Hello Beautiful Soul!

Happy Equinox! On this day of equal day and equal night we are the wonderful point of seasonal balance where we can ask ourselves the question – am I in balance and harmony with myself and my manifestation goals? A useful exercise at the changing of the seasons is to review the previous seasons manifestation intentions, and set new ones for the autumn. As starseeds, lightworkers and aspiring healers it’s very easy for us to be in the flow, and more challenging to have direction and focus on a goal in mind, but it’s essential if we want to achieve our soul mission, our life’s purpose in this incarnation. If, with the guidance of our soul, we don’t structure that with an aim towards an outcome then we can be left flailing about for years not really making further progress. I know, because this is where I used to be. I used to either be completely in flow and not getting anywhere fast in life, or very structured taking massive action (on the things that were not aligned for me) and getting burned out. This was very disheartening. I can see now that I was either taking action on very short term goals that were highly unrealistic or not tuning enough into my own source inspiration to guide me to what was in my highest joy and passion. My inner masculine and feminine were not working well in sync with one another. And I was not reviewing my intentions on a regular basis which ‘allowed’ me to get away with not holding myself accountable for when I did not achieve certain goals.

Partly that was because I did not want to face what I perceived as ‘failure’, having not achieved my goals. I assumed I ‘should’ know it all, and if I didn’t know it I would feel like a failure, that it was just too hard for me, and I would want to give up, like it was just too hard. Like this reflected badly on me as a person. But I didn’t know what I didn’t know. And in the early days taking this approach of avoiding day to day reality set me back by not learning the valuable lessons needed to build towards something i.e. the value of ‘tweaking’ your goals to step into greater alignment with ones life purpose. For example, for years I resisted learning how to create my own website, as I disliked anything too teccie, so that internal petulant two year old would show up with the bottom lip stuck out. In fact it was a dislike of having to stretch my boundaries of comfort to learn something new (action) for my business which was essential to becoming (being) the entrepreneur. It was part of the journey of becoming who I was meant to be – offering my services to other starseeds, lightworkers and aspiring healers as an entrepreneur as well as a healer. It was an additional archetype I needed to build within myself. And it wasn’t comfortable, but now I realise the value of learning that (website building) skill, it’s essential to know some basics for your business. Now I can create simple websites with my eyes closed. And with that skill learned, I have grown in my confidence as a heart centred entrepreneur.

None of this would have been possible to have achieved if I had not dared to regularly set goals/intentions and review them, learning as I go along. And looked at the results without beating myself up, but rather looking at the results with curiosity as to what I needed to learn and tweak next to get myself into greater alignment. That’s why it’s great to have a regular yearly, seasonal and monthly review. Its keeps you moving closer to your goal, not that you have to achieve (often unrealistic goals) every month or year, but that you are moving things along, and you see progress. And that is part of your soul mission in this life – to regularly take action to become the person you are meant to be! And you often achieve more in a year than you had initially imagined. So, my friend, what intentions did you have for summer, how did they pan out, and what ‘s next for you in autumn?

I will be holding a webinar over the next week’s on how to manifest your soul mission, so if you feel you could do with an extra boost or insight into how you could improve your manifesting abilities then please keepĀ  your eyes open for my invitation to that which will come out soon. If you are not on my mailing list you won’t necessarily get an alert so please take the quiz on my home page, How Ready Are You For Your Soul Mission? In the meantime I encourage you to read this additional article I wrote on manifesting your soul mission: Who Do You Need to Be in Order to Take Action to Have the Result You Want?

Much love as always,

Natasha xx