Clearing Psychic Attack and Creating a Mirror Shield

15 dimensional psychic shield over aura

Mirror Shield Session

The Mirror Shield Session is a powerful, reflective shield that is designed to shield and protect your aura from all sorts of negative energies and other negative influences.

It has been designed to not only protect you, but also send back all forms of negative energies directly back to the original sender, without any form of karmic debt being added to you.

One of the most important aspects about what we deal with on a daily basis as spiritual beings, is the constant force of negative energies and influences that come from not only the astral realm, but also in our 3D physical matrix reality as well.

When the mirror shield is activated around your aura, all forms of negative energies or influences will have no affect on you.

Effects of A Psychic Attack

These energies if allowed to interact with the auric field have the ability to create other issues for you, including the shutting down of chakras one by one, which tends to happen when you are surrounded by negative energies in your environment.

These various types of negative energies have the ability to manipulate our energy fields, creating all sorts of energetic distortions that create discordance and other things in our energetic and even the physical body and gives the sender or senders the ability to dramatically affect you from being attacked by them.

There are many forms of negative energies and influences, such as black magic and voodoo magic being two of the most widely used forms of negative energies to intentionally send to a client, simply by ritual format or through intention alone.

It is very important to understand that intention is energy and energy whether positive or negative can be manipulated in various ways in order to affect someone in a good or bad way.

Even just by thinking about what someone wants to do to another person, they are projecting the intention of what they want to happen and through the source of those energies, activates the intention that is being created and directed onto the client.

This is also known as a psychic attack. Psychic attacks can be something that happens knowingly, or unknowingly by a person. They don’t even have to know how to perform any type of black or voodoo magic. If one wants to project hate and other negative energies onto someone, they can do it just by their own intent.

Psychic Attack Through Forms of Magic

Through the use of these forms of magic, one has the ability to attach curses, spells, hexes, malevolent intentions and other forms of negative influences onto you as the affected person.

Once you been affected by these forms of magic, they act as a marker or point of reference to allow the sender to continue to affect you as long as these energies are still within your fields.

Think of it as a trojan horse, which is a virus on a computer or electronic device. The trojan horse is sent in first by the creator or downloaded and run as a program which then begins to affect the computer according to how the trojan horse was created. (call this black/voodoo magic)

This then allows the creator to attach various forms of backdoors (curses, spells, hexes, etc) that change the way the programming of the trojan horse works and functions.

What Will the Mirror Shield Do For You?

The Mirror Shield will deflect all forms of these negative energies by sending them back to the original sender or senders in order to allow them to be afflicted by their own energy attacks.

The Mirror Shield Session will not only create an impenetrable forcefield around you, but it also clears out all forms of:

  • Negative energies
    * Imprints
    * Attachments
    * Malevolent intentions
    * Actions
    * Words
    * All black magic/voodoo energies
    * Past life curses
    * Incarnated curses
    * Oaths
    * Bonds
    * Spells
    * Hexes
    * Soul ties
    * Consents
    * Contracts
    * Vows
    * Ties
    * Manipulations
    * Emotional and mental abuse
    * Black magician grids
    * Negative forms/voodoo dolls
    * Black magician/sorcery
    * Black magic forcefields
    * NET static fields.

Can the Mirror Shield Be Dismantled?

This is a permanent shielding, but as with any form of energetic shielding, if there are multiple practitioners working to break down the shield, it can be dismantled.

They will scan your energy fields for a shield. If is one is present they will begin attacking it.

If they are not able to dismantle it, they will call in the assistance of multiple practitioners to help destroy the shield. It is for this reason that I do not provide the exact type of energy that is being used to create the shield. (being able to name the type of energy makes it easier to destroy, dismantle, desecrate, etc.)

The Mirror Shield Session is a one-time applied session, but it is permanently infused over your aura. If there are multiple attackers that the we are not made aware of and the shield is destroyed, until those attackers stop, re-applying the shield may be senseless until the initial problem has been dealt with or the practitioners have moved on to someone else.

It is important to also understand that this session is based on ascension-based energies with which are designed to raise your vibrational frequency, expand your consciousness and allow you to overcome the lower vibrational energies so that you are less affected by them.

When our vibration is lower, our auric field resonates with lower vibrational energies. This creates holes in the auric field which allow the various lower vibrational energies to affect us in many ways.

When our vibration is higher, our auric field does not resonate with the lower vibration energies and instead of being affected by them, the energies will just bounce off of your auric field.

This is ultimately the goal. To raise your frequency high enough that you will no longer resonate with the lower vibrational energies. It will take approximately 3 – 4 months to fully integrate and process the energies that you will be receiving daily via your Higher Self.

Beyond the Mirror Shield Session

Trauma, loss or accidents can make our aura more vulnerable or susceptible to being psychically attacked. Many people have experienced mental or emotional issues prior to or after a psychic attack like psychosis, anxiety, depression. After the mirror shield session I recommend you have a course of therapy or personal development treatment for any unresolved issues you may have in life. Creating healthier boundaries in life with yourself and people in your life will strengthen your auric (spiritual energy) field. Therefore having the mirror shield session is not a replacement for therapy or medical interventions by your doctor.

Interested? Want to Speak With Me About Having This Session?

To check if you have been psychically attacked you can book to speak with me briefly by booking a 15 minute conversation below. If, after speaking I feel there is a need to investigate further I will invite to do a more full assessment.