Soul Karmic Clearing Session – Accessing Your Akashic Records

Is this You?

  • Repeating same patterns or behaviour over and over?
  • It’s sabotaging your life, relationships, your health?
  • You’re not getting anywhere in life or you are not manifesting your goals?
  • Having money problems? Overspending or consistently losing money or always poor?
  • Have a strange attraction to someone who turns out to be toxic or abusive in relationship to you?
  • Had a love relationship but cannot let go?
  • Blocked Inner Child?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then this session would be right for you! Here’s more information about it.

Your Soul Has Accumulated Karma Over Many Lifetimes

In my experience people accumulate problems over many lifetimes on earth, and other lives in other galaxies and dimensions, and the key is to clear the issue when it was first created. When we clear the feelings and negative programming from the first time it was installed into the soul record, then all subsequent reinforcing events are removed simultaneously – like pushing the first domino it knocks all the rest down. I have never experienced such fast and deep results using these methods with either myself or my customers.

There are three levels of karma to clear – personal (what your soul accumulates), ancestral (what your family accumulates), and galactic (what you accumulate as a starseed in other time matrixes, galaxies, dimensions). Often I am clearing karma for starseeds beyond our 15 dimensional time matrix.

The other (mental/emotional) therapies are fantastic but really appropriate for later stages of transformation or working concurrently with an akashic/soul record and energy field clearing.

Information About the Session

The initial foundational session is 2-3 hours long and is conducted from a distance. You receive an audio recording report of the session via email. During the time of the session you can go about your day as normal, except I ask not to drive vehicles or operate heavy machinery, as occasionally you may need to process emotions coming up.

Subsequent sessions usually take around 1 hour, and can focus on themes of your choice e.g. releasing ex love relationships, money and abundance issues, breaking bad habits.

Would you like to know how much karma you have to clear?

Book a free appointment below to find out and to speak with me about whether this session is suitable for you, and what situation you are dealing with.