Clear Your Soul Records and Energetic Field

Is This You?

  • Are you plagued by negative thoughts or feelings persistently?
  • Have you experienced a psychic attack or a physical attack or serious accident?
  • Do you still keep thinking of someone and you want to release your attachment to this person, or their attachment to you?
  • Selfsabotaging in life, relationships, career, money or in other areas?
  • Feeling stuck in life, or cannot seem to move forward on certain goals?
  • Feeling exhausted or having health problems the doctors cannot find a root cause for?

Clearing soul records means clearing your akashic/soul records, and clearing up your aura and energetic field, allowing you to be free from these unhealthy energies, which are usually other people’s energies projected on to you, or issues carried over from past lives.

Why It’s Important to Start Any Therapy With Clearing Your Soul Records/Akashic Records

I have tried and experimented with countless therapies over 15 years from psychotherapy, to traditional Reiki (before 2014-2020 massive upgrades), Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, acupuncture, exercise, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis. All worked at varying degrees of success or depth, but none went to the root causes like the methods I use, Spiritual Response Therapy, Energetic Neurolinguistic Programming and Quantum Psionics. This is because the earlier methods I mentioned above work more on the lower energetic levels – mental, emotional, and physical, and NOT on the root causes – which occur on the soul frequency or energetic level. Also, the previous methods might only work on discrete events or situations in life. However, in my experience people accumulate problems over many lifetimes, and the key is to clear the issue when it was first created. When we clear the feelings and negative programming from the first time it was installed into the soul record, then all subsequent reinforcing events are removed simultaneously – like pushing the first domino it knocks all the rest down. I have never experienced such fast and deep results using these methods with either myself or my customers. The other therapies are fantastic but really appropriate for later stages of transformation or working concurrently with an akashic/soul record clearing. For more information about my experiences with this clearing system please check out the personal and testimonial videos below.


Akashic Record/Soul Record and Womb Blessing Testimonial

“I had my first ever Akashic Records Clearing session with Natasha not long ago. (May 2018) I was amazed by the amount of details that came out from the session. Natasha was incredible at keeping up with the way the clearing unfolded. She is very thorough and highly professional; I felt in good hands throughout the session as she left no stone unfolded, revisiting where needed to be. Moreover, Natasha checked up on me afterwards to see how I was doing and was ready to answer few questions I had after the session and even revisit some of the charts in order to solve some symptoms I had.  I felt beyond well looked after, I was able to make the most out of the session and, still now, enjoying the benefits. I highly recommended Natasha as she is an highly passionate light-worker and a wonderful Soul.

I feel much lighter in my heart, happier just to be who I am. Grateful for the challenges that my soul has chosen to face in this lifetime. I now have a clearer connection to spirit and more awareness of nature around me!! I’m also more wary of creating boundaries with others when it’s needed to; without the 3D programming of fear behind it. I feel emotionally stronger on a way. Of course I still have my ups and downs, but now I feel I can look at them from a more detached and therefore peaceful prospective”

~ Pina

My Experience of Clearing My Karma

A series of Youtube videos of my experiences:


  • Feeling calmer and more peaceful within
  • Going more with flow, less resistance to changes in life
  • Attracting more quality people into your life
  • Thinking more clearly, feeling less triggered or emotional about previous issues or situations
  • Being clearer about your purpose, your soul mission in life
  • Feeling calmer around people with whom you had challenging relationships with, or being able to let people go
  • Fears or anxieties, or low mood improving or being released altogether.

1 session creates basic foundational clearing, thereafter an additional 3 sessions to work on specific issues of your choice e.g. soul mission/career, love life, relationships with family or friends, general wellbeing.

How Sessions Are Delivered?

Clearing your soul records and energy field is best done for me from a distance and you do not need to be present online. In fact I work better and quicker when I have that quiet space to really focus. A summary of your session will be sent to you as an audio recording to your email address. I will typically do your session during the time slot you choose, but sessions do not always follow the time allocated, I once did a session that took 5 hours! However, I aim to get your audio recording to you within 48 hours (not including weekends). You will be given the opportunity to discuss the results with me over the phone/Zoom, if you have questions. Follow up work to assist you with integration of the energy changes is included free of charge afterwards. Most integration requires around 1 week. Best results around 4 sessions.

Exceptions to delivery of sessions – if my Higher Self after communicating with your Higher Self feels like an in person session (or over Zoom) is required I will be in touch.

This step is one of the key steps behind the 8 step system I created to fufill your soul mission. All clients working with Soul Mission on a package programme will be recommended to have the basic foundational clearing session whilst working on any other programmes.

How to Book Sessions

To book choose one of the options below, either a single session or a 4 session installment plan. The installment plan is more cost effective but you pay over a longer period of time. Once you choose this will take you to a registration page, then payment. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking, please check all folders in your emails. If you book the installment plan you will get 4 codes with which to book your clearing sessions. I recommend leaving 2 weeks in between booking sessions to give you a chance to integrate the energies. Which means you will receive your 4 sessions within a 2 month period. Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact page.



What you receive with each optionOption 1.
4 Session Package Programme - Upfront Payment Includes discount
Option 2.
4 Session Package Programme - Installment Plan
Clear basic main themes and challenges in life.YesYes
Upgrade and clear the consciousness of your Higher SelfYesYes
Delete main karmic programmes, and associated feelings, past/future lives, and forgiveness.YesYes
Delete negative thought forms, entities, energies, discarnates, separates, psychic wounds (psychic attacks), closing unhealthy portals to other dimensions.YesYes
Free your inner child from childhood negative projections from family or significant caregivers.YesYes
Checking the body to optimise nutrition, health and well-being. Checking organs and glands, toxicology, meridians.YesYes
Clearing other blocks e.g. vows, spiritual contracts, curses, DNA, negative emotional imprints.YesYes
Removing spiritual blocks or unwillingness to creating change in life, re establishing connection to SPIRIT and your High Self YesYes
Advice from SPIRIT on how to change your lifeYesYes
Tools to keep your energy field clear and creating a daily shieldYesYes
Love Life: Clear negative feelings towards the opposite gender, towards romantic/intimate relationships, and to specific current or past relationships. Releases past life karma in the relationships, cord removal, making peace with the twin flame relationship.YesYes
Work and Career: Clear past life karma, and negative energies on this area of life, and work relationships.YesYes
Money: clearing negative relationship with money, abundance, poverty mindset and beliefs.YesYes
Option: Clearing on any area of your life.YesYes
Number of sessions:4 sessions over 6 hours. 1 x 3 hour session + 3 x 1 hour sessions.4 sessions over 6 hours. 1 x 3 hour session + 3 x 1 hour sessions.
Investment£600, paid upfront with £66 discount.£666, paid in installments.
3 months x £222
How Delivered:Session 1 only , sessions 2-4 are over zoom/in person.Session 1 audio recording sent via email, sessions 2-4 are over zoom/in person.
Booking LinkBooking Link