Hello beautiful people! If you are looking to get into alignment with your soul mission, your life purpose to make your contribution to global change on this planet then I really love the Be Do Have model created by Zig Ziglar to achieve your goals. I just put my own spiritual spin on it and look at it in a broader sense.  Let me explain….

In order to HAVE the results you want in life, you need to take action (DO) towards these goals, and in order to take action you need to BE the kind of person who would take action! Using an example: if your contribution towards the starseed revolution to change this world  is to have a yoga business where you teach people to become healthier, you would need to take action to get qualified as a yoga instructor and promote your business, but in order to take that action you would need to BE the person who is inspired to help people in this way, BE the yogi in your daily life and BE an entrepreneur who would take that action of having a yoga business.

The way I like to look at it is the BE in this context is to BE the inspiration. Where does the word inspiration come from? From latin inspirare (to breathe), and from spiritus (spirit), in the spiritual context. Meaning breathing in, receiving guidance from spirit, to BE, which is a feminine principle. This means allowing yourself to tap into what your heart and soul’s desire is, which is spirit’s desire also! It means surrendering to goddess/source/creatrix/spirit’s vision for you and your soul’s journey. For more on that (BEING) check out my upcoming event:

Reconnecting to Your Heart and Soul’s Desire for Magical Manifestation 

The DO in the BE DO HAVE model context I see as the dynamic masculine action-taking principle, an outward expression and movement of the will of spirit contained within you. That’s right, it’s about allowing the will of spirit/god/goddess/ source/creator/creatrix, whatever you want to call it, to MOVE through you with INSPIRATION! That’s the whole point of you being here, to allow divinity to flow through you and BE YOU to create heaven on earth. To create a starseed revolution of global change on this planet, through you, in your way, with your unique contribution. More on DOING in a separate upcoming b/vlog.

And let’s be clear, you do not have to be both a woman or a man for the principles of BE and DO to work. We all have elements of BE (female receptive energy) and DO (masculine dynamic energy) within each us in different proportions, we just need to create balance and know when to use them in the right contexts whilst respecting our personal gender. When we combine inspiration (BE) with (+) aligned action (DO) then we = CREATE or MANIFEST, i.e. we get results! But where I have seen myself not getting results or other people not getting results, guaranteed their BE or DO or both BE and DO is out of balance, out of alignment. Or people are getting the steps of the creating formula in the wrong order. More about that in a separate v/blog!

So bearing all that in mind, and having had plenty of experience using this formula this is why I created the Soul Mission Alignment Method, my 7 step system to assist myself and you with getting the results you want! By healing any imbalances within the creation/manifestation formula! If you are  interested in discovering where you are in your journey of getting a result in your soul mission please take advantage of the free breakthrough session I am offering, by clicking here:

Until next time, with much love,

Natasha xx