Activate Your Divine DNA Blueprint

Divine Angelic Human DNA template blueprint

You Are An Angelic Being!

The activation of our DNA template divine seed blueprints is a critical step in the process of ascension and in scientific terms DNA is a molecule of heredity, a nucleic acid located in cells that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of living organisms.

To have all 12 strands activated means to embody your Angelic Human Self! All humans, whether Starseeds or Earthseeds have the potential to reclaim their divine blueprint. At the moment  this is surpressed for the majority of people on this planet.

Scientists acknowledge that we currently only use 3% of our 2 strand DNA.

The rest of the DNA is still thought as “junk” in scientific means. However, the science is slowly getting nearer and nearer in understanding the roles of this DNA regarded earlier as “junk”.

12 Strand DNA Activation and energy healing help restore your DNA strands, restoring your original Divine blueprint to the highest frequency holding potential which in turn expands your consciousness to it’s fullest ability.

The 12 Strand Diamond Sun DNA Template is the potential encoded in human DNA which allows humans to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness.

For the Indigo’s and Starseed’s various templates exist, allowing 12 to 48 dimensions of consciousness.

Beyond the 12 strand DNA activation we have the Golden DNA Activation, which is the 12 subharmonics and 12 overtones of each DNA strand activated.

 And beyond the Golden DNA strand activation we have the Galactic DNA activations! This is where we connect with our galactic consciousness beyond our time matrix!

For more information on the steps to take to go through these activations please check out the instructions below:


What are the steps to take to reclaim your Divine Blueprint?

Step 1 – Ensure your chakras have been unified and the false kundalini (reptilian ties) have been removed. I can do this for you. Just click on the heading for more information on this procedure and why this is necessary.

Step 2 – Ensure all JSeals removed – these are plugs that block the DNA from fully expressing, so even if you have had a 12 strand DNA activation most people are not experiencing the full benefit as the Jehovian Annunaki Seals have not been removed before the activation. I can remove these for you. Just click on the heading of this paragraph for more information and why this is necessary.

Step 3 – 12 strand DNA Activation. Click on the heading of this paragraph for more information.

Step 4 – Golden DNA Activation. Click on the heading of this paragraph for more information.

Step 5 – Galactivation! Light code transmission to upgrade your DNA! Click on the heading of this paragraph for more information. This is also useful for people who have a Nephilim Soul attachment which requires a DNA upgrade to leave.

Step 6 – Covid Vaccine Reversal programme. This is specifically for those people who had a bad reaction to the vaccine, and are looking to reverse the effects.


Wondering How Much of Your Divine DNA is Activated?

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