About Natasha

What Makes Natasha the Right Person to Help You Prepare For Your Soul Mission?

Natasha is a Soul Mission Coach for Starseeds and Lightworkers who uses her life experience and training as an Intuitive Healer, Akashic-Soul Record Clearer, Priestess of the Rose (Female Energy Awakening Therapist), Galactic Human Activator, and Physical Wellbeing Practitioner to help them prepare for their Soul Mission, which is to contribute to global change. This is done through clearing any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical blocks, creating balance in all areas of life, keeping the individual centred within their heart space so they are focused and excited about stepping into their Soul Purpose. Having gone through her own awakening journey as a healer, Lightworker and Starseed, she is passionate about awakening other people’s natural magical abilities with which to fulfill their soul purpose, and contribute to the ascension and enlightenment of our planet.

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