Ladies, how are you doing? Are you experiencing more of what you want in life? Are you working in that dream job, business, attracting new amazing people in your life or maybe experiencing abundant financial flow or health?

Yes?…… No?

The Scarcity Mindset
Often when I speak with women they are working long hours, make little time to nourish themselves, they try to fit into a regular pattern of work, and showing up in life consistently for others, but ending up exhausted, sick or blocking great things, or people from coming into their life! And they’re not behaving like abundant women. Or they are relying on people or other men to completely take care of them and their financial needs with little or no independence. They are coming from a SCARCITY MINDSET (I’m broke/no money) or stressing over the LACK of things in their life like…time, poor health, business not booming. Why is this happening?

Are You Honouring Your Cyclic Nature As A Woman?
If your answer to the above was NO, it’s likely you are not honouring or respecting your natural feminine cyclic nature, irrespective of whether you are still menstruating or not. If you want to create more abundance in different areas of your life, then it’s crucial you accept and step into your cyclic nature AS A WOMAN. We live in a masculine linear focused world where we are expected to be consistent and unchangeable, which goes against our whole basic template of BEING. BEING CYCLIC means stepping into our changeable ways of the Waxing Moon (Spring/Maiden), the Full Moon (Summer/Mother), the Waning Moon (Autumn/Enchantress) and the New Moon (The Winter/Wise Crone).

The Hidden or Rejected Feminine Archetypes of Society Are The Most Powerful

The Maiden (young woman energy) and the Mother (ovulating or pregnant woman) are feminine archetypes that are most prevalent and accepted in our society, but not so much the Enchantress (autumn, pre menstrual woman). In order to explain why I feel she is kept hidden by ourselves and society I need to explain who she is.

Who is the Enchantress?
She is the magical woman who reaps the rewards of the harvest having planted her seeds in spring, watch them bloom in summer, and pick them ripe in the autumn. She is the woman in her pre menstrual phase, or in the waning cycle of the moon (for post menopausal ladies following the moon cycle). Yes, of course, this is a metaphor for manifesting more in life, but it’s true. The Enchantress weaves MAGIC, cuts out what doesn’t work for her, changes things in life to allow for the flow of abundance.

She knows who she is, what her desires are, and isn’t afraid of going for what she wants, and attracting it into her life – whether it’s her dream job, sensual pleasure, money which gives her more freedom and choices. She also challenges the status quo (society’s expectations or rules), she may be unpredictable, wild, but also very CREATIVE and DYNAMIC! She cuts to the chase, gets to the ROOT of things! She EXPECTS and demands for herself ABUNDANCE, and has the confidence, knowledge and experience to create it for herself. She may even be a LEADER or be a ROLE MODEL. And THAT’s why she is abundant, why abundance flows so easily for her!

Examples of Enchantress:
– The Harvest Woman
– Pre-menstrual woman or Waning Lunar Cycle Woman
– The woman whose children have grown up/40+ woman, time for herself
– The Warrior Woman
– The Medicine Woman/Priestess
– The Sensual (not sleazy) Confident Woman
– The Human Rights/Campaign for a Cause Activist
– The Creative Writer/Self Employed Business Woman
– The Advocate for the Vulnerable
– Leader

If we allowed that part of ourselves to come out more both personally and publicly our lives, and THE WORLD AND US WOULD CHANGE. Because the Enchantress does not tolerate what doesn’t work. And she would demand and create change.

– No more tolerating abusive or wishy washy behaviour from people around her
– No more tolerating outdated societal or governmental structures, financial systems, discrimination.
– No more tolerating leading a boring life, job, settling for receiving little money

The Enchantress Challenges the Status Quo Within Ourselves and in Society

Can you see now why existing power structures both personal and public would NOT want this archetype to come out! She would challenge authority, and unsettle power structures. And it would be challenging for women to experience he more too. Because maybe when we spoke up or spoke out previously we may have been silenced or persecuted or punished (either in this life or past lives).

So it may be painful for women to see the Enchantress coming through in other women because we have been BRAINWASHED to be nice, and accommodating and giving. So when we see the fierce, confident and creative Enchantress in full abundance in other women we may feel THREATENED by how powerful she is. That’s only because we have rejected that part of ourselves that we have rejected or suppressed. It’s time to reclaim this woman back into our lives so we can step more fully into our power, and make some changes in this world not just for yourself but for this planet!

So Are You Ready and Do You Want To Embody the Abundance of the Enchantress?

If you want to embody more of this ABUNDANT archetypal feminine energy, which is an archetype of the divine feminine, then I highly recommend you attend the next World Wide Womb Blessing Event – “Creating Abundance” next week Sunday 26th August in central London! We will be celebrating the Enchantress and infusing her energy into YOU!

An Invitation to Embrace Abundance…..
Check out the video Marzena (my co-host) and I created about HOW we will be infusing the abundance energy of the Enchantress into YOU on this day!

If you like the sound of what we are offering you here is the link to the tickets if you want to come. It’s going to be amazing, and it also happens to be my most favourite World Wide Womb Blessing Event of the Year, closely matched by the Sisterhood event in December.

Ticket link:

Places are limited to 33 so buy soon in order to secure your spot. Also, there are Early Bird tickets available before the price goes up next Wednesday 22nd August, rewarding those who dare to go for it!

Looking forward to it and to seeing YOU! 

With much love from your Co-hosts
Natasha Bailey and Marzena Szrama