Build Emotional And Mental Strength, Resilience and Flexibility

Step 3 of the 8 Step System to Get In Alignment Of Your Soul Mission

1. Usui Reiki Ryoho/Holy Fire 3 Reiki Level 1 and 2 – for more info click on hyperlink here, page being written, check back later.

    • Qualify to do healing treatments on yourself and the general public.
    • Helping yourself and your customers Become Your Authentic Self & Embodying Your Higher Self free from limitations
      • A process of raising your vibration from 3D to 12D
      • Embodying your higher self within you
      • Embedding Divine Love/Godspark Within You
      • Easier access to your soul for guidance
  • Next dates to be confirmed for January 2021

2. Usui Reiki Ryoho/Holy Fire 3 Reiki Master Level 3

  • Advanced skills in doing healing treatments on yourself and the general public.
  • Being able to create other Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters – passing on the ignitions, abilities and knowledge.
  • A Major Unplugging From the Matrix!
  • Pre requisite – Reiki Level 1 and 2.
  • More info on pages below:

3. How to Practically Use Your Reiki Skills On Yourself or Your Customers – 1 Day

  • Learn how to dowse and connect to your and your customer’s Higher Self
  • Check accuracy of dowsing and completion of healing
  • How to check if working with a customer will be beneficial
  • How to do assessments on your and your customer’s energy
  • How to formulate a plan of treatment using your toolkit of Reiki treatments
  • Asking your and customer’s Higher Self for guidance on treatment plan
  • How to identify when you or your customer is in victim mode and how to bring you and them back into creator mode.
  • How to identify your and your customer’s limiting beliefs and associated trapped emotions which lie behind victim mentality way of being in order to transform it.
  • How to maintain your emotional and mental wellbeing – proactive versus reactive personal development work using skills from Step 8 – Magical Mission Manifestation, recommended pre requisite learning.
  • Next dates to be confirmed for January 2021

4. How to Be Present For Yourself and Others and Source in the moment – 1 Day

Most starseeds and lightworkers and people in general in the western world are too stuck in their head and not grounded enough in their body. This means you are not stepping into your fullest power of your core essence. These are advanced skills to Step 1 – Reconnect to Your Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart. This is about accepting emotions and energy flowing through you in an embodied way, helping you get out of your head and fully into your body. This will allow you to be present for transforming beliefs and emotions in the moment, moving away from disassociation/avoidance of personal issues.

Using the I AM BALANCED technique created by Gregg and Robin Baldock you will learn:

  • Practicing feeling and allowing emotions (energy in motion) throughout the whole body
  • Resensitising to feeling and being in the body
  • Good for preparing to do channelling work
  • Good for healing past lives (channel them)
  • Feeling strong within your core energy
  • Receive insight and  messages from emotions
  • Enhances your intuition and presence in daily life
  • Practicing more surrender to the light flowing through and grounding  – this is is what it means to allow source to work through you!
  • Next dates to be confirmed for January 2021

5. Universal Reiki

A re remembered healing modality used in Atlantis and Beyond. Please check back on this link page for more information.

How will this programme be delivered:

Currently online, and can be in person depending on local regulations

How many days: Over 8 days, over 3 separate weekends + 1/2 day hour Zoom session.

  1. Reiki Level 1 & 2 – 2 days over a weekend
  2. Reiki Level 3/Master – 3 days over a weekend
  3. and 4. Over a 2 Day weekend:
  • How to Practically Use Your Reiki Skills On Yourself or Customers – 1 Day
  • How to Be Present for Yourself, Others and Source in the moment – 1 Day

5. Universal Reiki – 3 hour Zoom session/ 1/2 day/evening session.

Next Dates

See above sections for dates.

What You Will Learn and Who You Will Become

You will become your most positive empowered version of yourself, an excellent healer for yourself and others, as well as receiving a recognised healing qualification! As the personal development and healing industry is set to boom and expand over next decades, as more people wake up on this planet, there will be a growing need for people with these skills, to facilitate others into becoming their greatest version of themselves, and in that way, create the new world that we all want to live in, in peace and harmony with each other and mother earth.