Good morning! Natasha here. You catch me right in my dressing gown but you are catching the real me. I wanted to share something beautiful and exciting that I’ve learnt and experienced recently. Do you find yourself in an addictive relationship? If so ask for help! I’ve been working very much on my codependency issues in relationships. What do I mean by that? What I mean is if you find yourself having a tendency to needing to fix anybody, rescue anybody or control anybody in your relationships then you probably have an addiction issue within relationships.

So I became aware that I had an issue in this area. I realised I was attracted to emotionally unavailable emotionally people into my life, I was trying to fix them and they weren’t really owning their own stuff and I was trying to fix it for them. Mistake! So I realised this and I don’t want to be stuck in this pattern anymore. So about a week ago I fervently asked for help. I said I’m done with this kind of behaviour, I want to be free from this addiction, I’m done, just help me out, just clear it, release it, let it be so! I went away that day, I did all my usual activitie. I went dancing as well which was wonderful and later that night I got into bed. Earlier that day I picked a card for myself and the card said release and surrender. I thought ok I’ll release and surrender how, or when the release is going to happen around my codependency issues. I went to bed happy, having gone dancing, feeling content. As I was getting into a relaxed state I noticed this presence come to me and suddenly I felt this lazerbeam heat on my solar plexus. It was really really intense but not painful, not painful at all. It continued for about 5 to 10 minutes. It was so intense, and I was not asleep, I had not yet falling asleep so it was pretty obvious what was going on. I felt like I was getting laser treatment on my solar plexus area. Anyway when it stopped I felt this tension that had been in my solar plexus area completely gone. I was thinking about this and I was feeling peaceful. I thought you know it’s funny when we attach chords to other people, when we are addicted to certain things, certain ways of being in relationships, we really do attach a chord from the solar plexus to other people. This energy is really not helpful, toxic.

I decided to go away for a couple of days to visit my family. There was some family drama going on and ordinarily my addictive personality might get involved, might try to fix the situation or help people in the situation and it didn’t happen this time! I sympathized with the situation, I sympathised with the people and I didn’t get involved, and I didn’t want to get involved. I simply shared my learning and experience from my life from situations where I have had a problem with family members. I simply encouraged everybody involved to simply work on themselves because that’s all you can do, you can just work on yourself, and it’s nobody’s business to be trying to control people and fix people. And in fact what’s happened over the years, it’s because I’ve been doing the work on myself those family members that I didn’t get on with I DO get along with now. So anything is possible, miracles are possible so the result is, yes, I didn’t get involved in the family drama!

I also checked on my pendulum. I checked has codependency issues been cleared, to what percentage has it been cleared – 0%. I checked several times and I also asked; who was it that helped to clear this from the solar plexus, and the pendulum said guardian angel! So seriously people, what I suggest to you is – if you find yourself doing addictive behaviours in relationships, whatever relationships they are. ask for help! Your Guardian Angel are waiting, simply waiting to help you out! So that is my advice to you lovely lovely people on this wonderful Saturday morning standing here in my dressing gown. So I hope you get some wisdom, learning and fun from this. I wish you a blessed day!

Bye for now!

Natasha Bailey