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Online Self Study Programme Becoming Available Summer 2023

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The 8th Step of the Soul Mission Alignment 8 Step Method – see all steps here.

Welcome to the 8th Step to Fulfilling Your Soul Mission – Magical Mission Manifestation!

  • Have you tried to manifest your soul mission but it’s not working?
  • Confused about your goals?
  • Wondering if you’re manifesting from ego or from your soul/heart?
  • Used the Law of Attraction but not getting results?
  • Done rituals or ceremonies previously to manifest something but the outcome was different to what you hoped for?
  • Just dreamed/hoped/prayed for your mission to manifest but still nothing?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this step is for you!

Why the Law of Attraction Failed for So Many People

With the rise of the law of attraction (hereafter LOA) movement in the noughties with the launch of The Secret brand many people started experimenting with manifestation techniques including myself….but it didn’t work for so many of us, or people would manifest and then lose everything! The main mistakes people made with manifesting, and I made them too were:

  • I thought doing a vision board and thinking about my goal was sufficient to create it
  • I created from ego rather than what my soul’s highest purpose was for me in this life
  • The creative process was stuck only at the higher dimensions of manifesting and not grounded in REALITY
  • I didn’t realise I needed to change things with myself to allow myself to manifest something, I was actually blocking myself from realising my goals
  • Past lives karma, outdated mental beliefs, patterns and emotional triggers were slowing down the manifesting process, and I didn’t know how to transform them
  • I foolishly thought as long as I worked really hard I would manifest my goals but just ended up getting burned out and being really pushy, and getting nowhere fast
  • Then at one point I thought I just needed to follow my bliss and BE me more – I attracted lots of people but not many results. I was leaving a lot to randomness, and not taking responsibility for taking some action.
  • I didn’t regularly check with how I was progressing, or if it was still in my highest good at that time.
  • I was unaware of when the optimum times were during the year, seasons or moon cycles for when to do my manifestation ritual
  • I had a lot of doubts as to whether I would manifest or not, or whether I was worthy to manifest what I wanted
  • I was asking outside forces for help with manifesting my goals (angels, multi dimensional beings) when I needed to harness my own source energy – I was giving away my power to create!
  • I was unaware that a great deal of the LOA materials were rooted in satanic/black magic/service only to self traditions completely unsuitable and harmful for lightworkers, starseeds and energy workers

A Manifestation Plan and Ritual That Works

So over the years I discovered techniques that worked well for me and gave me results! I even manifested £4000 within 12 hours and a soulmate! So would you like to save yourself a lot of time and energy and actually use a technique that is both effective and fun!?

  • Create your soul mission manifestation plan that is authentic to you
  • Feel the the certainty behind what you are creating will manifest
  • Get clear about what you need to do and who you need to be to manifest your soul mission
  • Enjoy the ritual process as fun, uplifting and energising! Physical movement is involved so wear clothes you can easily move in!
  • Learning how to discern the importance of balance between being more structured or more flexible with your plans
  • Learn how to check how far you have come along!

Here’s what you get when you do this step with me:

  • 1 day live coaching and manifesting session with me to bring it all together
  • Divine Heart Flame connection to connect to your Soul and Higher Self for guidance
  • Goal setting for life, the year, season and month that is authentic to you
  • A plan to develop who you need to be in order to take the action you need to take in order to create and manifest
  • Template plans, guided audio meditation you can listen to to connect with your divine Heart Flame regularly
  • Magical Mission Manifestation ritual template to use whenever you need
  • If you want to setup a healing business what are the next steps you can take.

How Is the Workshop Delivered?

Over Zoom.

How Many Places Are Available?

8 places, first come, first served.

What’s the investment?

The price is listed on the booking page, click button below.

How to Book Your Place

Click on button below to book your place on the next group class. You will be taken to a separate page where you input your details, then make payment. You will then receive an email confirmation of your class including what to do to prepare, and where to meet e.g. Zoom link details. If the next class date is not suitable consider doing an individual class or join my mailing list on my home page to be notified of the next class…

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