How to Know You Have Cleared Your (Eclipse) Trigger? I’ll explain by using my own trigger as an example.

On Wednesday 31st January lunar eclipse I had a flashback to my childhood sitting on my father’s knee feeling alone, feeling ignored while he worked at his desk. I interpreted that as me being worthless. I cried solidly on and off for days., so I asked for a soul record clearing session on the following Monday a few days later.

How does a soul record clearing work?
The practitioner asks questions and does research about the situation about the origin of the programming. When I was told it originated prebirth in the womb, I was gobsmacked! In an akashic record reading I had done only 5 weeks previously the Ascended Masters confirmed this issue originated from when I was in the womb! Double confirmation! So we cleared this and the whole timeline from birth into childhood including the scene as a little girl.

So how do I know I cleared it?
Firstly when I thought about the original video flashback, there was no emotional charge to it anymore. The clearing also had a massive ripple effect on the rest of my life. I lost interest in staying in a particular situation with a person that wasn’t healthy for me, and was able to let go of my attachment to the situation. What remained was simply a feeling of friendliness and a desire to be of service to this person, if possible. Lastly, later that night, I had a phone call from my Dad discussing financial matters. He said to me “Natasha, you are a good girl, you work hard and you deserve it!”. With clearings, dynamics with family members can just feel different and change!

Now I am left feeling very humbled and grateful to a number of people:

To my family who support me tremendously,
To my close friends who have held the space for me through this crazy eclipse season,
And to Steve Ahnael Nobel, for introducing me to the soul record clearing technique, you have profoundly changed my life!

Thank you.

The learning and growth and clearings continue…..

x Natasha x


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