Reconnect to Your Heart and Soul’s Desire for Magical Manifestation!

New Moon Aquarius Manifestation Creation Class

Wednesday 2/2/2022 7.30 – 9PM GMT

  • Have you ever set your intentions but seen them fail?
  • Did you take massive action on your goals but still no results?
  • Took massive action, got to your goal but still felt unfulfilled?

Then this is an event to go to learn a key ingredient that most people are not taught! That is, to tap into your heart and soul’s TRUEST desire for you and your SOUL MISSION, your life’s purpose! The trouble with making decisions for New Year’s Resolutions is we often make them from a less helpful place, from the place of the mind, that THINKS it knows best, that RATIONALISES what makes SENSE to do. Sadly, it does not have the whole picture, like our hearts and souls, and as you all know, has a rather annoying tendency to overthink, overfear, overanalyse us into either paralysis of inaction, or overenthusiastic action on what matters LESS or what is not REALLY important to us in life.

So instead of going down the wrong path and  time has gone by,  weeks,  months, maybe years have gone by….how about going against the mainstream grain, and be facilitated to connect to your deepest self, to get the most real, authentic ideas, inspiration and guidance from your heart and soul?

I am inviting you to a class on the NEW MOON, at the pinnacle of the winter inner reflection season to do just that!

Learn how to:

  • Locate your heart and soul energetically and physically
  • Tap into your inner wisdom whenever you need to
  • The wisdom of the winter season and new moons
  • Release blocks, doubts or resistance to tapping into your inner wisdom
  • Start receiving messages from your heart and soul to inform your plans

During the evening I will take you through:

  • An energetic healing meditation to release blocks to connecting to your heart and soul
  •  An initiation to reconnect to your heart and soul, taking you through an inner portal most people have been blocked from accessing
  • Share what the next steps are after you receive guidance
  • A taster of step 1 of my 8 step programme to fulfilling your soul mission as a starseed and lightworker

Everything I have learned in 20 years of tapping into manifesting my soul mission! I will share with you! Here’s the link to the invitation. I am so looking forward to seeing you there!

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About your Event host Natasha Bailey:

Natasha is a Soul Mission Coach who uses her life experience and training as an Intuitive Healer, Akashic-Soul Record Clearer, Priestess of the Rose (Female Energy Awakening Therapist), Galactic Human Activator, and Physical Wellbeing Practitioner to help starseeds and lightworkers prepare for their Soul Mission, which is to contribute to global change. This is done through clearing any spiritual, mental, emotional or physical blocks, creating balance in all areas of life, keeping the individual centred within their heart space so they are focused and excited about stepping into their Soul Purpose. Having gone through her own awakening journey as a healer, lightworker and starseed, she is passionate about awakening other people’s natural magical abilities with which to fulfill their soul purpose, and contribute to the ascension and enlightenment of our planet.