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What Is Your Soul Mission or How to Find Out What It Is Consultation

Your Energy Check Consultation To Identify Blocks to Your Soul Mission and Solutions

Female Energy Check and Womb Healing Consultation, Your Ability to Create and Attract

Physical Health & Vitality Consultation, Being Grounded So You Can Achieve Your Soul Mission

STEP 1 PROGRAMME: Reconnect to Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart

Good For People Who Are...

  • Feeling disconnected from their own energy, divinity, Soul or Higher Self
  • Feel directionless, without guidance
  • Don’t know their soul mission

STEP 2 PROGRAMME: Clear Your Soul Records and Energetic Field

Good For People Who Are...

  • Experiencing energetic psychic attack or
  • Feel spiritually blocked or
  • Have done a lot of emotional/mental therapy but still not moving forward on their soul mission

STEP 3 PROGRAMME: Build Emotional And Mental Strength, Resilience and Flexibility

Good For People Who Are...

  • Feeling emotionally and mentally exhausted, anxious or low
  • Find themselves sabotaging their lives, repeating unhealthy patterns
  • Still feel pressured to be or behave in a certain way, according to society/the Matrix system
  • Ending up in co-dependent or unhealthy relationships with friends, family or romantic partners

STEP 4 PROGRAMME: Rebalancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy

Good For People Who Are....

  • Struggling to take action in life, in flow /chaos too much, spacey, daydreaming ideas to manifest but not actually doing the work
  • Struggling to be in flow in life, taking too much action, getting burned out, and not getting manifesting results
  • Having gynaecological, or sensuality/sexuality problems, disconnected from own feelings (numb)
  • Having problems with manifesting, being in loving relationships with self /others, feeling connected to Divine Inner God/Goddess

STEP 5 PROGRAMME: Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body

Good For People Who Are...

  • Feeling tired, don’t have enough energy to take action in life towards their soul mission – over/underweight
  • Have a chronic health condition that they have tried to resolve for years with multiple doctors/practitioners but no real change
  • Feel ungrounded, live a chaotic, disorganised lifestyle impacting their health

STEP 6 PROGRAMME: Activate Your Divine DNA Blueprint

Good For People Who Are...

  • Not yet experiencing their spiritual or psychic gifts, or increased consciousness
  • Have done all the clearing work in steps 1-5 above
  • May have a Nephilim Soul contract (Indigo 3 Contract)

STEP 7 PROGRAMME: Living Practically in 3D

Good For People Who Are....

  • Living a chaotic life, late for appointments, keep losing things, hoarding
  • Experiencing difficult living conditions, energy disturbances in the home e.g. portals, ghosts, toxic energy streams
  • Struggling with money, budgetting, debts
  • Cannot find important paperwork

STEP 8 PROGRAMME: Magical Mission Manifestation!

Good for People Who Are...

  • Struggling to manifest their soul mission or results in life
  • Don’t have a manifestation practice
  • Using outdated or harmful manifestation practices ( that they are unaware of)

Total Soul Mission Transformation Programme