I Am Balanced Practice

How to Be Present For Yourself and Others and Source in the Moment

Most starseeds and lightworkers and people in general in the western world are too stuck in their head and not grounded enough in their body. This means you are not stepping into your fullest power of your core essence. These are advanced skills to Step 1 – Reconnect to Your Source Energy and Centre Within Your Heart. This is about accepting emotions and energy flowing through you in an embodied way, helping you get out of your head and fully into your body. This will allow you to be present for transforming beliefs and emotions in the moment, moving away from disassociation/avoidance of personal issues. This will also help improve your full embodied connection with your own source energy.

This is where you learn to work through your whole energy field, and learn to transmute energies coming into your field, or karmic blocks arising within you. It’s allowing Source energy to flow through you and connect with you. It is about complete surrender to safety and trust in Source. This technique can also be used for preparing for channelling but I advise you to check with me before setting such an intention – we need to ensure your energy field is clear, and you don’t attract beings of lower vibration to channel through you.

Using the I AM BALANCED technique created by Gregg and Robin Baldock and adding my own understanding of it in Day 1 you will learn: 

  • Practicing feeling and allowing emotions (energy in motion) throughout the whole body and energy hologramme
  • Resensitising to feeling and being in the body
  • Good for preparing to do channelling work
  • Good for healing past lives
  • Good for healing past trauma – this is also a somatic body processing tool
  • Process limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in life.
  • Feeling strong within your core energy
  • Receive insight and  messages from emotions
  • Enhances your intuition and presence in daily life
  • Practicing more surrender to the light flowing through and grounding  – this is what it means to allow source to work through you!

I’m working on creating a series of videos for my customers explaining and demonstrating this practice, so that this can be available for you to buy online. Step 1 is now a requirement of all customers to practice.

How Is This Delivered: Over Zoom if you are calling from abroad/In Person from the clinic in London.

How Long to Deliver: 10 sessions, one session per week

Who Is This For? 

Anyone who needs more one on one treatment with me, has a mental health diagnosis, struggles to relax and let go, anyone wishing to process and release trapped emotions or trauma.

Pre Requisite: Reconnect to Source Energy and Centre within Your Heart.

Who Is This Not For: Anyone with a current diagnosis of a mental health problem, psychosis, or who has never done any therapy. It may be too overwhelming for you. It would be better if you had a 1 on 1 consultation with me first. Get in touch via the contact page to book a free 15 minute conversation with me.

How to Book:

Please click on the calender below to select a time to speak with me about this.  I am so looking forward to connecting with you!