Build Mental and Emotional Strength, Resilience and Flexibility:

Step 3 of the 8 Step System to Get In Alignment Of Your Soul Mission

Is this you?

  • Getting upset, triggered or off balance more than you want?
  • Past trauma coming up, or past painful events still bothering you?
  • Is it interfering with your life, your mission, your relationships?
  • Are you having physical health problems as result?
  • Stomache problems, auto immune conditions, skin conditions?
  • Is it hard to stay calm, hard to switch off your mind?
  • Having low mood, worry, stresses?

If you answered YES to any of the above then this might be where you need to work on yourself, with the help of a healer or therapist. If you answered YES this means you have some unresolved trauma, trapped emotions, core wounds and limiting beliefs from past events that have not yet been healed. It’s important to find a safe person to work through this.

What is Unresolved Trauma, Trapped Emotions, Core Wound and Limiting Beliefs?

In a nutshell, it’s emotional patterns that did not get completed at the time of a hurtful, upsetting or traumatic event. This means you either created a story (unhelpful meaning) about yourself (core wound/limiting belief) in this situation that reinforced something negative you believe about yourself, and this was embedded within your brain and nervous system with painful emotions you experienced at the time that have since become trapped in your body.

You have then taken this belief about yourself into the rest of your life without questioning it and making decisions in life based on your beliefs, which have given an inaccurate and skewed view on life.

Example: You have grown in a family where the father is critical, abusive, violent. As a child you might make sense of this situation by believing that your father treated you this way because you are a bad child (meaning/story), unworthy of love (core wound) and therefore you do not deserve a loving relationship (limiting belief). So you might then go on to choose similar men to your father who help reinforce your core wound belief that I’m unworthy of love. So the emotions keeping all this in place are the emotions you experienced BUT DIDN’T FULLY PROCESS at the time of your trauma e.g. fear, terror, betrayal, and it creates an loop of unhealed trauma to keep playing out AKA unfinished business!

Trapped Emotions – a lot of us use emotion avoiding tactics in life. We feel hurt or pain and try to surpress or avoid feeling it fully to release it. This can lead to a build up of repressed emotions, which if left unattended to, can lead to physical health problems later like cancer , pain in the joints and other ailments. A bit like constipation, you can end up with decades worth of backlog. So we do a process to release these. This can be an intense session. The next step is to teach you how to allow yourself to feel again, and how to process emotions as you go about your daily activities. More about how we do that in Step 1 – Reconnect To Your Source Energy & Centre Within Your Heart.

My Experience – What Worked and What Didn’t Work For Me

I have had three years of psychotherapy, and have also run a counselling service as the liaison officer for a homeless charity working with very traumatised people. I also continue my therapeutic journey with regular at least monthly sessions with my own therapist, and an online therapy community to continue my healing as well as improve my professional skills to hold space for you. I have been on my healing journey since 2002!

As someone who has come from a dysfunctional family background with abuse I have myself experienced first hand the effects of unhealed trauma on my health and in my relationships. And I am here to tell you that you can feel better and make peace with what has happened, as well as grow more fully into the beautiful authentic person you were always meant to be – ready to experience life and enjoy it!

My Methods:

I combine releasing core wounds, limiting belief and trapped emotions from the past life level including present day level using a combination of modalities in my toolkit. Whilst Emotion Code (c) and Body Code (TM) (releasing trapped emotions and issues on the physical level) by Bradley Nelson is good, and Belief Coding (releasing limiting beliefs) by Jessica Cunningham is a step in the right direction I do feel we also need to go deeper and clear from the first time the belief was installed and that is often NOT from this life. SO we need to include the spiritual to clear. This will help future generations and clear the timelines in past lives as well.

I also use a healing modality that I have noticed works on your nervous system where trauma is first embedded, and resurfaces when we get triggered/upset by other people who push our “buttons” that trigger our negative beliefs about ourselves and others. So we need a multi-dimensional approach across multiple timelines!

This method works on a whole energy body (spiritual), and neurological (mental/emotional) level right down to the physical where we get to the root cause of your issue. Since most trauma affects your nervous system and creates unhelpful limiting programming on the neurological, thought and emotional levels this is what we need to work on. I use a combination of connecting with your Higher Self, muscle testing to identify your beliefs and trapped emotions, as well as accessing your soul record to find the past life where the programme was first installed, and using Holy Spirit energy to release this with you. You participate in this process as I find it more empowering for people, and creates big shifts.

Next step is to embed the positive belief, identify your needs in life, and meet them, so you are living life from a fuller cup. This is self empowerment. Once you live from a full cup it is easier to introduce a new person into your life or renegotiate existing relationships. This is the maintenance part of the programme.

Alongside all these techniques I use coaching, soft counselling skills, nervous system regulation techniques and emotional processing (somatic) techniques as well as provide suggestions, reassurance and an alternative perspective for you on your healing journey.

An excellent companion to this programme is Step 1 – Reconnect To Your Source Energy & Centre Within Your Heart. This helps with getting in touch with your energy, your feelings, and learning how to process them in future so you get the learning from them. Believe it or not, your positive as well and your negative feelings are useful for you!

What Do You Get With This Programme?

Over Zoom or in London at my clinic if you wish to attend in person. They are usually 1.5 hours long, except for the Releasing Core Wounds sessions which can be 2 hours long. A total of 12 sessions which includes:

  1. Releasing Core Wounds and Limiting Beliefs sessions with me. These are 2 hours long each. I will let you know how many of these sessions you need. Typically people need 4-6 sessions.
  2. Guided healing audio to calming your nervous system when you are upset
  3. 1 x session – Identifying Your Needs and Meeting Them – practically into daily life
  4. 1 x Session – How to connect with your Little Self/Inner Child and Reparent it.
  5. 1 x Session: Resetting & Calming Your Nervous System
  6. 1 x Somatic Processing of Emotions & Enlightenment Practice
  7. Reading material – Book
  8. 1 x Programming in New Positive beliefs
  9. 1 x Identifying & Communicating Boundaries
  10. 1 x Handling & Communicating Through Conflict
  11. Relationship attachment styles 7 Their Common Patterns/Wounds
  12.  1 x FitBit Watch and app
  13. Includes videos on each module and worksheets, so you can continue the work on your own after the programme is completed.

How I deliver these sessions:

Over Zoom or in London at my clinic if you wish to attend in person. They are usually 1 – 1.5 hours long. After then we would review how you are getting on, and if you want to be taught how to continue to do this work for yourself, or maintain then I would recommend the further training below. 

What You Will Experience, Learn and Transform:

  • Be more connected to yourself
  • Process trauma, trapped emotions, transform limiting beliefs.
  • Regulate your nervous system, reset vagus nerve
  • Express your authentic self.
  • Create a secure attachment to yourself instead of:
    • being overly preocuppied by what others think of you
    • or avoiding connection with others as a defence mechanism
    • giving your power away to entitites, rather than empowering yourself
  • Be more grounded, lessen overthinking.
  • Practice setting healthy boundaries without guilt or shame.
  • Feel what it means to be in acceptance of self and others, without compromising your boundaries.
  • Get clearer about making decisions for yourself that are in your highest good.

Interested in finding out if this is for you?

Book a consultation with me to discuss.

What You Will Experience In Your Consultation

You will get a report of what your core wounds and limiting beliefs are – and how strongly they are operating in your life, how strongly they are sabotaging your life. We will also have a chat about what therapy you have had previously, to see what has worked/not worked for you. This will help us get clear on whether what I offer can help you.

And I will hep you work on one event from your present life that has been bothering you – to effect a change on how you feel about it.

All information shared with me is kept private and confidential.