Galactic Human DNA Activation

The Gateway Systems Activating the Galactic Human

The “Gateway Systems” are intergalactic, healing and upgrading systems, that have recently returned to us. They work at the quantum level, through the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. All cells have a parallel cell. When the Gateway Energy is fed into the parallel cell, this creates a Supercell as they are entangled at the quantum level, the energy pushes all negativity out of the cell, restoring it to perfect health. These systems also contain galactic encoding, and also DNA codes from other realities, all working together with one purpose, to restore, realign, and upgrade us to the faster/ higher frequencies of Light, in line with our current evolution. One of the main purposes for these attunements is to activate our dormant star being DNA, to bring into being the new GALACTIC HUMAN.

Where are the Light Codes Coming From?

The Gateway System has been given to us by the Avatars of Light. It is the basis of All Systems and many higher energies. It is woven into the Etheric Fabric of All the Universes, it infiltrates the Etheric levels, and it’s energy aligns with the Golden Crystal Gate, the Diamond Gate, and Solar Gate. Many Quartz crystals contain this energy. The star galaxies who are currently delivering their DNA light codes are: Lyra, Sirius, Pleides (my own connection),  and Andromeda, Antares, Excel, Isis, and Pegasus (attuned). 

How I Have Been Attuned to Transmit the Galactic Human DNA Light Codes to You

The energy itself, comes to us through the Stellar Gateway Portal of Light. The keycodes that are contained within the downloads that Kira, who attuned me, were embedded in my energy field, and opened cleared and activated my Stellar Gateway Chakra, and my Ascension Chakra ( located at the base of the skull) which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness, enabling me to transmit this Divine Frequency to others. All the attunements were done through Kira except for Lyra, Sirius and Pleides with which I made my own connection, and these are my home galactic origins. I am also making my own connection with the other Gateway Energy Systems independently of Kira now. The Stellar Gateway is a portal of Light which connects us with our Divine Source. When fully opened and activated, it opens a Cosmic Doorway to All the Light Realms, enabling us to assimilate the Light Codes of all other Solar Logos. It enhances communication with Enlightened Beings, and harnesses the energy of the ’12’ Cosmic Rays. In short it is a powerful Intergalactic Portal.

How Does the Energy Work?


There are 7 specific functions of the Gateway Energy that you will be receiving, and here is what I was told about these 7. The initial energy that a person receives, will seek out their weaknesses, tears in the fabric of their energy bodies, in order to seal them ( the energy itself is the Assessor). So…

  • 1st Function, is comprised of the Assessment only.
  • 2nd Function, is about identifying the Genome, and re-arranging genetic material.
  • 3rd Function, comprises of rescuing lost Dna from the Etheric strands, and re-integrating it.
  • 4th Function, revolves around the replacement of dysfunctional Dna.
  • 5th Function, is about re-invigorating the strands by injecting new codes into them. It installs new Star Technology, to instigate a New System entirely.
  • 6th Function, is about finalizing important structural changes to support the new template.
  • 7th Function, revolves around re-uniting all our stellar systems ( our Galactic energy systems), and transforming them into ONE WHOLE Module.

How many attunements are required?

It may of course require a number of attunements from a Galactic Human Activator like myself, in order to fully carry out these functions. I recommend a 6 sessions back to back on a weekly basis, thereafter once a month to keep abreast of the fast moving planetary changes we are all going through. Please note that these functions apply to ALL the GATEWAY SYSTEMS, i,e Lyra, Sirius Pleiedes, Orion, Andromeda, Antares, Auriga, Excel, Genesis, Isis, Merka, and Pegasus. However, functions 5 to 7 will apply to only those systems which the Master Activators have themselves received. One of the main purposes for these attunements is to activate our dormant star being DNA, to bring into being the new GALACTIC HUMAN.

For Those of You Who Have A Nephilim Soul Contract:

A Nephilim Soul Contract means you have another soul residing within your body. You have agreed prior to this incarnation that you will assist it with its ascension, with its development including activating and developing more strands of DNA. This is because the Nephilim soul has insufficient strands of DNA, and wishes to develop the ideal number – 12. Therefore the Gateway energies’ DNA treatment would be beneficial to both you and your Nephilim soul, helping you both to upgrade. When you have your energy check doen we can check how many sessions you need to achieve this.

How Much of Your DNA is Activated?

If you would like to find out just book a free 15 minute conversation with me to find out. Just use my calender boking system below to book your appointment with me, happening over Zoom.