Removing Astral Body, Preventing Psychic Attack

25D Astral Body Removal Session Conducted By My Teacher

(The following are in his own words)

The astral body… Do you even really know what it is?

The astral body is an exact replica of the physical body but it is essentially composed of finer matter. It is the link between the nervous system and the cosmic reservoir of energy and corresponds to what many are known as out-of-body experiences (OOBEs).

The astral body, said to be the instrument of passions, emotions, and desires, it interpenetrates and extends beyond the physical body.

When the astral body separates from the physical body during sleep, or by the influence of drugs or even an accident, it takes with it the capacity for feeling and only with its return can pain or any other such phenomena be felt.

However, that is what we have been taught to know about the astral body. But, there is something far more sinister that is tied to this aspect of us that has the ability to affect our lives in a myriad of ways.

What if I told you that we have been programmed and taught to think of the astral body as this “wonderful body double” of the physical body that can access higher dimensional realms, visit mystery schools and other places while we sleep?

What if I told that that in actuality, the astral body is actually an implanted, conjured body that has been imposed upon us at birth and has been designed to trap and force you to go into the astral realms while you are sleeping where you can become heavily affected by all of the different types of nasty beings that inhabit this realm?

That’s right..


How many bodies do you think we are actually meant to have?

Most are aware of this concept. The physical body, the spiritual body and the astral body.

The astral body is actually a decoy.

The reality is, we actually have TWO bodies. The physical and the spiritual body. The spiritual body is where our soul essence is hosted and is made up of 3 sub bodies:

The Mental/Intellectual Aspect
The Emotional/Intuitive Aspect
The Creative/Sexual Aspect

These 3 aspects together create an electromagnetic field or auric field around the body.

No, you DO NOT need an astral body to astral travel or project into other realms. That is what we have been “taught” to know and understand.

This is completely false. Your Spirit Body/Soul can actually bi-locate to many different places at once. It can travel at thought speed and can travel through time and dimensions in an instant!

It usually keeps 50% of itself with the Earth body while it goes out on its travels, BUT it can manage the body with only 5% if necessary.

What many do not realize is, the astral body is responsible for a lot of problems in our lives as it connects us not only in sleep, but in waking consciousness (as many have the ability to access this body in waking consciousness) and this escalates anxiety, fear and dread energies into terror, which the astral beings (and others) cultivate and feast off of.

It is a place where you are more vulnerable and can be abducted easier.

It is easier to manipulate, use and abuse us when we go there! This realm is extremely creepy, vile and nasty.

There are so many things that can be placed upon us while we are in the astrals.

When your astral body comes back into your physical body, those distortions and other things that have been placed upon your astral body, begins to integrate into your physical and spiritual bodies and can have long-lasting and VERY deep affects in your life.

Not only that, but there are many of us that actually have more than one astral body. I’ve seen clients have as many as 25 astral bodies.

Removing the astral body benefits:

– No more attacks at night while you sleep
– No more waking up with scratches, marks or finger prints
– No more being able access you while you sleep for information
– No more abductions while you sleep
– No more tiredness when you wake up
– No more feeling like you are working all night
– No more tossing and turning and restless sleep
– Wake up instantly
– No longer groggy and lost feeling
– No longer waking up confused
– and much more!

One thing that separated myself from many other beings is that for quite some time, I have not had an astral body.

I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time why many people around the world suffer and experience what they do while they are sleeping, including my own family, but I never personally experienced any of what others do.

I spent a lot of time doing extensive research within my own fields to determine that one of the major pieces of what I don’t have, compared to what others do… Is, an astral body.

Later on I realized that my astral body was removed by the higher dimensional beings that I was training with, without my knowledge to protect me from the astral realm, where I would have been deeply affected in the same way as others, and not be able to do what I came here to do in this lifetime.

It is for this reason, and the increased levels of psychic attacks that my own personal family had been experiencing during sleep, that I was able to determine exactly what I had or didn’t have, that they did or didn’t possess.

This led me into creating this amazing session, utilizing the 25D energies of Ashtar Command and all of the amazing Divine beings associated with them and it is one of the most vital sessions you will want to receive.

Ever since removing the astral bodies of my family (and they had in excess of 7 or more astral bodies) the amazing levels of sleep they are experiencing is off the charts!

It used to be a chore to wake up my kids in the morning, why?

Because while they were sleeping, their astral bodies were stuck out in the astral realm and this takes time for your body and consciousness to recover and come back to you and when it does, you are heavily disoriented and sometimes have no idea where you are, because of what you were experiencing in the astrals, regardless if you were consciously aware or not.

This then forces you to almost go into a catatonic-like state where you want to lay back down and fall asleep because you are exhausted.

As if you were running a marathon or trying to get away from something in your sleep that was trying to hurt you. In hind sight, that is probably what was happening.

Since removing their astral bodies, waking my family up is literally instantaneous. They do not suffer from disorientation, or exhaustion. They are ready to go right away and this makes their days so much easier and more fulfilling!

Once your astral body (or bodies) have been removed from you, they can never be placed back onto you.

If you suffer from insomnia and psychic attacks at night while you sleep, and you wake up with weird marks, scratches or other things on your body, that are simply unexplainable, this session is definitely one you want to receive right away.

The 25D Astral Body Removal session is a 1 hour session and requires you to be laying down on your back with your eyes closed.

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