into my own hands (i.e. excessive masturbation). My mind was in a lot of turmoil ,overthinking thoughts, anxiety and eventually lead to a low level depression and included suicidal thoughts.

So these are some of the symptoms that you could experience after having been exposed to a sexual and a psychic attack. Some of these symptoms are completely normal responses to a very stressful and traumatic situation so let’s not take away from that and there are certain things that become more apparent the deeper we go. Now just to point out not everybody has the same reaction like I did in terms of other being attacked. Other people just completely shut down and go numb and kind of avoid dealing with the situation or burying their head in the sand or distracting themselves with other things in life, with over reading about the subject like I did or even busying oneself with work to avoid dealing with the situation. The outcome: basically I had no desire for sex at all, my libido was rock bottom and in fact I was very scared of sex for a very long time. But like I said it was a blessing because it cracked me open and started me off on my spiritual journey.

So what was some of the solutions that I discovered on my journey that really worked for me? First of all I tried psychotherapy and I got a really good understanding of my problem and I got a good sense of the dynamics that was going on in that particular relationship and how that related to childhood issues. But I was still getting triggered and I still wasn’t feeling comfortable in myself, in my body and it was only years later that I decided to try body psychotherapy, ┬ámore specifically tantric bodywork. It really helped me get more in touch with my body and feel grounded and feel sensual so I started to allow myself to feel more, so I could truly process and release the energy behind what was going on.

The other thing I found extremely helpful was exercise. Because I was so much in my head I needed to balance my energy and get it flowing throughout my whole body. The amazing result was within 2 weeks I felt grounded, I felt like electricity moving through my body, like I finally felt alive again. And in terms of tantric body works I saw results within a two month period. So the important thing here is we need to release the energies that came in again during the sexual and psychic attack. I tried a lot of techniques out there that you may have heard of, EFT, tapping Matrix Reimprinting, also Higher Self therapy. Now they all work to a certain extent but I found that either they only partially cleared the energy or partially cleared emotions and they didn’t get to the root source of it.

The other thing to bear in mind is the highest self can be blocked so we need to go higher than that to a higher level to clear the energies. What do I mean by clear energies? Well during a sexual attack most likely the person who is committing the attack on you has been overtaken and has been run over by entities, negative energies and that does get passed on through sex, through intercourse. So it’s very important to clear that energy out because a lot of that will be fuelling negative thoughts, the depression the suicide and also the shutdown of feelings, feeling any libido or sexuality. I found a method that really worked for me and that was clearing my soul records, clearing my karmic records so as always it has been a huge blessing and learning for me in my life and I realise that this is something that I can help with for other people.

If you have problems with your sexuality, or you want to reclaim your sexuality and be rid of those negative energies and just be fully present and grounded in yourself and feel joy in life, actually enjoy the sensuality and beauty in life, then do get in touch I’m going to leave my details below. I so look forward to hearing from you much love ,


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