Ladies, at best we may believe our menstrual cycle as just a part of our life, something that happens and is just a part of our bodily functions. At worst being aware of our menstrual cycle might be a source of pain, might be uncomfortable for us or it may be something that just reminds us of of femininity and some of the issues around being a woman, which might be painful.  Now the problem with this approach is by ignoring or dismissing our natural feminine cycle, we are actually dismissing our key powerful energies, the very energies we need to fuel us, to achieve our soul mission.

Now as many of you aware why was this problem even created in the first place where we ladies we ended up ignoring our natural feminine power? Well we’ve been living in a very patriarchal, very masculine world where the value has been played on being consistent, linear, logical more in the mental head, in the thoughts, being competitive and uniform. For example this might mean clocking in at a time at work, doing things a one-way only or conforming or submitting to one person or one authority. Now why doesn’t this approach work for us ladies? Because our energy is different from the masculine energy. It’s cyclical, not linear! Just before anybody questions me on this I’m not saying it’s better it’s just different.

So what are the energies of feminine energy? It’s the energy of changeability,  of being more in our feelings, emotions, intuition, also being more in the body rather than the head, and also about being creative and working collaboratively versus working competitively which is a more masculine energy. The other thing to note about the feminine energy is is the basic template of this universe! If you look at your environment each day and night is cyclical, how the moon turns – it’s on a cycle, how our planet Earth in the solar system – it’s in an elliptical (circle), it’s cyclical,  how our solar system moves within our galaxy – it’s cyclical, when you see pictures of galaxies (in the universe) – they move in a circle. So this is about accepting the basic template of the universe , it’s cyclical. So by ignoring this basic template, this basic feminine cyclical nature we are ignoring our natural power. When we ignore our natural power we cut off from our own natural energy source and this prevents us from fuelling our moves and achieving our soul mission.

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Here’s  sending you lots of love,


(filmed in spring maiden phase of my cycle)