Regret Taking the Covid Vaccine? Is this You?

  • Had a bad reaction to the covid vaccine?
  • Nervous system/Neurological damage/ Shaking limbs?
  • Organ failures?
  • Still caught Covid despite several jabs and booster?
  • Sick with unexplained health problems for months on end and the doctors don’t know why?
  • If you meditated before, are you unable to meditate now?
  • If you had a spiritual connection to your Guides or your Higher Self have you lost that connection?


If you answered yes to any of the above then this programme is for you! 

For those of you who regret taking the Covid vaccines I have developed a protocol for reversing the effects in the drop in consciousness and the artificial implants, chips and seals placed on your energy (spiritual) light body.

You will still need to take action additionally to address the impact on your mental, emotional and physical body, as the best results come from taking a multi dimensional approach. In no way take any information on this page as medical guidance, and what you decide to do with the information is at your own discretion. Feel into your Heart and check in with what is best for you, what resonates for you!

Mental and Emotional Recommendations – best ones are body based therapies that work on unresolved and unprocessed trauma and rewiring/resetting your nervous system out of fight/flight/freeze state. Also, as part of the unplug from the matrix session, you may have to deal with growing awareness of how the world is run, how much information has been hidden from the mainstream media, so you may have to go through a grieving process as you realise how corrupt and dysfunctionally our planet has been run by dysfunctional and emotionally stunted (and in some case psychopathic) leaders. It’s time to reclaim your own power and sovereignty and be your own LEADER!

Physical Body and Lifestyle Recommendations – detox and cleanse including heavy metal cleansing as vaccines contain a lot of heavy metals. Changing your daily routine to adapt to the circadian rhythm of the planet, eating healthy for you (everyone is different), sleeping properly and enough, and the right exercise for you (everyone is different). To know what is the best approach for you I recommend you employ a proper functional medicine doctor who will also run blood tests to create  a bespoke plan for you, plus someone who has been a personal trainer to advise on the right exercise for you.

The best people will also help you develop and tweak a plan for you for the rest of your life, so you can adapt to the changing stages of your life and health.

My Spiritual Energy Clearing Protocol:

  •  1 x 1 hour Soul Retrieval
  • 1 x 1 hour Chakra Unification and Reptilian Kundalini Removal
  • 1 x 2 hour Unplug from the Matrix Session, remove AI and alien chips, implants, seals
  • 6-10 sessions x Gateway Energy sessions designed to:
  • Activate/Repair Damaged DNA – depends on whether you have a human or non-human soul:
  • Non human soul/Starseeds: At least activate/repair 36+ strands of DNA = 6 sessions of the Gateway Energies. 
  • Human souls: At least activate up to/repair 36+ strands of DNA = 10+ sessions of the Gateway energies, depending on how many strands of DNA you already have activated. Most humans are operating at only 3 – 3.5 strands activated.

How to Check If You Have a Human or Non Human Soul?

Since everyone is at different stages of consciousness and clarity in their energy field I will be doing an energy assessment check on you first to determine exactly how many sessions of the Gateway Energies you will need as well as what type of soul you have – human or non human.

Non – human souls tend to have a minimum of 12 strands of DNA activated, whereas most humans are operating at only 3 – 3.5 strands activated. You need less sessions because you were naturally born with more strands of your  DNA activated compared to human souls due to most of your DNA having been shut down by the Matrix around the planet and the many implants and overlays placed on your energy field. Most non human soul or starseeds have at least 6 strands activated at birth, and activate more as they grow up. You will either have a 12/24/48 strand DNA template depending on what generation of Starseed you were born in.


How Will the Sessions Be Delivered?

Distant healing sessions weekly over Zoom if paying upfront or monthly if paying by installments. When you book your programme you will receipt a confirmation receipt, receive a welcome pack and agreement form within 24 hours and be asked for a set day and time that you wish your weekly appointments to take place. You will then have your first appointment booked in over Zoom.


Unsure Whether to Go Ahead?

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