I am super excited to be sharing this video with you to say it only took me 15 years but I cracked it! I released my mother’s negative energy from my energy field! I’m here to share with you how I did that and how you can do that for yourselves as well. For about 15 years now I’ve been working on resolving my often difficult and challenging relationship with my mother. At the beginning especially I used a lot of standard techniques and therapies out there that you would normally use like counselling, psychotherapy. Whilst those techniques were useful to give me a bigger picture and understand dynamics between people it didn’t really release the feelings that would still crop up in the interactions and of course at the very beginning I didn’t really take into account such things as karmic relationships or karmic stuff between people that needs to be resolved and more importantly cleared.

When things really started changing for me was from 2012 onwards. I started using energetic healing techniques to work on my core issues that I had with my mother. I tried all sorts, I tried psychic surgery with Reiki, tapping, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting. I also tried some body therapies which I found very effective for releasing trapped emotions. But it’s only when I’ve been using techniques to clear the soul record level or the karmic akashic record level, that’s when I really found some very significant changes and very fast.

From last summer I’ve been using something called Energetic NLP.  More recently I have been using a particular technique three times a day for about five minutes and I found that has shifted a lot but not just , you can actually measure your progress, you can actually measure percentage wise how much of your energy field is taken up by someone else’s energy. If you know about energetic work and for those of you who don’t and I’m going to explain, a lot of the time when you are having negative your feelings and kind of behaving in ways that don’t feel right to you or really sabotaging, a lot of time is not you, it’s other people’s programming that kind of triggering to act out or behave, think or feel in ways that are painful. So it’s so important to clear your energy field of other people’s energy.

Before Christmas  I noticed it was down to 15%. Now that might not sound like a lot but let’s say that’s 15% of the energy field is just one person. That’s still a lot of negative programming running through you, so I did some work and in the new year it was down to 10%.  I was guided to do some particular clearings and also I arranged to do a swap with someone. Two separate people told me the 17th , the new moon, that’s just gone, was the perfect day to release any other energies. So I asked this person, are you free, could you help me release this, he wasn’t available, and I thought that’s ok, there will be another opportunity to clear this, I’m just going to enjoy myself and go out and be with friends.

What happened? He was (suddenly) available to meet up and we went to the cinema and before we went into the cinema to watch a film. By the way the film is called The Greatest Showman and I think it’s a fantastic film I would definitely recommend watching it.  Right before we were going in to the actual cinema hall I felt this huge woosh of energy just streaming through me so strong so powerful I had to sit down for about 5 minutes, so intense but it was such a feeling of pure bliss and joy that I just thought yes, let me just receive this, let me allow this to come through. And at one point there was also a lot of pressure on the head area which for me indicates there’s a lot of rewiring, neurological rewiring happening, because a lot of our negative patterns are wired into our nervous system including our brain. When we get triggered  everything goes off here in the head.

All this flood of energy streaming through, such joy, such bliss. After about five minutes it calmed down, and I just felt this sense of joy, peacefulness, calmness. I enjoyed the film, I went home and I did my usual thing before bedtime. I did a clearing on my energy field before bedtime so I’m ready for sleep and I thought it I wonder. Let me just check on my chart, my percentage chart, how much of my mother’s energy is left . The first time I asked it wasn’t even on the chart it went beyond zero. Ok so I thought  I thought let me try this, do I have 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 % remaining, no,no,no was the answer. Is there less than 5%? No. So I thought ok let me ask a different way – is there 0% of my mother’s energy in my energy field? Yes! And I’m just like wow. If only we knew, if only we were taught in school the techniques to really release all those programmes, all those thoughts and feelings that sometimes our parents however well meaning may project into us. If we were just taught this I think the world would be a much more peaceful place.

This experience has taught me quite a few things. Firstly, yes we do need to do some learning on the conscious level like through psychotherapy, education about dynamics in families and relationships. But also I find the healing/releasing technique I’ve been using extremely fast, extremely effective. Since October/November time until January I’ve been using this. It’s about using work but it’s also about having faith and letting go and surrendering and trusting that everything that you need to happen for your own healing will happen whenever it’s meant for you. Although two people told me 17th is the perfect day to release energy and ask someone to help you to do that it didn’t line up to be that way and it was ok. I was ok with that and I let go and I surrendered my attachment to it happening on a particular day. What happened? They decided upstairs let’s just give her the clearing! So this is my joy, my gift to you is – use the right techniques, let go and surrender and know that everything is happening in the right timing.

If you have mother issues or you have some negativity that you want to release between you and a family member please get in touch with me. I can use this technique that I’ve been using  on myself on you. I’m going to leave all the details down below on how to get in touch and experience it for yourself.  I’m sending you so much joy love and light and wishing you a wonderful wonderful day so much love.

Natasha xx

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