Soul Mission Break Through Session

During this sessions we will:

  • Check how close you are to manifesting your soul mission by checking your manifestation hologramme
  • Get clear on what your soul mission is, and get you super excited about it!
  • Look at one aspect of what might be holding you back from fulfilling your soul mission.
  • And remove that block or obstacle using one of my healing techniques!

The consultation will take 60 minutes depending on how clearly the issue is communicated, and I will help you to clarify this. You will be asked to complete a preparation questionnaire before booking to help you get the most out of your session. If you don’t complete the questionnaire with sufficient detail I may ask you to rebook with fuller answers, This saves us both time beforehand to really get down to work in your session. I will also need permission to check your energy field.

If you are ready to book go ahead and use the calendar booking system down below. Once you select a date and time you will then be taken to a questionnaire to complete. Once you hit the submit button you will receive a confirmation email of your session date and time including a copy of your questionnaire submission and details of how I will contact you, which is usually via Skype. I’m so looking forward to connecting with you!

If you are not ready to book or want more information about what will happen in the session please watch the video down below.