I’m coming to you in Crone mode. For those of you who don’t know what Crone mode it’s the phase of your menstruation cycle its when you are having your menstruation. Each phase has its own gifts so I wanted you for you to experience me in this phase sharing what I’ve learnt.  In today’s video it’s about how do you tell if your having a healing crisis or you’re experiencing negative energy interference. I just wanna say from the very beginning that mine is not the definitive answer here, I’m just going by experience.

Unfortunately earlier this year (2017) I had a teacher who wasn’t completely clear and she transmitted some negative energy, negative energy interference to me which then affected other people. I’m doing this video so that you can recognise if maybe there is something that needs to be cleared with you and what you can do about it. Healing crisis is actually something quite positive because it means that you are releasing what you no longer need in my experience my healing crises haven’t have lasted for more than 7 to 10 days, but on this particular occasion this year I experienced problems for many months, for a good 3 months and it went on. When it lingers for more than 7 to 10 days then there could be a problem.

The second thing is during a healing crisis it is natural to release emotions, to cry but what happens next is you then feel the calmness, the emptiness afterwards, which means you’re ready to bring in more of what you do want to fill that emptiness.  So it’s a release, the calmness after the release. When I went through my different reiki attunements I experienced a huge heart opening and that was very painful but also very blissful because my heart was opening and I was feeling a lot more . So the emotions were coming out but afterwards I just felt much calmer, much more relaxed.  With negative energy interference you’re more likely to experience lingering feelings of for example anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts is a big red flag. The good thing about knowing this is a lot of the time when you having these negative feelings it’s not you! Most of the time it’s either negative energy interference or other people projecting their feelings into you, so that’s the good news. So I just want you to  hold on to that thought. 95% it’s not you!

The third thing. Physical symptoms.  In a healing crisis you might experience more minor ailments like a cold, viruses, bacteria, fungi being released by your body and you know that will usually clear up within a couple of weeks. But with negative energy interference you can get a sudden painful physical symptom that goes on for many months. For me I experienced sudden exhaustion for a good two-three months. It was only when I went to this healing course in July that these two wonderful participants on the course, they discovered that my solar plexus was turning in the wrong direction. And as soon as they righted it, my god like within 10 minutes I just felt all my energy come back, like I was able to breathe again. Especially where you’re feeling exhausted, that’s typical solar plexus situation (energy, will, passion, drive) when you feel completely knocked out on that level you can bet that there’s something that unwanted that may have attached itself to you, and is maybe using your energy. But the good news is you can you can get this cleared easily so this is not a forever kind of situation.

Ok so what are the solutions and and learnings? What I learned is to trust myself, trust what I’m feeling. And rather than putting my teacher up on a pedestal and automatically thinking that the advice I was being given was correct, that actually it was normal for me to experience all these symptoms because I haven’t released a lot of stuff, WHEN IN ACTUAL FACT I’ve been doing personal development work for a good 14 years and spiritual energy work for a good 5 years. So I’ve done a lot of work. If a teacher is telling you that and you’ve had a lot of experience releasing then I would say trust your feelings, you know yourself better than anybody. You are supposed to feel better in the medium to long term. Maybe in the month after receiving some healing energetic work or attunement you might feeling a bit rough but after a month time you should be feeling better, that’s the whole point behind energy healing work!  The second thing that’s important to remember is to learn a good daily energy clearing practice for clearing any negative interference or closing of any portals you may have in your energy field that might bring in negative interference from other dimensions.  If you don’t know a good daily clearing technique or you need assistance with clearing interference then you’re very welcome to contact me, I have now learnt how to do a (deep) daily energy clearing and I can do basically clearings on you.

Final note,  even if you do the clearing work it doesn’t necessarily clear karma or spiritual contracts or necessarily help you to develop certain personality aspects or archetypal aspects that you need to grow and develop and mature into. But the good thing about energy clearing from negative interference is it does allow you to feel clearer and calmer, so you can do that work. I hope you found that useful and resourceful. And  as always I love your comments and questions and I’m sending you so much love!


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