I have released my free new video series about how to manifest your soul mission! Well this is to give you a sneaky peak into what that involves. I’ve included one of the videos from that series here today (see above). So if you are wondering:

– Why are you not manifesting your purpose?
– Why are your manifestations not happening, too slowly, or completely different results?
– You lose out on something but gain something else?
– Or you do not have a regular manifestation practice
Then read on!

Did you know you have a manifestation hologramme? Its’ basically your energy field. But did you know it’s actually on multiple planes? So we have (the plane) as above so below, going through your shushumna or central channel (down the centre of your head down your spine and through the bottom of your spine), then we have past, present and future timelines, and finally polarity (masculine and feminine). And in the centre, holding it all together is your heart centre or your divine heart flame, or godspark. Some people call it Amorhhea Flame, that’s another word for it. Every being in this universe has a godspark.

So the question is, are all those planes of manifesting for you in alignment? Because if they are not in alignment, either what you will see is you are not getting results, or getting results very slowly, or the results you are getting are either too small (so you are manifesting) but you are not manifesting very much, or there isn’t the energy behind your intentions to fuel your manifestation hologramme to fulfil your soul mission.

So if you’re wondering if your manifestation hologramme is in alignment you can book to speak with me, where I can check this and let you know where you are in your manifestation journey including your soul’s journey. So if you are interested in that you can use the link which I am leaving down below.


And as always I welcome your comments and experiences with manifesting and would love to hear what your experience has been.

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