Living Practically in 3D Programme


  • Are you not seeing results or following through on your priorities to complete your soul mission?
  • Do you find yourself running late for appointments more often than not, or missing them, and people complaining to you about this, or you are missing opportunities as a result? Does it take ages to get ready in the morning?
  • Feel like you have to do x and y before you can do z, and it’s delaying you?
  • Forgotten what arrangements you have made with whom on what days, or do you find yourself double booked?
  • Struggling to find things in your home, bumping into boxes or furniture getting in your way or embarrassed to invite people or clients to your home without doing a massive tidy up?
  • Overflowing paperwork in an intray or stuffed into drawers or wardrobes, needing to spend hours looking for important documents such as passports etc?
  • Losing or have you lost important documents e.g. passport, birth certificate, driving license?
  • Are you finances in a mess, unsure of what your income or expenditure is,  never sure if you have enough money in your account to pay for bills, or treats?
  • Struggling to make use of key areas in your home such as your kitchen or bathroom?
  • Are you not reviewing your progress towards completing your soul mission?

If you answered yes to any of the above then it seems like you could do with getting organised with the help of this programme! You may need some assistance with living in this 3rd dimension. Being organised with living in and taking action in this dimension will support your soul mission, instead of interfering or getting in the way.

Clear, Create and Maintain!

My Journey – My learning

Throughout my journey I became aware that if I didn’t have certain systems and routines in place in my time management, home, paperwork and financial management, then my daily life became much more heavy, slower and unmanageable. Simple tasks were a real effort! Over the years I designed a series of steps which have allowed living my daily life with greater ease, less time wasting looking for things round the home or taking ages to get ready and organise my life. It’s also an essential part of being grounded and living in this heavy denser energies of the 3rd dimension, and there are certain routines your body needs as well in order to function optimally. In future, many of these ways of organising our lives will change but until then – if you want to actualise and manifest change into your life – I recommend you take the Living Practically In 3D. That way, when change happens fast in life, you can adapt fast, because you already have systems in place to allow you to respond quickly to whatever new comes into your life – a new career, love, money or other opportunities!

This Programme

Which is where the 3 steps – Clear, Create and Maintain come in for each section of this programme. Any new habits and routines you learn in any of my programmes will easily slot into your life if you have the basics or organisation in place. In each section of this programme you will clear out what is hindering you physically, create systems that support you to live with ease in your daily life and maintain that level of organisation quickly and effortlessly.

Perfect Accompaniment

This programme is ideally accompanied by Step 8 – Magical Mission Manifestation! As it allows you to prioritise what are the most important things in your life you wish to achieve for your whole life, this year, this season and this month. And how to break this down step by step and across all areas of your life.


Energetically Clear Your Home Environment

We start with clearing your home energetically. If you have not cleared the energy of your home you will still be feeling the effects of previous owners/tenants energies or dead souls who have not left the building within the energy of your home blending in with your energy, creating confusion. You will receive:

  • Energetic clearing of your home and installation of guardians at the key exit points of your home
  • Learn how to keep your energy and your home’s energy clear on a regular basis to avoid a a build up of negative energies again
  • Around 1 hour. Can be done in person at your home or remotely.

Functional Home Environment

Unless your home is energetically clear, tidy and functional  – living in your home could really drain your energy and prevent you moving forward in your soul mission. If the boiler is not working how will you easily shower and wash your dishes? If you have boxes lying in the pathway of walking round your home you will bump into it and this will slow you down. Similarly if you don’t have regular systems to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your belongings you might need to do more repairs than necessary. You will learn and receive:

  • Learn how to declutter each room step by step without overwhelm
  • Rearrange furniture for the flow of energy to move through your home more easily
  • Create spaces for key items in your home that you will use regularly
  • Learn how to maintain and clean your home, and hit the reset button at the end of each day, week and change in season so that you don’t allow clutter to build up again
  • Repair and recycle systems
  • Receive templates of key items needed for each room and their functions e.g. key equipment needed in a kitchen
  • Incorporate cleaning and maintaining routines within your calender, including eco friendly products
  • Useful to do in person so I can assist and get you started – 2 hour session

Time Management

Unless you get make time to action the guidance you have received on fulfilling your soul mission it will not manifest. Neither will actioning things happen with ease if you miscalculate how long it will take to complete a task (running behind schedule), get to a location (late for meetings) or know when it’s time to move on to the next task without a reminder (losing track of time). Being in the flow is great and there need to be parameters. You will learn:

  • When is the optimum time of day to completing your key action points to moving forward
  • Build in time in your calendar to action steps, and to keep balance in all areas of life
  • How to handle distractions and interruptions, to get back in track quickly – or when these are signs to adjust your path
  • Create a routine to plan your week regularly
  • Easily identify at a glance what you are doing when on your calender
  • Be on time for yourself and for others, never miss an appointment
  • Build in time for review and fun!

Handling Paperwork & Important Documents

When I was a little girl I lived in an international family which meant that whenever we went on holiday somewhere someone would invariably need to apply for a visa which meant having important documents to hand such as passports and bank statements readily available to provide to the appropriate authorities. Unfortunately in my home there was no proper paper management system so we would spend up to 5 hours searching for passports, as my parents had a tendency to stuff all paperwork into large bin liners that were crammed into the back of wardrobes (a frantic tidy up before guests arrived in a bid to keep up a respectable appearance). That time could have been better spent socialising and having fun together as a family! This is just an example of how being disorganised in your paperwork can impact your life. In this module you will learn and receive:

  • How to sort through and declutter paperwork which is out of date and no longer needed to be kept in a file
  • What paperwork no longer needs to be kept as paperwork, could be kept digitally, thereby reducing your environmental footprint
  • Create systems for holding paperwork on bank accounts, important documents such as passports, birth certificates, bills and work related/CV information, your personal development plans as well as information about your home and its key appliances and warranties.
  • Create an office space conducive to easily processing incoming mail, prioritising action on paperwork, filing, shredding and recycling paperwork.
  • Create routines for regularly handling paperwork and maintaining computer equipment to avoid build up/repairs.

Managing Your Finances

Money is energy. When we do not know how to manage our finances we do not know how to manage our energy. How to manage the ebb and flow of income and expenses. This puts you in a weak position to handle life’s changing circumstances, emergencies or unexpected opportunities to invest in exciting new experiences or venture which would allow you to pursue and fulfill your soul mission easily and effortlessly.  In this module you will learn and receive:

  • How to get clear on what is your income and expenses.
  • Discover whether you are breaking even or not, the state of your debts (if you have any) and whether you have some basic structures in place in case of an emergency.
  • Create systems that will allow you to pay your bills and build savings on auto pilot
  • What % of money to have set aside in case of emergencies, and what insurances to have in place
  • What % of money to dedicate to each area of life so you are nourishing each area with the energy of money
  • Create a plan for prioritising the most urgent repayments of  debts and creating more income
  • Day to day strategies for managing spending, keeping focused on your priorities and goals
  • A karmic and quantum clearing on money is recommended, and is separate to this module. For more information go here.

Get Organised for a Healthy Lifestyle


Leading a healthy lifestyle for you allows you to have the energy to take action in life with gusto, enthusiasm and stamina to keep following through on your goal to fulfill your soul mission. If you feel exhausted through lack of sleep, eating on the go, or not being able to find time for exercise your health will suffer, and get in the way of enjoying life. In this module you will learn and receive:

  • Clear unhealthy foods from your home and replace them with  a stock of healthier options
  • Clear your bedroom ready for a good sleep environment and implement good prepping for sleep routines
  • Templates of staple foods to have in cupboards and shopping lists
  • Ideas for the cheapest places to get organic food that comes unpackaged
  • Create routines for doing regular food shopping and batch cooking to save time preparing meals
  • Create time for the appropriate exercise
  • Include healthy routines into your calendar
  • The importance of building in fun into your life
  • Monitor progress in your health

Delivery of This Programme


You can purchase these modules as a whole programme.

Delivery of these modules will happen mainly through Zoom and online videos. You will receive videos of how to implement changes, calls to answer questions, and to help start you off on implementing the systems of these modules. If you find you are struggling to implement these changes then more additional programmes may be needed, for example Emotional and Mental Release (for letting go of belongings with memories attached to them), or for activating your more masculine action taking energies. You will receive a video before each call to watch and take action on before the call. It will be useful to have a handheld computer or device with which to move around in your home to show me your setup.

Please note – any recommendations of equipment to purchase in any of these modules – is not included in the price of the programme. You will need to make any additional necessary purchases in order to complete the process of setting up systems in place in your home. I will endeavour to offer the most affordable solutions.

Wondering If This Is For You?

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