Many of us, including myself are going through a tough time releasing lots of negativity, karma and programming during this period between eclipses, not just on a planetary level but also personally. Especially anyone with a sun, moon or rising sign in Leo, Aquarius and the other fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus will be experiencing massive changes. Here’s my insights and learning so far on how to not just get through it but also blossom: :

Option 1 What to Do:
– Remain open to new people coming into your life
– Remain open to receiving new information, insights or guidance
– Get out of your head and ground yourself through exercise and massage. What I didn’t mention in the video, but its’ important GET PLENTY OF REST!
– Spend time having fun with close friends to take the edge off constant processing and releasing
– Release what no longer serves you – a person, a job or a situation.
– Do soul record clearing to shift old programmes and karma

Option 2 What Not To Do
– Run away from your problems, if they come up – face them, they are meant to to be released and resolved
-Blame other people for your problems. You create your reality. If you don’t like your current reality, you can change it
– Keep isolated and indoors, not communicating with other
– Don’t ask for help or refuse help
– Do all the processing and releasing on your own, with out help. Heaven forbid that you would allow others to see you being vulnerable to others, or let go of control lol!

What results you can expect if you take Option 1:
Resolve core issues, experience magical synchronicties, psychic abilities opening up, receive epiphanies, see situations clearly! Feel more energetic and lighter!

What results you can expect if you take Option 2:
Nothing changes. Everything stays the same. The existing personal issues remain. You lose out on your personal growth.