Typically we tend to set our New Year’s resolutions on the 1st of January of every year. Now this really is a very arbitrary calendar date and it isn’t really the best time to be taking action on your New Year’s resolution and here’s why. In January we are still in the winter season so we’re still in hibernation mode, we are keeping still, moving less, we are trying to conserve our energy. Typically during this time of year we tend to be more reflective, reviewing the year that’s gone by.

A more helpful way of taking action and giving energy to your New Year’s resolution is to take the time in winter to reflect on what has gone well, what could be done better and how to move forward. The best time to take action on New Year’s resolutions is spring time. Why? Because springtime is a time when the it gets lighter, it’s more warm, there is more fresh air and we start to move around more. Farmers start to place their seed at this time. By spring time I mean generally March April May time, so what we really want to be aiming for is to be in tune with our season, the four seasons of this planet and the region that you’re in. It’s a lot better to take action on New Year’s resolutions when you’ve got increasing energy in your environment, increasing light.

The other thing about Spring is it’s a new beginning, it’s a revival and that’s why I would say that springtime is actually our new year, not winter time which is the time for stillness and completion. If you are interested in participating in springtime rituals traditions and activities then subscribe to my channel, subscribe to my newsletter and I will be sending you more information. I hope this is useful for you.



(Filmed during my spring maiden season of my menstrual cycle)