Todays’ video is my three steps for how you can not only survive but thrive during this Corona virus pandemic. 

So the first thing I would say is this is an amazing opportunity to be reminded to take stock of your overall well-being – both your physical and your mental well-being. So as long as you have already been cultivating the following basic items, these following basic routines you will be ok. In addition to what I am about to share with you of course I’m going to advise you to follow the Who guidelines on hygiene and keeping yourself safe. Ask yourself have you been taking care of your physical and mental well-being? By this I mean:

* you’ve been going to bed by 10 p.m. and getting a full 7-8 hours sleep

* you’ve been having 60 to 70% of your food intake with fresh vegetables, and you’re eating clean foods, 

*and drinking plenty of water and you’re moving your body around making sure that your circulation is good and healthy

* (added later ,not in video) reduce your sugar, alcohol and processed white carbohydrates intake – 1 teaspoon of sugar can reduce your immune system by up to 4 hours!

If you’re not doing this or you haven’t been doing this then I would recommend start doing this so you can start to build up your immune system and get yourself back into a more healthy position. Now in terms of your mental wellbeing of course there is a lot of worry and fear regarding this virus and I would ask you my cosmic brothers and sisters, this is the time to step up your game and be a role model for calm – for your community, for your close friends and family. And I encourage you all to take time, to make time in your day, 10-15 minutes a day to sit quietly, meditate and take a couple of deep breaths. This is really going to help lower and calm down your nervous system. Because as you may know if you get stressed out this raises your stress hormones which lowers your immune system so very important to stay calm and if you need any support with staying calm or finding more peace with staying calm then please feel free to contact me so we can solve this together.

The second point I wanted to make is of course this pandemic is bringing up a very fundamental issue of survival and the possibility of our own mortality. I’m not bringing up death to be morbid but only as a way to ask yourself this very important question. Are you making the most of your life right now? Are you living your life purpose with passion, with expression and sharing it with others? If not then I encourage you to step into your own greatest joy, passion, power and purpose now. Whether you know it or not everyone has their own soul mission,  everyone has their way of giving to the world and being handsomely rewarded for it. So what joy is it that you have that maybe you haven’t pursued but you could. How can you be of service to others in the way that you feel most joyful , so let death be that galvanising energy to assist you to truly live your life on purpose from now on!

The third point I would make is this – this virus does have a comic element to it. This planet has been run according to very old systems, ways of running governments, economics, social habits and ways of interacting that no longer serve us. The system is starting to break down but only for it to create a new world for us all to inhabit where we are in unity, where we share, we are together, we share our resources more equally.  But this requires all of us to let go of old beliefs, old patterns of thinking, being and sharing. Therefore I really recommend that you do some karmic clearing. Do some past life clearing not only to clear any other unwanted and un-useful habits, beliefs or ways of being that might be preventing you from moving forward or might be preventing you to find that inner peace during this time, but also to allow for this new system to be created in the world. How karma works is that over many lifetimes we may accumulate all thoughts or beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us.  Those who are ready to make the change and step up will release them, and those who aren’t will just move on, pass over into another dimension.

So to assist you with this process I am very happy to announce that I’ll be running a free webinar, live webinar this Sunday at 1 p.m. on the 22nd of March 2020, in time for the spring equinox which is a time of new beginnings, new life, new possibilities. In order to bring in the new let us release the old that has been holding us back. I invite you to attend this webinar where we will be doing karmic clearing with you, clearing past lives so you can move forward into your purpose with happiness and health. I’m putting the link down to down below so you can add yourself to this webinar and I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Take care,

Natasha xx

To register for the free karmic clearing webinar for the Spring Equinox – March 22nd 2020 1pm GMT go here to the home page and look at next event: