Welcome to the Download Page for the Heart Connections Track – Reconnecting to Your Source Energy!

Congratulations on making the decision to take this big step towards stepping back into your power, your heart! This is what it’s all about. As we regain our power individually and collectively we can free ourselves from old dysfunctional ways of being so that we can create a new world for our selves and others, for the whole planet! It starts with YOU. As you change, you change the vibration of the 10 people closest to you, and they then affect 10 other people, it becomes a domino effect, a ripple, turning into a wave billowing around Earth.

How to Make the Best Use of the Track

Before listening to the track we recommend you watch or listen to the following short video to prepare yourself to listen to the track. This is because the track contains powerful activating energies which can have a profound effect on people, so we want you to feel safe and comfortable before you start listening. Below the video we have also left space for you to give back your comments or feedback, and if you wish to speak to me for a quick consultation – just book a free 20 minute appointment using my calender should you wish to speak with me or Marc about your experiences with the track.

Also, more tracks are coming! This is just the beginning! We are creating a track which you can use as a daily practice, a track for connecting to your soul, and much, much more! To stay in the loop of when these will be released just keep watching out for my emails for alerts. If you wish to share this page with others, please share the link below, so that they too can be subscribed to the mailing list for upcoming tracks.


Please Watch This Video First – Preparation for Listening to Track

Heart Connections Track:

Activation – Reconnecting to Your Source Energy

About the Heart Connections Team – Who Are We?

The people below helped to create, promote and develop the idea behind the Heart Connections leading to the tracks being created by Natasha Bailey and Marc Cyril. You can click on the links below to find out more about them.


Developer of the Heart Connections idea – Theresa Crabtree of

SoulCleanse by Theresa Crabtree




Songwriter and Guide to the Heart Connections meditation tracks –

Natasha Bailey of Soul Mission




Music Composer of the Heart Connections meditation tracks – Marc Cyril of Eye2DaMind – eye2damind@gmail.com.