Happy springtime and well wishes for the new year! Typically I consider the start of the new year as being the time just after the first new moon in Spring which we had just this last Monday! And how nice for my UK subscribers to be experiencing an opening in lockdown restrictions and with great weather to show for it!


This is also to share my struggles in past weeks since my accident at the end of February. I tripped down a couple of stairs, badly twisted my ankle tearing tendons and fracturing a bone on the outside of my ankle. I was very painful! 7 weeks later I am getting physio, and am so grateful to friends who helped me out during this time when I could not get around – from shopping to cleaning my flat, and just keeping me company, I am so grateful! Hence delays in running some services in my business.
Having this ‘break’ has also given me my longest break away from work in 6 years! And has given me much welcome time to reflect on my need to be more grounded and closer to nature, as well as stepping deeper into my feminine practice. Currently, I am doing my friend’s , Jonita D’Souza, Jade Egg Magic course which is wonderful!



After not being able to do womb blessings for the past year, as they required to be done in person, from the 18th April I am able to offer these at a distance! Yay! My mentor, Miranda  Gray did an initiation on myself and 55 other Moon Mother colleagues a month ago to upgrade our energy to deliver these attunements at a distance! And what a special energetic initiation that was! We were connected to the universal womb tree! Beautiful!
So in honour of this amazing gift I am offering distant womb blessing which can be done via Zoom for 50% discount for the first 5 ladies who register with me! You can find out more about what is the womb blessing in the video below.
– Feeling like your femininity is in need of an energetic boost?
– Want to let go of past hurts, fresh spring start?
– Want to improve your experience of your period (less pain), feel more feminine and sensual within yourself?
– Have more inspiration, going with the flow magnetism and manifesting abilities?
– Better able to manifest your soul mission?
If you want to find out whether your feminine energy needs a tune up and clear out you can book a free no obligation to buy call with me using the link below. In that call I will do an energetic check on your womb to see how she is doing and how we can assist you with progressing in life, and whether the womb blessing is suitable for you, or whether a different treatment is better.
I am so looking forward to connecting with you!
With much love,
Natasha 💗