Three Month Manifestation Circle!

This is a group Manifestation Circle with Natasha Bailey from Soul Mission which will be held for 3 months (dates below). I will teach you my method of manifesting which I used on myself to not only generate a lot of money in a short space of time, but also allowed to leave my paid job to pursue my soul mission full time – serving starseeds, lightworkers and people in the helping professions to be more on their soul purpose! When we all follow our path we uplift the whole world in the process as we vibrate at the higher frequency of our Authentic Self!

You Will Learn

⭐How to Manifest Using the Clarity + Energy + Commitment = Manifestation Formula

⭐How to manifest what your soul desires you to in this life

Learn how to manifest from source not from satan/darkness as is taught by many Law of Attraction schools

How to reach your goals in a way that’s authentic to you!

Learn how to alchemise your energy free from blocks

Be supported in a group to cheer you as you progress on your manifestation journey!

Receive many healings to release blocks accumulated over decades and lifetimes!

Take these practical and spiritual skills away and use them for life!

What’s Included?

Step 8 Programme – Magical Mission Manifestation – online course. The first manifestation circle sessions were recorded for you to watch and learn from.

1 Seasonal Manifestation Cycle – 3 live New Moon Manifestation Circles with Natasha every month – held over Zoom and in person dates below (simultaneously).

Recordings of the 3 New Moon Manifestation Events if you miss them, but come to get individual coaching.

Energy healing blockages LIVE as a group that stand in your way to manifest.

15th Dimensional Chakra Aura Clearing – clearing negative entities, chips and implants draining your energy!

A Level 3 Womb Blessing – to power flush your female energy gateways for upgrade and magnetism!

Masculinity Upgradequantum healing to power flush your masculine energy gateways for upgrade and dynamism! 

Releasing Core Wounds & Limiting Beliefs group session! 

Advice on healing more advanced blocks – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

Identify and reprogramme your subsconscious self that might be sabotaging your progress!

Facebook community group, where we can cheer each other on and keep each other accountable!

Practical grounded manifestation skills for Life!

Troubleshooting checklist when your manifestations are not materialising.

⭐An Individual Manifestation Hologramme Report for you to see where your blocks are, and what you can do about them! You will receive this within 1-2 working days of booking.

⭐Individual coaching within a group setting.

⭐Includes free attendance at the Full Moon Manifestation Circles held in September – November either online or in person at Moon Women’s Health Centre. Attendance is optional, and recommended.

Key Dates for Circles and Group Coaching:

Saturday 30th September: 10 am – 11 am GMT – Welcome to Manifestation Circle Webinar

Saturday 21st October 10 am – 1pm PM GMT – New Moon Manifestation Circle & Group Coaching

Saturday 18th November 10 am – 1pm GMT – New Moon Manifestation Circle & Group Coaching

Saturday 16th December 10 am – 1pm GMT – New Moon Manifestation Circle & Group Coaching

Saturday 16th December 2-3 pm – Completion & Celebration Webinar

If you miss any of the above dates, you will receive a recording of it.

Optional and Recommended Additional Dates:

Friday 29th September: Full Moon Manifestation Circle 2pm Online/7.30-9pm In Person at Moon Women’s Health Centre.

Saturday 28th October Full Moon World Wide Womb Blessing – 12 noon online/6pm in person, Moon Women’s Health.

Monday 27th November Full Moon Manifestation Circle: 2 pm online/ 7.30 pm In Person, Moon Women’s Health

One Full Moon Manifestation Circle will be recorded for the purposes of being included into the online course.

Number of Places:

5-10 to create a small intimate group.

No. of sessions:

1 x Welcome Webinar

3 x New Moon Manifestation Circles (Saturdays after the New Moons for October, November and December)

3 x Full Moon Manifestation Circles (optional and recommended).

1 x Completion and Celebration Webinar

Programme is delivered:

Over Zoom, you will need a laptop, headphones, post it notes and a sheet of thick A3 paper.

Registration Open Date: Sunday 24th September 2023 9pm.

Deadline to Book: Saturday 30th September 2023 9 am.


Your Investment Into Yourself

You can pay upfront or in 3 month installment plans. Payment is taken through secure payment links and you will be provided with a receipt and welcome email after your payment. Debit and credit cards accepted.

If you miss a payment your access to the programme will be suspended until you have paid the latest installment.

Who is This For?

People who want to supercharge their manifesting abilities, and learn what works.

People who are happy to relook at/upgrade any assumptions they have made about manifesting, and leave less useful techniques behind.

People with a stable sense of self, free from heavy entity interference or mental health problems.

Not Sure If This Is For You?

Then I recommend you watch the replay of my recent latest Equinox Manifesting Masterclass below to get a feel for me and what you will experience in your Manifesting Circle! Passcode to watch class: to be provided once recording processed.

Alternatively you can book a free 15 minute conversation with me through my contact page. 



About Natasha

Natasha is a Soul Mission Priestess for Starseeds and Lightworkers who uses her life experience and professional training as an Therapeutic Healer to help you prepare for your Soul Mission, which is to contribute to global change. This is done through clearing any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical blocks, creating balance in all areas of life, keeping you centred within your heart space so you are focused and excited about stepping into your Soul Purpose. Having gone through her own awakening journey as a healer, Lightworker and Starseed, she is passionate about awakening other people’s natural magical abilities with which to fulfill their soul purpose, and contribute to the ascension and enlightenment of our planet.


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