What is Quantum Psionics?

It is an energy healing modality created by Regia Prado, a Brazilian healer. It is a quantum healing session where I, the practitioner, send  a frequency of energy from a healing modality to you with my thought and energy intention – through telepathy and telekinesis. It is in other words, a very strong prayer and focused intention of sending healing energy to you. Since energy doesn’t see any blocks in energy directed from a distance this can be conducted remotely on the quantum energy level. This has been documented by science as ‘spooky at a distance’ healing, researched within the quantum mechanics and quantum physics community and explained at length by scientists such as Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden and Joe Dispenza. National Institute for Health has published a paper on this as an example here.

How Do I Conduct This Session?

Usually remotely. We set an intention for what we wish to work on in the session. I guide you into a meditation. I ask your Higher Self if it is divinely in alignment to work on the current issue.

In the session I use a quantum psionics board (see pic) on which I can access  20 different healing modalities to send their healing frequencies through one of three portals (solar disk portal, cosmic portal and spiral of light portal) to you from a distance (session usually done via Zoom, but can be done in person). Through using a pendulum I ask our Higher Selves to be connected to guide us on choosing the right combination of healing modalities for you. Our Higher Selves communicate through the unconscious self (the Body) through motor neuron movements which push the pendulum to point to a symbol of a healing modality on the psionics board. Usually between 8-10 modalities are used in a session which can last up to an hour.

After the session I invite you to come together to share your experience and any feedback from the session.

Healing Modalities or Prayers Used

  • Aligning With Your Divine Consciousness Prayer
  • Egregore Connection – connecting with your spiritual guides
  • Threefold Flame – ensuring proper connection to your godspark source energy
  • Chromatic Matrix – Calms down, softens and restructures the aura and subtle bodies
  • Flower Remedies – sending the vibrational healing frequencies from one of 7 Flower Remedy Systems: Aussie Bush Flower, Bach Flower, Lis Flower, FES Flower, Dragon essences, Saint Germaine Essences, Wild Earth Animal Essences.
  • Quantum Leap In The Past – go back in your timeline of this or other lives to rectify any life issues still affecting you now.
  • Quantum Leap in the Future – going forward into your time of this or other lives (all lives happening at the same time, its’ only here on earth that we experience things happening in a linear fashion) to rectify any life issues you might be affected by based on your most current likely timeline.
  • Merkaba Key – a code that triggers a specific portal for doing treatment in another dimension (up to 12 dimensions), as if we were opening  a “door” to that reality.
  • The Rehabilitated Angel Michael’s upright sword – this calls upon the spiritual egregore  to provide clearing of psychic attack and defense of your field; cutting negativity in various spheres and reversing the negative into positive. Used to clear any negative thought forms or emissions, or any negative bonds that tie someone to any situation or person.
  • The Rehabilitated Angel Michael’s inverted sword – this calls upon the spiritual egregore  to provide clearing of entities and obsessors. It cuts off magic spells, entities and sorcery. It connects you back to source and realigns your life. It activates spiritual guides and helpers.
  • Code 21 – this acts as a scanner, a restart or reset button, helping to clear and reorganise any energy entanglements.
  • Dodecahedron – This represents a group of powerful energies, including unconditional love that ‘links’ us to the earth’s crystal grid, helping and supporting our evolutionary cycles that occur every 7 ears.
  • Sacred Geometry – choosing between 93 different scared geometric shapes to activate its functions and sending its frequency through a chosen portal.
  • Blank Tool – a part of the board where I have uploaded other frequency modalities e.g. Holy Fire Reiki.
  • Divine Rays – These represent the connection to the spiritual egregores of the Light Order and the Great White Brotherhood, whereby we send the Divine Virtues linked to the Divine Rays (24 different coloured rays).

Why Is Quantum Psionics So Useful?

Because we are accessing so many different modalities within one session, whereas usually practitioners work with one modality at a time. Here, you benefit from the combination of modalities, providing faster, deeper results.

Want to Explore Whether This Is For You?