Do you….

  • Want to harness your masculinity for success in life, love, work, health?
  • Would you like to get back in touch with a forgotten divine masculinity – the protector, the inspirer, the heart based warrior, who is focused, strong, active and compassionate?
  • Wanting to let go of past hurts experienced as a boy or a man to step into that divine masculinity?
  • Keep attracting the wrong woman or want more respect from women?
  • Do you have issues with anger or frustration?
  • Would you like to feel more confident and sure of yourself?
  • Has the sex life in your relationship dwindled and do you want to reignite that passion?
  • Taking BIG action in your life but still not seeing results?

If you answered yes to any of the above then the Awakening Your Divine Masculine Programme would suit you.

What is Included In the Programme?

A 3 hour akashic record/soul record clearing foundational session (for more info go here)

A 1 hour Gift For Men Attunement – A blessing from the Divine Feminine to Acknowledge and Bring forth the Divine Masculine within you.

4 X 60 minute Awakening Divine Masculine Healing sessions on:

reawakening your natural masculinity
clear and awaken dormant or overactive masculine energies for success in life – the warrior, the lover, the king, the magician
release any old patterns, or past hurt
feeling compassion for yourself and others

Getting Grounded in a Healthy Body Programme:

Information on physically rebalancing your sex hormones for healthy libido and energy for life, which includes:
a cleanse
a bespoke eating plan for you
recommended life style changes and how to incorporate them into your life, the right exercise for you at the moment

Ready to invest in yourself? Full upfront payment is £500. Click on the button below to purchase. An installment plan option is also available – see below. The installment plan has an extra fee.

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Awakening Your Divine Maculine Programme
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Awakening Your Divine Masculine Installment Option
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Total £600.00 GBP
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