“You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart.” – Gary Zukov

Online Self Study Programme                                                                Coming Spring 2023

 The heart has long been known as the home of the soul, that unique essence that is never changing throughout the ages, the lives, whether past, present or in the future, that is a part of God/Source/Creator energy. The essence is PURE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. No matter what physical form we take, species or gender we take on whatever plane of existence, the soul is as individual as a snowflake. Many people have sought enlightenment and, no matter what the quest, it always comes back to the heart and love. What would love do, be or say in this situation? This is why at Soul Mission we want to reconnect you to your essence, which is unconditional love, so that no matter where you go next on your journey everything will happen through the heart as the main guide for life decision, challenges and way of handling experiences. This requires you to reconnect to your own source energy, your own power first.

This is for you if:
* You are considering doing healing work and want a good foundation before being initiated into/attuned to a healing frequency
* You have already been doing healing work in an effort to help yourself and others but certain core issues are still affecting you
* You lose yourself in people, places or things in order to feel ok or you revert back to old unhelpful habits/patterns that bring you down
* You still don’t have a good sense of yourself, your core
* You keep getting energy clearings from healers to release negative entities or spirits but more keep attaching to you afterwards
* You wished you had learned certain things at the start of your healing journey, but missed out on, for whatever reason
* You want to fully step into your own power

* Develop good boundaries and be grounded

* Transform inner blocks though personal healing

* Learn a technique that can bring on spontaneous enlightenment. This means the veil is dropped.

What will you receive, learn and feel….


  • Preparation before any healing modality course
  • Introduction to 12/15th dimensional energy system and determining if yours are in balance
  • Your Energy Hologramme
  • Explanation of the original ‘wound’ of separation and purpose behind the Human Condition.
  • Victim versus Creator energy
  • Understanding energetic boundaries between yourself and others, keeping your field intact.
  • Personal Reconnection Activation to your own source energy. Focus on the higher heart energy.
  • Filling yourself with your own source energy
  • Learning centering and grounding to keep your energy balanced.
  • Connecting with your soul for guidance on your soul mission etc.
  • Heart connections with others, people you’re in conflict with, loved ones, those who have passed over, objects or situations in life
  • Using Heart Connection practice daily, monthly, seasonally, yearly or after receiving healing (transforming painful feeling coming up during a healing crisis)
  • Using Heart Connections to guide you on your soul mission, your life purpose, a prerequisite to doing the Magical Mission Manifestation course.
  • Includes an energetic clearing on your soul and energy field to any blocks you might have to receiving the Activation.
  • Includes a clearing by Holy Spirit removing blocks to your next step on your spiritual path, or connection to your soul for guidance.

Day 2– Advanced practiceI AM Balanced technique.

How to Be Present For Yourself and Others and Source in the Moment

Most starseeds and lightworkers and people in general in the western world are too stuck in their head and not grounded enough in their body. This means you are not stepping into your fullest power of your core essence. These are advanced skills to Step 1 – Reconnect to Your Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart. This is about accepting emotions and energy flowing through you in an embodied way, helping you get out of your head and fully into your body by allowing source energy to fully flow through you! This will allow you to be present for transforming beliefs and emotions in the moment, moving away from disassociation/avoidance of personal issues. This will also help improve your full embodied connection with your own source energy.

This is where you learn to work through your whole energy field, not just your heart, as we learn in Day 1. We learn to transmute energies coming into your field, or karmic blocks arising within you. It’s allowing Source energy to flow through you and connect with you. It is about complete surrender to safety and trust in Source. This technique can also be used for preparing for channelling but I advise you to check with me before setting such an intention – we need to ensure your energy field is clear, and you don’t attract beings of lower vibration to channel through you.

Using the I AM BALANCED technique created by Gregg and Robin Baldock and adding my own understanding of it you will learn:

  • Practicing feeling and allowing emotions (energy in motion) throughout the whole body and energy hologramme
  • Resensitising to feeling and being in the body
  • Good for preparing to do channelling work
  • Good for healing past lives
  • Good for healing past trauma – this is also a somatic body processing tool
  • Process limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in life.
  • Feeling strong within your core energy
  • Receive insight and  messages from emotions
  • Enhances your intuition and presence in daily life
  • Practicing more surrender to the light flowing through and grounding  – this is what it means to allow source to work through you!

Delivered on online platform: This is a two day course with Natasha Bailey which was recorded in a group setting November 2022.

How Is This Delivered: Online Course, recording of a 2 Day Workshop. Includes some theory and a lot of practice running your own energy!

How Long to Complete: 2 x 8 hour days.

This Is Not For You If Are…

  • Are suffering from a diagnosed mental health problem, psychosis, extreme anxiety, depression, rigidness, or heavy entity interference. Better to speak with me individually first for one on one treatments.
  • You have never had therapy or healing before.
  • Are not willing to let go of control in your life and surrender to the flow of source life force energy.
  • Only believe being in the mind is the way to go.

How to Buy:

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Having taken two courses with Natasha at Soul Mission I must say the experiences beg for a hat trick. Natasha is very welcoming, approachable, professional and courteous. Her personal insight and experience only enhance and add to the subject matter of the classes she teaches.  Be warned, she will stir passion inside you. This is not a wish-washy or vague News Reporter style teacher merely regurgitating what they’ve been taught as if reading from a teleprompter that plagues so many arenas today. I recommend!
Adam Margilewski

Usui Reiki Master