Late December and January is usually a period of reflection, have we achieved our soul mission, are we moving towards our goals or dreams? If we find things are not quite moving along as we would like, we make resolutions. Usually when we ‘make resolutions’ this is just another wish list of items or way of saying we will ‘try’ to make changes in our life, but by mid January we have either broken our resolutions or some other stressor has made us fall off the wagon. It is a type of wishful thinking I see out there with no plan, strategy or support system in place for what to do when those ‘breaking resolutions’ moments happen. We somehow expect that after repeating a certain unhelpful behaviour 1000 times before we should get it perfectly right the next time and each time subsequently. This sets us up to failure inadvertently, not having prepared ourselves properly.

So what to do? I was reminded the other day of a very useful attitude a famous coach took to New Year’s Resolutions. He said another way of looking at ‘resolutions’ is deciding to ‘resolve’ whatever in our life is not working, rather than simply making a wish. Meaning resolving what’s sabotaging those resolutions from becoming reality. So here is the first in my list of 11 useful approaches to resolving issues that has allowed me to experience more long term success:

Step 1

Break down your goals into taking SMART ACTION (masculine essence) and BEING in divine flow and guidance (feminine essence).

Write down your SMART (acronym see below) goals and actions into smaller steps as to what you want to achieve. Here’s an example:

Specific – I want to set up gardening project to teach people how to grow organic food 3 times per week.

Measurable – I will set this up spending one day per week over a 6 month period by writing a business plan, finding an allotment from where to run the project, purchasing equipment and start advertising in the local newspaper or Facebook community group.

Achievable – providing you are able bodied it’s achievable. If not, you might need assistance.

Realistic – I will build a new house within 2 months = unrealistic. I will build a garden shed for the gardening project within 2 months = possible.

Time targetted – within 6 months.

BEING (The Feminine Essence)

Next ​i​​​nclude what sort of person you need to be or become to achieve these goals. Let’s say you want to BE more attractive to the opposite sex in order to have a relationship or improve an existing relationship then focusing on BEING more of a balanced feminine (if you are a woman) will stimulate the sexual polarity/attraction. Which means being more intuitive, receptive to divine guidance, vulnerable, in the flow and sensual. Otherwise if you are being more masculine, guarded or logical any man in your life will just see you as his ‘friend’ because of the masculine energy you embody will be so similar to his, there’s no spark of difference. So where might you be struggling to BE more feminine in your life, and what needs to change?

​​​​​​​Keep a journal or record of your goals and dreams – periodically (at least every 3 months) read back and see how far you have come. You know you are making progress when you are getting results, or people are responding differently to you, or you just FEEL better within yourself. This could be in the form of not reacting to things or situations the same way you used to.

Part 2 in a couple of days time……

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Much Love,

Natasha x