Today’s video is all about why it’s important to get grounded for your soul mission. I’ve got four main reasons why that’s important but first I want to explain  what do I mean by being grounded. By being grounded I mean fully being in your body, feeling your body and feeling connected to nature. Now might sound strange, you know people might say well I’m connected to my body but the actual reality is most people are very disconnected from their feelings, from their body and from nature, and they are operating mainly from here upwards. When people do  reconnect to their body they can definitely tell a difference.

So why is it important to get grounded? The first reason is all about energy. When we’re grounded in our body we’ve got the energy to pursue our soul mission and we can move forward. If you’re feeling either tired and you can’t take action, or you’re overly active and you’re not taking time to nurture to your body (and eventually you’ll get burnt out) –  either of those states means you’re not very connected to your body. If you are grounded in your body and your feeling your body you will be much better at picking up signals on which direction to take, what adjustments to make while you are progressing towards your soul mission. Because the path isn’t straight, there are many diversions but they are there in order to direct us in the right in the right direction.

The second reason is all about mind control programs. The way our world is set up at the moment is everything is geared for us to stay stuck in our head, to be over thinking, to buy more, pollute, get distracted by Television or social media. The purpose is to keep us stuck here in this (mind) paradigm and this is where a lot of the systems of the world are designed to keep us trapped here, because if we were to truly feel in our body our body would say something is not right here, this does not feel good to feel trapped here (in the mind). Your body gives you very useful signals for telling you what’s right and what does feel good, and is an excellent form of psychic protection. One of the ways to psychically protect yourself is to be super grounded! When or if you do feel a negative or manipulative energy entering your field you will pick up on fast, and you will know what to do. So it’s important to be in your body because your body is the unconscious mind to your higher self which connects straight to source. Source energy is then allowed to flow through your body and guide you. It’s very important to stay connected to one’s body and to receive messages from source. And the essential message is you are love, you are true divine love, and anything outside of  that frequency will not feel good and your body will let you know.

You also need to be connected to earth, connected to nature. Now our beautiful planet is a living being, consciousness being which is amazing and it provides a home for  us, so it provides a body home for us. So it’s very important that we stay connected to it so we can continue to nurture it. But at the moment were polluting the Earth, we’re not nurturing it and eventually it could die so therefore we have no home to live in. So it’s in our interest to to be connected to the nature, to the beauty of it and to the appreciation of it, so that we treat it properly. So if planet Earth is giving us a signal that it’s not feeling good, in the forms of storms, volcanoes, tectonic plates moving , earthquakes , which are all the signs that there are adjustments happening, and the planet earth is not in a good place, then we can start to make certain actions. We can start to clean up the seas, clean up the environment, and find better more nature friendly ways to live our life.

Another reason for getting grounded in our body is that we are meant to ascend whilst being in a physical body. Now I’m not going to go into the reasons why in this video (separate video) but the main premise is that we are meant to integrate the material physical reality with the upper level spiritual realities. It’s all spiritual anyway, it’s  just different densities. But we are meant to integrate the two polarities. We have an amazing genetic blueprint that allows us to do just that so for those people who try to use techniques to get out of the body or are using these predominantly it is not a great way to escape this physical reality and besides you don’t want to. You want to be fully embodied in your body so that when we get to that Ascension point there is a very special mission waiting ready for us. So  that’s the other reason why you need to get grounded into your body – this is to help you fulfill your soul mission.

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