One of the biggest block we face as starseeds, lightworkers or people wanting to move forward on their soul mission path is present life trauma. Many of us grew up in dysfunctional families where caregivers had an addiction or a mental health problem which affected us. Maybe we were mentally emotionally abused or even physically and sexually. Often this unhealed trauma is stored in many layers and affects our nervous system, how easily we are triggered or upset by others, and affects our ability to be focused in life. And it affects your energy body, your tree of life.

  • How often have you been waylaid by some drama or upset in your life that set you backs years or months?
  • Maybe you have found it hard to bounce back from life’s challenges?
  • You’ve lost your get up and go?
  • Struggling to calm down?
  • Using food, sex, shopping or drugs to numb the emotional pain?

Then these sessions would be beneficial to you. They form part of the Step 3 Programme’s listed sessions – Build Emotional and Mental Strength, Resilience & Flexibility.

What Are We Clearing and Releasing In This Session?

  • Core wounds – the first time the trauma was installed in this life. These are the seeds and the roots of your tree of life on the mental/emotional level. These are installed on the neurological level, your nervous system. Thereafter, each time you have an similar experience the wound is further reinforced, like a groove on a record.
  • Limiting Beliefs – these are the meanings and thoughts we give to ourselves about traumatic situations we have experienced. E.g.  I shouldn’t have done that, otherwise I could have stopped it from happening…. I’m a bad person, I’m unloveable, I was foolish….These are represented by the branches of your tree of life, and affect your thought patterns, often creating persistent looping thoughts that you cannot shift.
  • Trapped emotions – these are the glue that hold together the core wound and limiting belief in place in your nervous system, your body. Things like fear, sadness, anger, terror, shock, unworthiness, betrayal. These are represented by the branches of your tree of life.

So you can see what we need to do is clear and release from the root/seed, branches all the way up to the leaves of your tree of life – your energy body. I use a combination of energy healing methods to do this work.

New Stronger, Open, Happier You!

The next step is to programme in the new healthy beliefs and emotions about yourself, so the old patterns can atrophy and not be retriggered again. I explain in the session how to do this. It will require you to do daily practices after the session for a period of time.

You will also need to start the process of reconditioning yourself to feel and process your emotions again if you have been suppressing them so you do not build up new layers in the future. I teach this in the Step 3 and Step 1 Programmes.

Wondering If This is For You?

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