.Energy Check Assessment – Identifying Your Blocks to Your Soul Mission

Why Receive an Energy Check Assessment?

Often we do years and years of personal self development work as starseeds and lightworkers with multiple healers, therapists, shamans etc , but it can seem we don’t get very far, or very slowly. Or we cannot seem to move forward on our soul mission, or something keeps sabotaging the process. Most of the time this is due to factors outside of our control, that we are unaware of, and had we known sooner we could have done something about.

Also this can be due to the fact that most healers are not taught the advanced energy check systems or healing systems that I have had the privilege of testing out over the past 10 years myself personally. And I am humble enough to refer you on to someone if I believe I cannot help you rather than take your money and you not see results. It’s about YOU getting results for YOU! I can only hope that I can shorten the time with which you can find solutions to your every day issues and problems because I walked the path ahead of you, my friend.

So I’m here to reassure you that you are not broken, faulty or unloveable – you are a Divine Creator Being, who has simple forgotten that, due to the dense nature of living on this planet. Many veils have been placed upon us and much karma has been accrued over many lifetimes which can be released and transformed now. So what are you waiting for? Step into your best authentic true self by getting clear about your next steps!

What you receive during your Energy Check Assessment:

  • A report of your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy body including information about
    • How clear your auric field is – is it free from entities, astral parasites, chips, implants, unhealthy cords, curses, black magic, negative alien interference, vows, open portals (common with psychosis) and much more
    • Information about your mental/emotional body:
      • How many negative programmes, self limiting beliefs you are holding that may be sabotaging your progress
      • Your % Soul Integration/Soul Loss (often as a result of trauma either in this or other lives)
    • Karmic report – how much you have now, on who you hold karma relating to those close to you
    • What type of spiritual being you are – Whether you are a Indigo 1, 2, 3, Crystal or Rainbow Starseed
    • Your starseed origins and your potential gifts
    • Whether you have a Nephilim Soul attached to you
    • Number of Divine DNA strands activated and your potential
    • If you are ready for Chakra Unification and Unplugging from the Matrix system.
    • How all this is blocking your manifesting abilities
    • A check on your home’s energy can be done as a separate/individual check, or as part of a check on your family, if you are experiencing disturbances in your home.
    • Mental patterns programmed from trauma in childhood.
    • Unhealed unexpressed trapped emotions affecting your mood and health
    • General physical health indication of whether you are sufficiently healthy or not.
  • Some energy healing work within the session to get a feel for what it’s like to work with me.
  • Suggestions from your Higher Self as to what is the most pressing issue to work on now
  • Suggestions as to what you can do about any of the above if there is an issue
  • Deciding on THE MOST IMPORTANT issues to deal with right now.

For a Full List of What is Covered In your Energy Report check out this page:

Clear your Soul Records and Your Energy Field! 

How I Create Your Energy Check Report

Please watch the video below which explains how I create the report.

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