Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

How is January working out for you? Have you done what most people have done, made some resolutions, perhaps taken some action on these resolutions? Are you yearning to do or experience something different this year,  compared to other years? If so, are you willing to go against the mainstream grain, in order to create that magical year for yourself?

Then you need to be aware of something. January is one of the WORST times of the year to be making new year’s resolutions and taking action on those  resolutions! Why? Because we are in the middle of winter, the season of hibernation, dreaming, and inner reflection. This is the time to reflect and review what has been, and gain inspiration and divine guidance for what comes next. Then, when spring arrives, and the energy and light rises up, THEN is the time to plant our seeds, make our plans, take our first steps of action.

In fact, for some spring is the natural new year, the beginning of a new season. January 1st is an arbitrary date that has been socially constructed by Julius Cesar in 45 BC for political and religious reasons. In ancient traditions, the new year was celebrated at the spring equinox (March 21st), or around the time of the new moon just after. And it was at this time started to plant their seeds for their crops. As a metaphor, it’s useful for contemplating – why would you plant your seeds (New Year’s Resolutions) in the cold barren earth, where the seed is most likely not to sprout or germinate, but die! Waiting for the warmth, the light of the sun, and the energy of that is a much better time.

And we wonder why by the second week of January all our resolutions have fallen by the wayside, why we have given up on something we attempted to do, or we have hit a setback. We are going against the grain of NATURE, the natural biorhythms of the seasons. Why not work WITH nature, with our environment, with the seasonal energies around us in this moment to do something VERY IMPORTANT, that is:

Going within,

Gaining inspiration,

Connecting with the deepest part of ourselves,

Our heart, and through the heart,

Our soul,

Who yearns for us to listen to it’s whispers….

I remember years ago when I first started LISTENING to the light within, I received guidance for what steps to take next, which was to start running women’s circles. So I did, and have had a most amazing experiences as a result, as well as growing as a person.

The trouble with making decisions for New Year’s Resolutions is we often make them from a less helpful place, from the place of the mind, that THINKS it knows best, that RATIONALISES what makes SENSE to do. Sadly, it does not have the whole picture, like our hearts and souls, and as you all know, has a rather annoying tendency to overthink, overfear, overanalyse us into either paralysis of inaction, or overenthusiastic action on what matters LESS or what is not REALLY important to us in life.

So what happens? You end up going down the wrong path. You are taking massive action, but STILL things aren’t working out. Or you take massive action, you reach your goal, but you don’t feel happy, satisfied by the result, because you had an epiphany that it was not what you wanted actually. You realise later you have to retrace your steps, maybe start again, or start from a completely different angle. Meanwhile, time has gone by, the weeks,  months, years have gone by….

How about going against the mainstream grain, and be facilitated to connect to your deepest self, to get the most real, authentic ideas, inspiration and guidance from your heart and soul to make the right decision for your soul mission?

Then I am inviting you to an evening in my healing clinic just before the NEXT NEW MOON, at the pinnacle of the winter inner reflection season to do just that!

Reconnect to Your Heart’s and Soul’s Desire for Magical Manifestation!

January 23rd 2020, 6-9 pm, Seven Sisters, London N15

Tickets: £11, 10 places only

For more information and tickets go here:


For now, I’m sending you so much love!

Natasha x