I recently released what felt like a 40-year block that was preventing me from speaking my truth. I was in a situation where somebody had blurred the boundaries between us. It was unclear as to what were the true intentions and boundaries in this situation and I realised that I needed to speak about the situation otherwise I would have allowed myself to become a victim.

So what I did before speaking to this person was I did a particular attunement on myself with a friend. This is called The Enchantress Female Energy Awakening Attunement or Enchantress Womb Blessing. I’m not going to go into what that is in this video but I will explain that in a separate video. So I did this attunement but also I had spent several months with a male therapist really building up my core and my sense of self so that when I felt and notice that my boundaries were being crossed or violated’ I immediately sensed that something wasn’t right and I needed to speak up.

So the combination of building up your core and this particular attunement really helped me to release my fear of speaking my truth. So the outcome was I did share my truth in the situation with the other person. It really helped to clarify boundaries, helped clarify a misunderstanding that had happened and both myself and the other person really learnt a lot from communicating more clearly with one another. So blessings all round!

Now regarding my 40 year old fear. A great deal of that was rooted in childhood trauma which I’m going to cover in a separate video but is useful for you to know about because it’s childhood trauma that can really prevent us from stepping into our true light and true power. Because as lightworkers and starseeds we are working with energy all the time so it’s super important that we make sure that our boundaries, including our energetic mental emotional and physical boundaries are rock solid. This is what helps to keep your auric field intact because if we don’t speak up for ourselves, if we don’t we are assert our boundaries, we are potentially setting ourselves up to be taken advantage of, abused, taken for granted, victimised or end up getting sucked on by energetic vampires. Since our mission is to be fully present here on earth to help with raising the vibration not only for ourselves but for others it’s super super important that we keep speaking our truth and keep asserting our boundaries. That’s what it’s all about guys. It’s all about stepping into our power and maintaining our power.

My thanks and grattitude to the two people who helped me over this past year, to get a stronger sense of self and to challenge my boundaries. This was the perfect setup. Sending you so much love to everybody and wishing you a blessed day on this new moon much love!