Is this You On a Regular Basis?

  • Unable to Sleep for longer periods of time/unable to get a decent rest
  • Thoughts looping round and round in your head, and it’s a struggle to snap out of it
  • Pain in your head
  • Exhaustion/chronic exhaustion
  • Unexplained health problems
  • Feeling not yourself
  • Mood Swings/Find yourself over reacting to things in life
  • Self-sabotaging yourself moving forward in life
  • Low mood/worry/hearing voices
  • Feeling suicidal or self harming
  • Suffering from addictions/recovering from addictions
  • Suffered from trauma but not received counselling or healing for this
  • Feeling like there is another energy or being inside of you or attached to you

IF YOU ANSWERED YES to any of the above questions then most likely you have some form of auric attachment or problem with your chakras. Most people do, so this is commonplace, and I have experienced these issues and come out the other side!


If you wish to check whether you have any auric attachments or unbalanced chakras, and hear the solutions for this contact me here:

So I’m continuing my series of videos about entities and entity attachments. This video is about how to prevent an entity attaching to you, possibly again, so this is about prevention. So I just done some notes here which I want to share with you. 


The first thing you need to do after you’ve had an entity removal done, I can do that for you, the next thing that you need to do is to soul retrieval work. Why? Because when we have traumatic situations in our life, we lose bits of our soul and that create holes in our auric field which allow us to be acceptable to entities attaching to us. It’s a bit like you leaving the back door open and the burglar comes in and steals your stereo system. So we want to make sure that your energy field is solid and intact. 


Second thing you want to do is to do the emotional and mental work to resolve any traumas that you’ve experienced in life. Anything that is left unresolved. And I can tell you it’s unresolved if when you think of a particular incident or event in your life and you still feel the emotional intensity behind it – that means you haven’t fully resolved your response to that traumatic situation. So for that I would recommend doing inner child work an even better with bodywork as well. Why? 


Point 3 – because you need to start reconnecting to your body. A lot of the time when we’ve had tragic experiences in our life we disconnect from the body to avoid feeling the pain that we feel in the moment that we were experiencing the trauma. What is this disconnect? Well in psychological terms, it’s called dissociation, but it’s a pretty good word to explain what happens. You dissociate from your body, you dissociate from the feelings of your body, which is your natural signalling system, saying this is not right. This does not feel good, so we need to start doing things to reconnect to your body. So this means doing lots of body word, body practises, getting fit and healthy but also reconnecting to the sensual side of your body. So definitely doing sexuality work, good quality tantra body work. These kind of techniques are really useful as well as Yoni and Jade egg work. 


Finally, you also need to be super, super grounded. One of the key reasons why people get entity attachments is they are way too much in the head, like way too much in the head, they’re overthinking and they are not allowing the full energy to flow all the way through the body. And they disconnect from the lower regions because you had plenty of practise doing that, trying to avoid the painful feelings of traumatic events in your life, so you need to connect all the way down right down through your Solar Plexus, sacral chakra and bas chakra, all the way to the earth and preferably walk barefoot on the ground. Because you will receive those healing electromagnetic energies from the core of earth, Mama Gaia. And this will help to ground you and your lower chakras.


Finally, you need to work on your boundaries. This means speaking up if someone is saying or doing something which isn’t right for you, it doesn’t work for you. Letting them know about that. And letting them know in a way that’s assertive. And many people think that being assertive means being aggressive, but that is not it at all. It just means that you are stating your preference. I’d rather you didn’t do that. That doesn’t work for you. I don’t like this, could you do this instead? Or – this is the impression I’m getting by the way you are speaking or your behaviour.  Could you do something else instead? And for those of us who have been shamed or made to feel guilty for expressing ourselves or expressing our needs, I would recommend doing some work on your throat chakra for expression. So that you start getting used to it being OK to express yourself and express your needs. Making sure that you have good boundaries intact means that you are making sure your energetic field is coherent so that you don’t inadvertently feel violated by other people invading your boundaries. Other people may not know that they are violating your boundaries. That could be a real lesson. Their boundaries could be awry as well, and then of course there are some people who deliberately want to dominate and control us so that they can feel better about themselves, but then this is where you can respond and firmly push back on the boundaries. 


So that’s how you protect your energy field and prevent entities from attaching to you or from attaching to you again. And as with everything in life, lovely people, just do the best that you can. You can’t be perfectly boundaried in every situation in life. But the more you practise the easier it gets over time, and naturally you will also start to attract the people in your life who will love and respect you and your boundaries. Just as you are. 

So I hope you found this video useful. Please like share, subscribe, comment, your experiences. I would love to hear about it and if you concerned or you’re just curious to find out, whether you might inadvertently have an energy attachment I’m going to put a link down below to book a conversation with me. And I can make some suggestions as to how you could proceed from that.


If you wish to check whether you have any auric attachments or unbalanced chakras, and hear the solutions for this contact me here:

OK, I am sending you so much love from sunny London.

Much Love,

Natasha xx